The Stalker

This is a Basic Class for a game that Sister Acacia is potentially going to run later. Like all Basic Classes, it is taken from levels 1 to 10, after which you have to take a Prestige Class.


In the world of Artimoi, Stalkers are typically self-taught individuals, although there is guild training available. Of all the occupations, they are one of the best for going it alone, although by the same token they get a lot of use out of having allies and they can bring a lot to the table in a team. Stalkers are trained in taking natural abilities to a supernatural level - from "sneaking in shadows" to "turning invisible and stepping into the Shadow Realm", from "wearing a disguise" to "weaving illusions".

Class Attributes

Hit Points: 3 + Con Bonus per level (x4 at first level)
Skill Points: 8 + Int Bonus per level (x4 at first level)
Class Skills: Literally all of them
Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: Light Armour, Simple Weapons, Rapier, Short Sword, Short Bow, Shuriken, Hand Crossbow

Playing a Stalker: Dexterity is king, followed by Intelligence and Charisma in the order you prefer. When a party looks for a Stalker, they will be most unhappy if the Stalker hasn't trained in Perception, Stealth, Disable Device and Search, so it is best you do that, but for all your other skills, you can just do as you please, almost. Consider how you wish to fight - throwing acid flasks, throwing shuriken, dual-wielding hand crossbows or rapiers, mostly using wands… find something that works for you, and build your choices around that.

The Stalker

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Class Features
1 +0 +0 +2 +0 Sneak Attack, Trap Finding, Pocket Mastery
2 +1 +0 +3 +0 Evasion, Lurk, Master of Disguise
3 +2 +1 +3 +1 Rapid Killer, Trickery
4 +3 +1 +4 +1 Very Perceptive, Uncanny Dodge
5 +3 +1 +4 +1 Foresight
6 +4 +2 +5 +2 Smoke Bomb
7 +5 +2 +5 +2 Spiderclimb, Hide in Plain Sight
8 +6 +2 +6 +2 Blink, Skill Mastery
9 +6 +3 +6 +3 Improved Trickery
10 +7 +3 +7 +3 Non-Detection, Shadow Walk, Crippling Strike

In addition to this, the Stalker gains access to Stalker Talents when selecting their Bonus Talent each level.

Class Features

Sneak Attack (Ex)

If a Stalker can catch an opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from her attack, she can strike a vital spot for extra damage.

The Stalker's attack deals extra damage any time her target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the Stalker flanks its target. This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and it increases by 1d6 every two levels thereafter. Should the Stalker score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra damage is not multiplied.

Ranged attacks can normally only count as sneak attacks if the target is within 30 feet.

If a target is Immune to Critical Hits or has Concealment, it does not suffer from Sneak Attack damage.

Trap Finding (Ex)

Stalkers can use the Search skill to locate traps when the task has a Difficulty Class higher than 20. A Stalker automatically gets a Search attempt when she is within 30ft of anything she could detect with this ability. A success results in identifying the effect and its location.

Finding a nonmagical trap has a DC of at least 20, or higher if it is well hidden. Finding a magic trap has a DC of 25 + the level of the spell used to create it.

Stalkers can use the Disable Device skill to disarm magic traps. A magic trap generally has a DC of 25 + the level of the spell used to create it. A Stalker who beats a trap’s DC by 10 or more with a Disable Device check can study a trap, figure out how it works, and bypass it (with her party) without disarming it.

Any non Illusion spell that leaves a specific effect in a single location for a non instantaneous duration is considered a trap and can be detected and disabled.

Pocket Mastery (Ex)

The Stalker is so good at arranging gear in pockets that she treats anything up to a Heavy load as a Light load. Additionally, she can draw or stow any object as a Free Action.

Evasion (Ex)

Starting at second level, the Stalker can avoid unusual attacks with great agility. Any time she is required to make a Reflex Save for half damage and succeeds on the saving throw, she instead takes no damage.

