The Church Of The New Epoch

Name: The Church of the New Epoch/The Church of Starry Wisdom
Leader: Mahesh Vipin
Headquarters: Unknown, possibly London
Enemies: EuroCorp

The Church of the New Epoch is a recently arrived cult/religion that seems to have set up branches in many EuroCorp-held cities simultaneously, attracting large groups of Class B, E and F recruits. Little is known about the church, its tenets or its goals, but it seems to be of a rather apocalyptic bent, warning of some soon-to-arrive apocalypse that it would be a good idea to be in tip-top shape(soul-wise) for.

Their members tend to wear white robes with little or no ornamentation, and do not seem particularly aggressive in their recruiting, merely passing out pamphlets to passers-by. They were observed in Mexico City by Paladin Team Beta, and one of them engaged in a quick conversation with Mercurial. They appear to have a compound of some sort in London, though whether it's their main place of worship is so far unknown. It also seems strange that they've arrived at the same time as two other threats, Anarchy and the androids. There may be a connection.

The founder of the faith was Mahesh Vipin who apparently met "angels" while wandering starving and lost in the Indian wilderness. According to the words of the faithful, the angels instructed Mahesh to prepare the Earth for their coming and gather as many faithful as possible.

This information was gathered by Paladin while acting undercover in their London compound. This compound was later razed by the combined efforts of Paladin Team Beta after it was discovered that they had a considerable armory, gallons of Anarchy and even a small android battallion hidden below. London AI was not pleased.

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