The Judge


Concept: Lizardman Judge
Name: Judge [Unpronouncable]
Race: Lizardman


An efficient judge and magistrate(who somehow managed to never notice that racist attitudes against lizardmen and his species' unemotional nature were somewhat sabotaging his efforts) who was somewhat surprised when a bunch of halfling invaders showed up on the steps of the courthouse after burning their way through most of the town. After attempts to convinced them of the fundamental illegal nature of their warfare failed, he fled through the court buildings, managing to lock his pursuers in the cells behind him(temporarily) and then looting the evidence and contraband rooms(after leaving a well-written note explaining the legal precedent for his actions).

Current motivations are, in order: To survive, to survive without having any parts chopped off and to arrest as many halflings as possible in the process.

He knows his way around firearms because he was a guardsman in the ancient and distant Lizardman Empire before taking his legal education, Lore encompasses his legal training and Acrobatics are a combination of his guard training and all the criminals he's dealt with at one level or another. The Padded Cloth Armor are his magistrate's robes, the rifle and spellbook are taken from the evidence lockup(hence explaining the odd collection of spells in the latter and how he got his hands on the former).


Warrior: 1
Rogue: 5
Mage: 4

HP: 7
Fate: 6
Mana: 8
Defense: 10(7 natural, +2 from Natural Armor, +1 from Padded Cloth Armor)


Acrobatics(Rogue): Acrobatic Actions
Firearms(Rogue): Guns!
Lore(Mage): Generally Knowing Things


Natural Armor(Racial): +2 Defense
Precise Shot: May add Rogue level to ranged attack damage once per fight.
Tough as Nails(Racial): -2 damage taken from all attacks
Outcast(Racial): -3 to all social rolls targeted at other races


Cask of Wine
Dragon Rifle(Firearms, Rogue): 2d6 damage, 40-yard range, takes 1 round to reload
Metalbound Spellbook: Magic Light, Telekinesis, Levitation, Lightning Bolt
Padded Cloth Armor: 1 Defense, No Armor Penalty

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