The Crimson Corporation

Corporate Headquarters: Gamma Serpentis

The Crimson Corporation is probably the largest corporate entity in the galaxy, and a lot of the other large entities are their subsidiaries or, in some form or another, owned or controlled by them. They produce everything from agricultural equipment to tactical nukes and trade with all members of the galaxy's vast, three-way conflict between Terrans, Silvers and the adherents of the Chaakan Faith.

They are heavily invested in supporting new colonies, mostly in exchange for favourable trading terms once the colonies are up and running, and often take a hit on their profits to assist the early growth of the colony. This means that, for a megacorporation, they are surprisingly well-liked. Due to their operations in border systems and areas of war, they also have a surprisingly large fleet and highly advanced weapons technology. One signature tech of theirs is subspace gates, while the other factions mostly travel by folding space, the Crimson Corporation opens blue-white gates in the fabric of space itself and can rapidly move large ships through them.

Little is known about the internal culture of the Crimson Corporation on the planets and colonies on which it has complete command, though judging by Hex's choice in businesswear they're probably somewhat reminiscent of current Earth-based corporations. The current president of the Crimson Corporation is Erik Gurnisson. Members of the Crimson Corporation tend to dress in a somewhat spartan way compared to members of the Mars Protectorate, and to be ascetic compared to the Silvers, which is to say: They generally look and act like ordinary humans. They do tend to be secretive among Silvers, Terrans and Chaakanites, though, so there are plenty of rumours that the Crimson Corporation has some terrifying ulterior motive for all their apparent altruism. At least something more terrifying than getting filthy rich.

Hex Terenti is a member of the Crimson Corporation, judging by his Loki, their mechs are mechanical in nature, like Silver and Terran mechs.

The Crimson Corporation is apparently the creator of the horrible Wormdogs.

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