The Doctor


File established by: Samantha Z, Major

Real Name: Unknown
Nickname: The Doctor
Gender: Male
Mutations: <Classified>
Personality: <Classified>
Appearance: <Classified>
Distinguishing Marks: <Classified>
Known Associates: Seven, Eight, Nine

Criminal Record: Activities contrary to the goals of Control, MAGMA and vital Green Zone interests, <Classified>

Officer's Note: <Classified>

Contact Intel

XJ-777, hacker and total dork: "Cracking top-secret Control records? Oh, sure, that was a bit of a challenge, but once I got up my X-barriers and sent their cybersec sniffing up the wrong tree with an L4 Daemon, it was a walk in the park! Well, almost. But I did dig up something interesting on this Doctor guy, look at this… I couldn't crack the actual criminal record, but I did see that it had some internal links to, get this… their employment records. Seems like he used to work for Central Control on something, something big called Project Clairvoyant.

Most records for THAT were gone, all I could find were a bunch of dry statistics, heavily classified. Definitely mutant-related, though, lots of maps with concentric circles on them, kinda looks like… population data. Creepy stuff."

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