Lurk (Ex)

Starting at second level, the Stalker takes no penalty for moving at full speed whilst being stealthy. Performing obvious actions will still reveal her presence entirely, she just does not suffer a Penalty to Stealth checks for moving at full speed. Furthermore, when the group elects to be stealthy as a whole (to a maximum of six people), as long as nobody runs off on their own, the entire party just uses the one Stealth rating - that of any one member who has the Lurk Ability.

Master of Disguise (Ex)

The second-level Stalker can, as a Standard Action, disguise herself as a nonspecific member of a large group. For instance, she could be "a farmer in the village" or "a guard in the castle", but not "the captain of the guard" or a specific member of the nobility. When using this ability, she gains a +10 Bonus to Disguise checks.

Rapid Killer (Ex)

At level three, the Stalker gains the following feats: Perfect Two Weapon Fighting (Epic), Rapid Shot (PHB).

Trickery (Ex)

Starting at third level, the Stalker has a number of tricks available. With a Swift Action, she may select any of the following to modify all of her Sneak Attacks for that round:

  • Accuracy: any attack that would be a Sneak Attack if it hits gains +2 to the Attack roll
  • Unliving: Sneak Attack damage applies even to Undead
  • Clockwork: Sneak Attack damage applies even to Constructs
  • Biological: Sneak Attack damage applies even to Plants and Oozes
  • Elemental: Sneak Attack damage applies even to Elementals

Very Perceptive (Ex)

With a Swift Action, a fourth-level Stalker can see Invisible enemies for one round as if under the effect of a See Invisibility spell, and her Trap Finding ability will also work on Illusion spells (allowing them to be Disabled at a later date). However, this is straining, and denies the Stalker her Swift Action on the following round as well.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex)

Starting at fourth level, the Stalker is never denied her Dexterity Bonus to Armour Class.

Foresight (Su)

At level five, the Stalker gains Low-Light Vision and Darkvision, both out to her normal range of vision, and with a Swift Action can see magical auras as though she had cast Detect Magic and concentrated for three rounds.

Smoke Bomb (Ex)

As a swift action the sixth-level Stalker may throw down a smoke bomb which creates a 10ft radius sphere of smoke that operates as the Mist in the Obscuring Mist spell. Because of her long practice and knowledge of enemies current location, the Stalker may, after activating the smoke bomb, continue to attack enemies and ignore their Concealment (or Total Concealment) miss chance from the smoke for the rest of the round. Concealment will function as normal on her next turn, however.

There is no limit to the Smoke Bombs she can use in a day, and even crafting them takes only one minute and some inexpensive components fused with her innate magic.

Spiderclimb (Ex)

The seventh-level Stalker can climb on walls like a Ninja, or more correctly like someone who has the Spiderclimb spell in effect.

Hide in Plain Sight (Su)

At level seven, the Stalker gains the ability to hide even when being directly observed by others and without any kind of Cover or Concealment.

Blink (Su)

With a Standard Action at will, a Stalker may begin blinking in and out of reality as per the Blink spell, with a duration of 2 minutes. Unlike normal for the spell, she has no Miss Chance on her own attacks from this.

Skill Mastery (Ex)

The eighth-level Stalker is so certain in the use of her skills that she can use them reliably even under adverse conditions. When making a skill check for any skill, she may take 10 even if stress and distractions would normally prevent her from doing so.

Improved Trickery (Ex)

At level nine, the Stalker gains three new options for Trickery:

  • Painful: any Sneak Attack she delivers deals an extra 1d6 Sneak Attack damage
  • Practiced: the Stalker does not deal any Sneak Attack damage. Instead, she just has bonus damage against all enemies, rolling a third of the dice she normally would for Sneak Attack (round up).
  • Sniping: Sneak Attack works at any range

Non-Detection (Ex)

The tenth-level Stalker has a permenant Non-Detection ability, as the spell of the same name. She can lower the ability with a Free Action and resume it with a Standard Action. This is a non-magical ability that cannot be dispelled.

