The High Benevolence Of Divine Metamorphosis

The High Benevolence is why the Terran Republic has banned even the most routine genetic modifications, it's a radical church/theocracy that believes in genetic modification towards some unspecified "ideal divine form" supposedly perfectly envisioned only by the church leaders themselves. As masters of genetic rewriting, the High Benevolence has extensive experience in terraforming, their population is almost entirely free of disease and much commonplace production of chemicals and fuels is performed by modified plants rather than machinery.

Benevolence civilians, politicians and scientists tend to be largely human in appearance, but their soldiers are heavily modified to be living weapons. Rather than using mechanical mechs, their "mechs" are instead towering, braindead clones of their pilots, spliced with genes that give them superhuman mobility, weaponry and senses. In practice, the soldiers are absorbed by their clone bodies, kept in a womb-like space at the center, patched into all of the clone's senses and limbs. Officially, all Benevolence mechs are incapable of independent thought or movement, but there are always the creepy stories of Benevolence pilots reporting that they weren't the only thing thinking inside their mech, or the mechs that don't seem to be exactly where their pilots left them…

The Silver Dominion tends to be at odds with the High Benevolence, as the latter views cybernetic modification of the human body as a gross act of immoral damage to God's grand design.

While most of the church agrees to the new peace accords, fringe elements continue terror campaigns, and the Benevolence's expertise with bioweapons make even the smallest Benevolence splinter sect a potential danger to an entire world if they get close enough to release spores or seeds into a receptive biosphere.

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