UD Asmodeus

Affiliation: Unknown
Ship Class: Destroyer
Design: Unknown
Commander: Unknown

The UD Asmodeus was met by the UNFCr Ainalhai as the Asmodeus' support vessels devastated a Coalition gas mining convoy. When the Asmodeus' support vessels turned their weapons on the civilian vessels in the convoy, Zombie armed their weapons and fired at it. While there was negligible damage done to the large vessel, the Ainalhai did destroy its' support vessels and was too nimble for the Asmodeus to land any hits. Eventually the Asmodeus, sporting several new scars, elected to teleport away.

The Asmodeus was encountered in a dense nebula where its exact features were difficult to discern, but it was a roughly 8-kilometer vessel, putting it in the Destroyer class. Its shape was similar to that of a massive whale, including large, flipper-like protrusions. In colour it was predominantly grey, with organic-looking patterns of white, black and blue upon it.

It lacked any external weaponry, but when engaged its hull, covered in a thick caulk of nanomachinery, started to form large, blister-like structures which unleashed beam weaponry when they reached a "head." Its support vessels employed the same method of attack. At this moment its unknown if these ships cannot counter-attack without being attacked first, or if they merely choose to hold their fire until attacked themselves.

Extrapolated Stats

Body: 50(500 points)
Soul: 0
Mind: 0

Attack Combat Value: 18
Defense Combat Value: 18
Damage Multiplier: 10
Health Points: 500
Armour Rating: 40


Armour: 20(40 points)
Hidden Power(150 points)
Massive Damage: 5(50 points)
Ranged Attack: 2(6 points)
Regeneration: 8(80 points)
Tough: 90(180 points)
Weapon: Blister Beams, Level 9, Spreading 2, Penetrating 2(22 points)
Weapon: Nanite Spines, Level 4, Continuing 5(13 points)(continues for 5 rounds)
Weapon: Nanite Sting, Level 2, Incapacitating 9(13 points)(2d6+body+resistance-9 vs 9 or be paralyzed.)


Inept Defense: 3(-30 points)

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