Crippling Strike (Ex)

All of the tenth-level Stalker's attacks can cause serious injury. As long as an attack deals at least 1 point of damage (after Damage Reduction), it also causes 2 points of Strength Damage. It does not have to be a Sneak Attack, and foes are not Immune just because they're Immune to Critical Hits.

Shadow Walk (Su)

Once per day, the tenth-level Stalker may use Shadow Walk (as per the spell) as a Supernatural Ability.

Prestige Classes

Any Prestige Class taken by the Stalker is going to in some way augment her existing abilities in either stealth, manipulation, sneak attacks, or some mixture of the above. Here are just a few examples:


Stalkers who focus on sneaking up and killing people, they get advanced stealth techniques and the legendary Death Attack. Furthermore, they get a limited amount of spellcasting, and access to some advanced methods of killing people such as glaring at them until they turn into stone.


These Stalkers practically turn into ghosts, gaining illusion powers, etherealness and perpetual invisibility. They can even project phantasmal killers and things, and by the end of their career they actually are ethereal beings all the time, needing to focus just to take on physical form.

Shadow Ninja

Utilising inner energy, these Stalkers can teleport through shadows and draw upon the darkness for greater protection and power. They also get to unleash special ki attacks to confound their foes and kill people.


The heads of criminal organisations, the villains who control others beneath them… and also heroes who somehow get everyone else to do the work whilst appearing to be the real champions. These Stalkers can make other people take actions and enter people's minds and make it hard to tell what is really happening.

Thief of Souls

Some Stalkers master theft so well that they can steal conceptual things rather than physical goods - so while they can take your wallet or your pants just fine, they can also steal your face, your time, your memories or your loyalties.

Stalker Talents

The following Talents are only available to the Stalker (including Stalkers who have advanced beyond 10th level and entered a Prestige Class) and the Adventurer.

Agile Defense (Ex)

The Stalker suffers no penalty to her Armour Class or Saving throws for being Prone, Kneeling, Sitting, Climbing, Swimming, Balancing or Dancing.

Appraise Magic Properties (Ex)

With a Full Round Action, the Stalker can study a magic item and make an Appraise check. If she passes a DC equal to the Caster Level + 10, she Identifies all of its properties.

Apprentice of Shadow (Sp) [Minimum Level 3]

The Stalker selects one Apprentice Path of Shadow Magic (Tome of Magic), and can then cast each of the Mysteries in it once per day as an Arcane Spell. The Caster Level equals her level and the Save DC is 10 + half her level + her Intelligence Bonus.
She may select this Talent again at level 9 or higher, changing it to Initiate of Shadow - her Apprentice Path is upgraded to Spell-Like Abilities each used twice per day, and she gains the ability to cast the Mysteries of one Initiate Path as Spells once each per day.
She may select it a third time at level 15 or higher, changing it to Master of Shadow. Her Apprentice Path is upgraded to Supernatural Abilities each used three times per day. Her Initiate Path is upgraded to Spell-Like Abilities used twice each per day. She can then cast each Mystery of a single Master Path once per day as a Spell.

Point Blank Perfection (Ex) [Minimum Level 3]

The Stalker threatens squares out to 15 feet when using a Ranged Weapon, and can make Attacks of Opportunity into those squares. Her own ranged attacks do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity.

Blind Sense (Ex)

The Stalker has Blind Sense out to 30 feet. At level five this improves to sixty feet and she gains Blind Sight to thirty feet.

Deceptive Fighting Style (Ex)

The Stalker may Feint as part of a Move Action (that is, she may do so while moving without spending a separate action), or as a Move-Equivalent Action of its own if she doesn't want to move. Additionally, her Feint attempt may be applied against every adjacent opponent if she so wishes. The effects of feinting last until the start of her next turn.

