The Orbital Gauntlet

Name: The Orbital Gauntlet
Type: Orbital Facility
Status: EuroCorp-Controlled
Hypnos-Rating: 10:1

The Orbital Gauntlet is the impressive name of a permanent girdle of space stations and satellites surrounding Earth. It started out as free structures, but eventually they were merged into one, massive platform to simplify maintenance and transport from one section to another. Most vital communications, surveillance and broadcasting structures have eventually become part of it and it is populated year-round by a crew of chipped EuroCorp personnel, most of them are Dreamers due to the extremely dreary nature of the maintenance work(the structure mostly takes care of itself), with a few Class B workers to herd them around.

In addition to the staples of orbital activity, the Gauntlet also hosts several railgun batteries intended for knocking out ICBM launches, for destroying rogue/damaged satellites and, theoretically, for chipping away at any large stellar objects on a collission course with Earth.

While not as self-sufficient as Luna 1, the structure does have several hydroponic farms which produce a surplus of food.

On completely cloudless nights far from civilization, the Gauntlet is visible from the equator with the naked eye, it's otherwise easily spotted with a telescope.

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