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Hostile Arcane Entities


Commonly described as a mixture of a giant wasp, a lizard and a rotting corpse, Byakhees are intelligent, man-sized hunters, usually of unpleasant disposition. Capable of survival and flight in vacuum.


The Shantaks or "Shantak Birds" are reminiscent of huge, winged serpents, often up to ten feet long, with a pair of clawed fore-limbs. Shantaks can be vicious, but are of roughly animal intellect and can be placated or domesticated. Capable of survival and flight in vacuum.


Faceless, bat-winged humanoids that are a uniform, shiny, ebony-black across their entire bodies. They are lanky and very difficult to injure, and will usually fight by lifting enemies far above the ground and dropping them. Some stories indicate that they subdue their victims by tickling, others that they do so by means of a paralytic stinger tail. Either some of these stories are false or there are sub-species of Nightgaunt. Reports indicate that summoned Nightgaunts can be used for transportation.


Investigations ongoing.


All information classified.

Arcane Tools

See: Arcanotech

Arcane Tomes

Ashton-Derleth Scale

The Ashton-Derleth scale attempts to classify arcane tomes by their potential for destruction of sanity, and their potential for arcane danger to others than the user. Note that both scales may be exacerbated when multiple artifacts are present, or if the user is already mentally unstable.

Class 10: Potential for damage to the entire planet Earth or beyond/Almost immediately causes irreversible sanity damage simply through perusal or study.
Class 9: Potential for damage to an entire continent/Causes irreversible sanity damage when used.
Class 8: Potential for summoning one or more Outer Gods or Old Ones/Contains traumatizing information which will require years of therapy to undo the damage from, tome has limited sentience and may attempt to corrupt reader.
Class 7: Potential for summoning or contacting minor Old Ones or sentient, non-human, non-Mi-Go species/Contains traumatizing information, but tome is non-sentient.
Class 6: Potential for summoning minor arcane deities that can be damaged by standard weaponry and will do localized damage/Repeated use may drive owner to obsessive or megalomaniacal thoughts.
Class 5: Potential for summoning very minor arcane creatures or causing environmental damage/May cause an obsession with arcane information
Class 4: May lead to access to more powerful or dangerous arcane capabilities/May cause a disconnect with conventional human morality
Class 3: May cause limited damage to user/May cause hallucinations
Class 2: May cause long-term detrimental health effects/May cause nightmares
Class 1: Unlikely to cause any form of harm but has a minor potential/Only dangerous to those already mentally unstable.
Class 0: No danger/No danger


The foremost and most well-known of all arcane tomes, it is classified as a Class 10 Arcane Hazard and a Class 10 Sanity Hazard. It has been copied multiple times, but none of the copies seem to contain all the information and power of the original, and many appear stunted enough that they only work as rough guides for rituals, presenting more hazard to the user than his intended victim. The Necronomicon is connected to no specific Outer God or Old One.

(Mechanics: Possession of any edition of the Necronomicon permits the summoning of any known arcane creature, and the attempted contacting of any Old One.)

The Book of Eibon/Liber Ivonis

Contains information about the Planet Shaggai and rituals for the invocation of Tsathoggua and his Formless Spawn. Also contains information relevant to the weaknesses and slaying of arcane threats. The book of Eibon is classified as a Class 3 Sanity Hazard and a Class 8 Arcane Hazard. Possession of any fragments of the Book of Eibon without informing the UEG is considered a capital offense.

(Mechanics: Possession of the Book of Eibon permits attempted summoning of Tsathoggua or his Formless Spawn, and attempted control of the latter. It may also be consulted for information on Arcane Entitites.)

The Celaeno Fragments

A class 0 hazard on the Ashton-Derleth Arcane/Sanity scale, the Celaeno fragments instead contain information about a vast, otherworldly library. Several copies are in circulation.

Cthäat Aquadingen

A Class 8 Arcane Hazard and Class 4 Sanity Hazard, the Cthäat Aquadingen contains information about unnatural creatures and Old Ones as pertains to the sea and other underwater locales. Contains highly specific information about Ubbo-Sathla.

Cultes des Goules

An unclassified tome of "black magic" formerly possessed by the Church of Starry Wisdom. The contents are unknown and may pertain to Nyarlathotep, though this is doubtful.

De Vermiis Mysteriis

A Class 6 Arcane Hazard and Class 4 Sanity Hazard, the De Vermiis Mysteriis has little connection to any major Old Gods or Outer Ones, but instead pertains to the summoning and, more importantly, control of minor arcane entities. Foremost among these is the dreaded Star Vampire.

Arcane Artifacts

The Silver Key

Details unknown, connected to the Outer God designated "Yog Sothoth."

The Shining Trapezohedron

The only artifact known to be related to Nyarlathotep, possibly related to his summoning. Presumed lost after the destruction of the Church of Starry Wisdom.

Outer Gods and Old Ones


Outer Gods: Not physically incarnate or their physical incarnation exists in an alternate dimension when unsummoned, usually immune to conventional weaponry. Outer Gods tend to be related to concepts, even if they are incomprehensible, alien or unknown to humans, and if summoned into our dimension their power would likely be godlike in scale.

Old Ones: Usually vast and extremely mighty members of an established race(Cthulhu, for instance, is a vast exemplar of the Star Spawn, or they are some form of children of his), often with immense arcane capabilities or psychic powers. Several Old Ones are known or believed to be present on Earth(Cthulhu, Glaaki, possibly Tsathoggua), but they appear to spend most of their time in some form of torpor or hibernation. While difficult to injure or permanently destroy, Old Ones are susceptible to conventional weaponry in large amounts.

Yog Sothoth

Outer God. Related to time and space, often worshipped by those seeking knowledge, supposedly neither benevolent nor malevolent.


Old One. Located somewhere on Earth, presumed dormant.


Unclassified. Presumed non-threat since the destruction of the Church of Starry Wisdom.


Outer God. Presumed dormant somewhere in the universe, all known information suggests that his awakening or summoning would destroy reality as we know it.


Old One? Classification unsure. Resident of the Dreamlands, supposedly hunts Outer Gods and Old Ones who venture there, reliable agents report that he is an unreliable ally, but always benevolent when present.

Arcane Races


See: Mi-Go


Also known as "Insects from Shaggai," destroyed their homeworld through careless use of arcane means. A few may be present on Earth.

Great Race of Yith

All information classified.


Servants of Cthulhu, investigations on-going.

Deep Ones

Servants of Cthulhu, all reported species appear as man-sized or larger sea-life, often with strange mutations. Reportedly capable of reproducing with humans, resulting in Hybrids that have both Deep One and human features. Allies of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Elder Things

All information classified.

Arcane Locations

The Plateau of Leng

Conflicting reports place this location in Antarctica, Tibet or the Dreamlands. Related to Hastur or the King in Yellow.

The Dreamlands

The Office of Occult Investigations currently has an on-going project to map and investigate the Dreamlands. Current details appear to suggest that only lucid dreamers of considerable skill are capable of entering it regularly, though some normal dreamers may wander there unwittingly. Physical death while in the Dreamlands traps the psyche there, death while in the Dreamlands merely awakens the dreamer.


There's no such location.

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