Defensive Roll (Ex)

Once per day, the Stalker may attempt to roll with a physical attack that would reduce her below zero hit points. She attempts a Reflex Save, with a DC equal to the damage dealt, and on a successful save she halves the damage. Evasion and Improved Evasion do not apply to this.

Drunken Master (Su)

By imbibing one drink of alcohol (a tankard of ale, a mug of mead, a glass of wine or a shot of spirits), the Stalker suffers a -2 Penalty to her choice of either Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma, but gains a +2 Bonus to her choice of either Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. This lasts for one hour, which is reset with every further drink. She may have the ongoing effects of a number of drinks equal to half her level (round up), although any rules for intoxication apply just as normal. Additionally, each drink consumed in this manner grants a Cure Light Wounds effect as though it were a first-level potion of such.

Expose Weakness (Ex) [Minimum Level 7]

With a Standard Action, the Stalker may make a single melee attack against an adjacent foe. If it hits, then on top of dealing regular damage, the opponent is afflicted for a number of rounds equal to the Stalker's Intelligence Bonus, with all attacks against them being resolved as Touch Attacks for the duration. Furthermore, for the duration they suffer damage each round equal to the Stalker's Dexterity Bonus.

Face Stealer (Ex)

The Stalker becomes adept at mimicking others and studying the minor details needed to pose as them. Any time she delivers a successful Sneak Attack against someone, or uses a [Mind-Affecting] effect on them, she gains enough insight that her Master of Disguise ability allows her to disguise herself perfectly as that specific individual.

Frightful Attack (Su) [Minimum Level 7]

The Stalker can learn a deadly killing art, although it is taxing, and after attempting it she cannot do so again until she rests for a few minutes. With a Standard Action, she may make a melee attack, and if it deals any damage, the target must pass a Will Save (DC 10 + half her level + her Charisma Bonus). If they pass the save, they are Shaken for one round per level of the Stalker, but if they fail, they die instantly of fright. If they are slain by this, then all other enemies within Line of Sight must pass a Will Save (same DC as above) or be Panicked (for targets with fewer levels than the Stalker's level + Charisma Bonus) or Frightened (for others), for a number of rounds equal to her level. If the initial target is higher in level than the Stalker, or is Immune to [Fear] effects, they are immune to this attack completely.

Guild Membership (Sp)

The Stalker is legitimately a part of a secret society or guild of some kind, and has the shadow training to back it up. She can cast each of the following once per day: Arcane Mark, Shadow Mask, Mage Hand, Silence, Find Traps, Blacklight, False Vision, Mislead. Any Save DC is 10 + half her level + her Charisma Bonus.

Improved Evasion (Ex)

Any time the Stalker fails a Reflex Save for half damage, she only takes half damage as though she had passed the save. This does not cause Evasion to then reduce it to zero damage. In effect, whereas most people suffer full or half damage depending on their saving throw, the Stalker instead suffers half or none.

Instil Fear (Ex) [Minimum Level 3]

Any time the Stalker successfully Demoralises a foe, she may choose to, instead of the usual effects, afflict them with Paranoia or Despair (which are both [Mind-Affecting] [Fear] effects):

  • Paranoia: the target immediately makes an Attack of Opportunity upon a randomly selected creature within a threatened square, and then suffers a Morale Penalty to Armour Class of -1 per 3 levels the Stalker has (round up). If the Attack of Opportunity hits, that target is also afflicted with Paranoia. This lasts for one round per level.
  • Despair: the target suffers a Morale Penalty to Attack Rolls and Saving Throws equal to -1 per 3 levels the Stalker has (round up), and each turn must pass a Will Save (Charisma-based) or be sufficiently demotivated as to be Staggered for that turn. This lasts for one round per level.

Lightning Burglar (Ex)

The Stalker can move at her full normal speed when using Acrobatics or Athletics, and suffers no penalty for doing so. Additionally, she can use a Free Action once per round to Search her surroundings, and needs only a Swift Action to attempt a Disable Device check.

