The Convictors

Official Name: The Convictor Brigade
Organization Type: Vigilante Lawkeepers
Sphere of Control: Any
Sub-Groups: None

The Convictors are a sub-group chosen from the most elite of Mutant Control's ranks. They always operate alone, and their only superficial difference is that their armor is white with black markings, and they never use camouflage or alternate colour patterns.

Unlike regular Control troopers, who work as part of their precincts hierarchy, Convictors answer to no one but themselves. They are given freedom to investigate crimes and dispense judgement as they see fit, their goals are to be emotionally distant from their judgements, to only judge between guilt and innocence. Intent is supposed to be a non-factor in their judgements.

However, much like Control itself, the Convictors are schizophrenic. Some actually uphold the law, passing judgement after gathering evidence through non-conventional means. Others are psychopaths, corrupt or idealists, taking out whoever looks funny to them, whoever they're paid to kill or anyone whom they judge to be "bad," respectively, and then "proving" their guilt afterwards.

In the upper Zones they are seen as paladins of justice, on the lower levels they are utterly feared as they can let out their more antisocial tendencies there without any sort of repercussions.

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