Uldin's Journal

(The title of the worn journal is written in lower Brecht, as are the words scrawled inside, save for a few short-handed runes. It simply states "Uldin," which imperial records state was one of the founding members of Freedonia.)

1st of Deismir

It has been six months since I first arrived here in what has been dubbed "Freedonia," and I have decided to begin penning my thoughts and experiences on the matter. Being a partial ruler of a domain warrants such actions, I think. Future generations may wish to know how this nation began…or how it may have fallen. We are still young, with barely a militia to our names, and thus quite vulnerable. With any luck that may change.

I came here upon rumor, that this small place needed regents, those of strong character and even stronger arm. That there were other regents coming here was not unknown to me, and had hope that there would be one amongst them worth following. My bloodline has never been one to rule at the top, being far more comfortable being the shield of a liege or king, and I have no such desire to go against tradition—I know I am not material for kingship, though I am capable of taking up the mantle in temporary situations if such a need arises. It is just not within my character. Some may damn me for not taking opportunity with my divine bloodline, but they simply do not understand how my clan works, and I deign not inform their ill-thinking minds.

To that end, my liege is Morrigan, a wild and untamed Vos woman of considerable religious fervor towards Cuiraécen. Thankfully this does not conflict with my beliefs with Haelyn. Morrigan is of much greater personality than I, more willing to lead men, but lacks a certain kind of discipline, one that I hope to instill in her over time. I am willing and capable of handling the law within the land while she rules over the greater provinces, and I like to believe that makes us a good team.

We are not alone. Leon is the financial side of the kingdom, who is working to establish trade and guilds, though his idea of a "free market enterprise" seems suspect. He is willing to talk about it at great length as well, which is fine I suppose, but it is grating on the nerves. Feridun I believe wants to help in trade as well, but it may be more prudent to sell that damnable carriage of his for more gold to put in the coffer. (Here, there are Vos runes that translate into "I will burn that thing to the ground one of these days.")

As of this writing we have few roads and no trade to speak of, though we have a fair amount of farm land. In truth it is barely above nothing, and few know that we are here, which is a silent boon as we do not wish to draw too much attention to ourselves. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place; to the east we have the elves and their foreboding forest, and to the west we have that thrice-cursed Vampire. Our efforts have been focused on the elves, attempting to curry their favor by informing them of plots against them and offering aid in some of their troubles, but they are not the most forthcoming with words. I cannot blame them, for the history of man has come into conflict with them numerous times, but we are not our ancestors. I hope in time they will see that.

We have said no word to the Vampire, and all the better for it. The only words I wish to speak to that demon is how much he will burn for what he has done.

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