Race and Class: Human Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral [LAWWWWWWWW]
Nationality: Vosgaan
God: Haelyn
Height: 6'2" Weight: 180lbs

HP: 70 (6d10+10)
THAC0: 15 (12 for melee, 11 with sabre)
Specialist Attacks: 3/2 with sabre
AC: 3 (2 with shield, -1 with Spell-eater)
Base Movement: 12
Experience: 38,500 / 64,000
Level: 6

Strength: 19
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 7

Languages: Vos, Modern Brecht
Weapon Proficiencies: Composite Longbow, Warhammer, Sabre, Weapon Spec: Sabre
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Law (13), Strategy (9), Ride (12), Siegecraft (11), Blind-fighting
Thief Skills: Find/Remove Traps 60%

Fighting Schools: Ivory Grace: Barrier of Steel, Bold Challenge, Ivory Strike, Banishing Strike, Spellshatter, Crusader's Strike, Pure Strike, Skullbreaker, Shattered Ivory
Barrier of Steel: Stance, Basic; If the warrior has a shield larger than a buckler, he may add a +3 to any saving throw he rolls, at a cost of -1 to to the shield's AC bonus.
Bold Challenge: -1, Basic; As he strikes, the warrior calls out a challenge to his foe. Assuming the foe is intelligent and speaks the warrior's language, he will immediately make the warrior his target (unless it would be suicidal to do so).
Banishing Strike: -1, Basic; Deals maximum damage to any summoned or inherently magical creature struck, and doing damage even if normal weapons would be unable to harm it.
Ivory Strike: -1, Basic; A ringing shield-bash to the head that will disorient enemies and cause them to lose their next action if they fail a saving throw vs paralysis, as well as dealing 1d8 damage in any case(plus strength modifiers). You do not do normal damage along with this attack.
Crusader's Fist: -2, Difficult; If your attack hits, you immediately strike the target with your other hand or shield, dealing an additional 1d4 plus Strength bonus damage, or 1d8 plus Strength bonus damage if you have a shield.
Spellshatter: -2, Difficult; Instantly dispels any form of magical protection that the target has, in addition to doing normal damage.
Pure Strike: Stance, Difficult; You see through any cover, illusions or magical effects that would make it more difficult to hit your target, whether by imposing a penalty to you or granting a bonus to the target.
Pure Strike: Stance, Difficult; You see through any cover, illusions or magical effects that would make it more difficult to hit your target, whether by imposing a penalty to you or granting a bonus to the target.
Skullbreaker: -3, Master; You must be able to hit the opponents head (meaning also it must have an indentifiable head). If this strike lands, it deals maximum damage and the target may not cast spells for 1d4+1 rounds, and must make a successful Spellcraft check to cast for 2d4 days afterwards, until subject to a Regeneration, Cure Serious Wounds or Heal spell.
Shattered Ivory: Death; In addition to doing maximum damage, the warrior may elect to destroy a piece of armor, a weapon or another visible, reachable piece of equipment that his opponent is wearing or holding. Stuff hidden in pouches or backpacks cannot be attacked in this way, and magical items may get a save.

Bloodline: Brenna
Bloodline Strength: 32
Major Ability: Major Resistance. 50% resistance to non-magical weapons.
Minor Ability: Detect Lie 1/day. It lasts ten minutes when activated and for those ten minutes the person you choose as a target can't lie without you knowing it.
Minor Ability: Animal Affinity, Cats. Empathic connection with cats. They'll never fight you.
Minor Ability: Heightened Ability, Dexterity (+2)

Hit Probability: +3
Damage Adjustment: +7
Weight Allowance: 485
Max. Press: 640
Open Doors: 16(8)
Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 50%
System Shock: 80%
Resurrection Survival: 85%
Constitution Saving Throw Bonus: +3
Loyalty Base: -2
Reaction Adjustment: -1

Saving Throws
Paralyzation/Poison/Death: 11
Rod, Staff, Wand: 13
Petrification/Polymorph: 12
Breath Weapon: 13
Spell: 14

1180gp, 8sp, 3cp
Plate Mail - 600gp, 50lbs
Medium Shield - 7gp, 10lbs
Basinet - 8gp, 5lbs
Composite Long Bow - 100 gp, 3lbs ROF 2/1
- 20 Sheaf Arrows 1gp, 1sp Range 40/60170, S-M 1d8 L 1d8
Warhammer - 2gp, 6lbs Bashing, SF 4, S-M 1d4+1+7 L 1d4+7
Sabre - 17gp, 5lbs Slashing, SF 5, S-M 1d6+1+9 L 1d8+1+9
+1 Rapier with an unknown enchantment on it
Spell-Eater: A +4 shield, with an Int of 16, Chaotic Good alignment and a Special Purpose of Smiting Wizards. It also has the ability to detect evil, detect magic, briefly Fly and paralyze enemy spellcasters… but all those powers are under its control, not the wielder's. If Uldin's hit points are ever reduced to or below 33, he loses an ego point; a further 11 beyond that, another. If he loses 3 ego points then Spell-Eater gains control of his actions.
Amulet of Ego Emergency: When Uldin is reduced to, or below 33 hit points when using the Spell-Eater shield, he is immediately restored 1d8+1 hit points.
Backpack, large belt pouch, grappling hook, small mirror, quiver, flint & steel, 10 sheets of paper, writing ink vial, 50ft of hemp rope, large tent, 2 torches, lamp oil flask, sword scabbard, standard outfit [surcoat, boots, sash, cloak, gloves, brooch, pants] - 86gp, 2sp, 7cp

20 0-level fighters armed with breastplate,crossbow, and shortsword. Hit Points: 8
1 1st-level sergeant, armed as above.

Uldin's Journal

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