Mind Spy (Sp) [Minimum Level 4]

The Stalker can cast Read Thoughts as a Spell-Like Ability at will. She can also cast Cloud Mind at will, but only against creatures against whom she has already used Read Thoughts in the past minute. In either case, the Save DC is 10 + half her level + her Charisma Bonus.

Opportunist (Ex)

Once per round, the Stalker may make an Attack of Opportunity against an enemy if the enemy is struck by one of her allies.

Path of the Shadow Hand (Su)

The Stalker gains access to the following Martial Stances: Child of Shadow, Step of the Dancing Moth
She gains access to the following Martial Manoeuvres: Shadow Blade Technique, Cloak of Deception, Shadow Garotte, Hand of Death
She may perform each of the Manoeuvres once before needing to rest for a minute and re-focus her mind. Her Initiator level equals her full level and any Save DC is 10 + half her level + her Intelligence Bonus.
At level 9, this Talent may be taken a second time, granting access to the following Manoeuvres: Blood Letting Strike, Shadow Noose, Shadow Blink

Preternatural Senses (Ex)

The Stalker is so good at noticing things that it is very hard to fool her with things that aren't real. For the purpose of Disbelief attempts, she is always treated as interacting with Illusions.

Ranged Legerdemain (Sp)

The Stalker can cast Mage Hand at will, adding her level in pounds to the maximum weight of objects moved. Additionally, she may treat this magical hand as though it had her own dexterity, and use it for skills such as Pick Pocket or Disable Device instead of simply lifting things via weak telekinesis. It still may not be used to make attacks, however.
If her level is five or more, she may actually use this to Teleport an item that is within range (and meets the weight restriction) directly into her hand. This requires a Sleight of Hand check to perform unnoticed (opposed by Perception), and against held or worn items, she must succeed at the skill check, or else it fails.

Ranged Perfection (Ex) [Minimum Level 4]

The Stalker gains the following Bonus Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Improved Rapid Shot, Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot

Siren's Grace (Su)

Any time the Stalker is completely submerged in water, she gains the benefits of the Blur and Water Breathing spells, has a Swim Speed equal to double her normal movement speed (along with the usual benefits to a Swim Speed), and may add her Charisma Bonus as a Deflection Bonus to Armour Class.

Slippery Mind (Ex)

If the Stalker is affected by a [Mind-Affecting] effect and fails her Saving Throw, then she can delay the effects for one round. On the following round, she may attempt to save again. If this second save fails, then it actually takes effect, there is no third chance.

Sneaky Combat Style (Ex) [Minimum Level 4]

Once per round when delivering a Sneak Attack to an adjacent opponent, even if the opponent does not take extra damage from Sneak Attacks, the Stalker may make a Sleight of Hand attempt to steal an item from them. She suffers no penalty based on them knowing she exists or being in combat or rushing, however the attempt fails if the opponent notices it. Additionally, she may attempt to steal from them in the exact same manner any time she is allowed to make an Attack of Opportunity against them - this replaces the attack.
If she also has the Unconventional Talent, she may make an attempt at a dirty trick instead of stealing in any of these cases, and furthermore if she causes an effect that lasts more than one round, she may reduce the duration by 1 round to instead render them Exhausted or Confused.

Soul Blade (Sp) [Minimum Level 4]

With a Swift Action at will, the Stalker can conjure one or two blades of spirit energy, which are treated as Daggers with an Enhancement Bonus of +1 per 3 levels (round up). They cannot be thrown, and will vanish completely if dropped or sundered, or if the Stalker becomes Dazed, Stunned, Confused, Frightened, Panicked, Nauseated or Unconscious. With a Standard Action, she may make one attack with one of these blades (or, if dual-wielding, one attack with each), resolved as Melee Touch Attacks, and on a successful hit they deal normal damage, as well as a Negative Level per hit. At level 8 or higher, each hit deals 2 Negative Levels. These are temporary, and will be restored after a night of rest.

