The Castle

The Castle!


Walls: Intact
Keep: Repaired
Stable: Intact
Smithy: Intact
Kitchens: Functional
Library: Opulent
Alchemy Lab: Poorly outfitted
Armory: Enviable
Towers: Destroyed
Moat: Under repairs
Artillery: None


Useless Nobles: Four
Misc. Staff: 15 maids, 3 smiths, 3 cooks, 2 grooms, 1 leatherworker, 1 bowyer/fletcher, 1 pig boy
Military: 12 untrained militia lads, 10 light infantry guards, 26 heavy infantry, 50 Kelosian irregulars
Named Residents: Hieronymous West, Tulip the Necromancer, Katarina the Harpy
Teachers & Sages: Wise Hrold(Humanities), SKULL(Axes, how to beat up dwarves), Victor(Languages & Manners)
Skulking Menaces: Darkstalker Hanged-Ghost


1200 gp in taxes per month
102 gp in expenses per month
98 gp in teaching costs per month
1000 gp in profit per month
2700 gp in the treasury


Deep Orcs: Friendly
Deep Dwarves: Angry
Algamesh's Stand: Neutral
One-Eye Peak: Neutral
Kingdom of the Ivory Sea: Displeased
Charnel Plain: Aggressive
Peasants: Pampered
Foreign Peasants: Priviledged
Military: Optimistic
Wood Elves: Entertained

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