The Second Incursion

Between Wars

The approximately 30-year interlude between the two major Shivan incursions into human-Vasudan space was not peaceful. Almost immediately after the collapes of the jump node to Sol, while the Vasudans focused on resettling and terraforming devastated planets, and rebuilding their shattered empire, humanity splintered. Multiple coalitions, alliances and planet-states sprung up practically overnight, each declaring their own agenda.

These persisted in a, largely, Cold War state until the signing of the Beta Aquilae Convention(BETAC), which once again reunited the GTVA as one entity with a common set of moral guidelines.

During this period there were, however, two major wars fought.

The GTI Insurgency

During the mop-up operations against Shivan and Hammer of Light forces in the systems that remained GTA, the GTA's intelligence branch, the GTI, embarked on a sinister agenda of Shivan studies that lead them to fight the GTA to secure Shivan resources and maintain secrecy. It culminated in the fight against the GTD Hades, a massive superdestroyer incorporating Shivan and human technologies.

Despite the extent of the fighting, it was minor compared to what was to come…

The NTF Rises

The NTF, or Neo-Terran Front, was a human-supremacy movement that seized control of Polaris, Regulus and Sirius after the signing of BETAC and in the years immediately prior to the Second Shivan Incursion. It spoke of a utopian "Neo-Terra" to be created without any support from aliens, and was a decidedly fascist organization.

The actions of Admiral Aken Bosch, still largely classified, as the leader of the NTF, are also suspected to have provoked the start of the SSI(Second Shivan Incursion) from the Knossos gate in Gamma Draconis. What's publicly known is that he piloted his flagship, the Iceni, through the Knossos gate shortly before the SSI began in earnest.

The Shivan Return

In the nebula beyond the Knossos gate(a vast, artificial subspace node. It's unclear whether it stabilized a natural-yet-unstable node or actually generated an entirely new connection) a new Shivan armada, vast enough to dwarf the Lucifer fleet, entered Gamma Draconis and devastated the defenders there. Even the destruction of the Knossos gate failed to slow them.

The only way out of Gamma Draconis, aside from returning to the nebula, was the node leading to the Capella star. Once it became obvious that the Shivans were unstoppable, GTVA command embarked on a project to manually and permanently collapse the nodes from Capella to Epsilon Pegasi and Vega. This project was completed bare moments before the Shivans used a still not quite understood method to trigger a premature supernova of the Capella star, sterilizing the system and killing every last Vasudan and Terran who had yet to be evacuated.

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