Steal Magical Effect (Su)

Whenever the Stalker delivers a successful Sneak Attack, she may elect to roll one fewer die of damage (reducing the damage by 1d6), but instead steal an ongoing magical effect from the target, such as the casting of See Invisibility or Stoneskin. Instantaneous effects cannot be stolen in this manner, as they have already been used up, but any other kind is allowed. She may dismiss such an effect with a Swift Action at will, but can't bring it back later if she does so. Otherwise, the duration continues normally as though she were the original target.

Steal Spell Power (Su)

With a Swift Action, the Stalker may elect to modify her Sneak Attack until the start of her next turn. Until then, any time she successfully makes a Sneak Attack against someone (even if they are Immune to the extra damage), she may steal a single magical use from them: a use of a Spell-Like Ability, a Prepared Spell, a Spell Slot, a Readied Manoeuvre or similar. If she knows a specific one they have available, she may take that, otherwise it is randomly selected from the highest level available (to a maximum level of half her own level, round up). She may then hold onto it and cast it up to one minute later, using her own level as the Caster Level and with a Save DC of 10 + half her level + her Charisma Bonus. She may only hold onto a number of spell levels at a time equal to her total level + Charisma Bonus, with any further ones being wasted. When she steals a spell, not only does she gain it, the enemy actually loses it as though they had cast the spell or spell-like ability or expended the manoeuvre. In the case of things used at will, this is not a problem.

Summon Shadow (Su) [Minimum Level 5]

Once per day, the Stalker may spend a Full Round Action to summon a Shadow. It is friendly and subservient to her, and will do its best to protect her and carry out her wishes. It lasts until either destroyed or the next sunrise, whichever comes first, before vanishing back into darkness. Its Spawn do not rise until the sunset after it vanishes, at which point they are free, wild Shadows.
At level 10 or higher, she may instead summon a Greater Shadow, and at level 18 she may summon a mighty Night Walker.

Transferred Sight (Sp)

Three times each per day, the Stalker may cast Chain of Eyes and Spymaster's Coin.

Trapper (Ex)

With just some bits and pieces and one minute of work, the Stalker can create any CR 1 Trap that is not magical and does not involve a pit. Any Attack Bonus equals her level + Intelligence Bonus, any Save DC is 10 + half her level + her Intelligence Bonus, and the DC to find it is 20 + her Intelligence Bonus.
At every odd level, the maximum CR increases by 1, with the crafting time taking a number of minutes equal to the CR of the Trap. At level six and above, she may double the crafting time and create Magic Traps, though can only create one such device per day.

Unconventional (Ex) [Minimum Level 3]

With a Standard Action, the Stalker can make a Melee Touch Attack. If it hits, she makes an opposed check of 1d20 + Base Attack Bonus + Dexterity Bonus. She gains a bonus to this roll equal to her level divided by 3 (round up). If she rolls higher than the enemy, she performs an unconventional dirty trick to cause one of the following conditions for 1d4 rounds: Blinded, Deafened, Entangled, Shaken, Sickened. For every 5 full points by which she beats their roll, the duration is extended by 1 round. The opponent can spend a Full Round Action rectifying the situation to end the effect early if they so wish, and after the Stalker successfully uses this against an opponent, that opponent gains a +5 Bonus to resist all of her future attempts for the remainder of the combat. At level 10, she may perform this ability with just an Attack Action.

Wounding Sneak Attack (Ex) [Minimum Level 4]

With a Swift Action, the Stalker can make all of her Sneak Attacks Wounding until the start of her next turn. They deal Vile damage, and a struck target must pass a Fortitude Save (DC 10 + half the Stalker's level + her Dexterity Bonus) or be Staggered for one round. Only one Save need be made per round - multiple Wounding attacks on the same target do not force multiple saves.

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