Thanat's Takko morph

Thanat's takko is, by scum standards, a boring standard morph with boring standard reinforced armor for space sorties. It has been painted a dull, very light gray so that scorch marks and meteorite impacts could stand out to the unaided eye. A few important access ports and jacks have been highlighted with desaturated blue. Shoulders feature six flags from dead Earth nations, some sort of coat of arms, and a faded, unreadable mission patch. The morph's eyes are gold.

Any kind of AR optics will show the morph to be covered in tiny but expansive forests, prairies, beaches, mountains, lunar craters, martian canyons, venusian volcanoes and all sorts of everchanging biomes, which the viewer can zoom on in and enlarge infinitely, revealing more details at every step. There are also weather patterns, morphing into more appropriate ones as they reach the edges of terrestrial biomes into martian ones and such. The flags are rendered in AR, floating in the cloud layers.
The only animal lifeforms are a bear, an eagle, a tiger, a serpentine dragon, a rooster, a lion and a wolf. Mostly they spend their time sleeping on or under the flags and rarely the right one, hunting invisible prey, running or flying, playing together, and fighting on Thanat's morph and in the biomes. The eagle and rooster regularly team up against the bear, the dragon and the wolf. The lion and the tiger switch allegiances often, sometimes going alone, or even just them two.
They're usually the size of small mice. Whenever Thanat is doing anything with his limbs besides walking, or talking to someone, at least one of the animals (but often several) takes the size of a cat and comes watching from Thanat's head or anywhere close and a convenient (and accessible) vantage point, trying to look important and haughty, not just expecting but demanding AR pats. They only make noise freely when they're at that size, they're silent when the size of a mouse, unless directly focused on in AR and called.
Thanat regularly enlarges them to the size of dogs or their natural sizes out of boredom, mostly at night when the fleshies are asleep. They like cuddles, and synthmorphs are perfect for haptic feedback and making the animals feel quite real.

Thanat's Other Takko morph

It's a basic bitch Takko. Until the resident fork's baptism, it was unpainted. Scum took to decorating it though, and it's been arranged so that the tentacles look like giant penises. The fork'll probably change that on his own, later.

Thanat's Exalt morph

It looks like the statue Thanat had made to decorate Arianhod's old cabin, it most definitely looks like Thanat, or what he thinks he looks like anyway. Comes equipped with an Enhanced Respirator, a Clean Metabolism and the Splinter Biomod Package. It can live happily and natively on Splinter. There's a tattoo of Thanat's Takko head with a cigar in its mouth above the exalt's right buttcheek.

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