Undistributed loot

From Blackwort's Lair

Hat of Stylish Defense
Commissioned by a nobleman who refused to sacrifice style for safety, he spent long years adventuring and earning in order to assemble a suit of clothes that protected him as well as plate, in addition to having other benefits. This hat was part of the suit. It provides a +1 to AC, which will not stack with other magical bonuses, but will stack with other parts of the same suit, if they are found. It also allows the wearer to cast Alter Self once per day, an effect that will last until the next dawn or sunset. It looks like a black top hat, which may or may not be someone's idea of stylish. CLAIMED BY KATRIN

The Titan Bow
In addition to providing a +1 to hit, the Titan Bow enlarges any projectile fired from it, increasing its die size by one. For instance, flight arrows deal 1d8 damage instead of 1d6, sheaf arrows deal 1d10 instead of 1d8. This also works for enchanted ammunition. The bow also allows the user to leverage any strength bonuses to damage he might have.

Thermal Plate
This breastplate offers no advantage when faced by blades and hammers, instead being made for enterprising dragon hunters and similar. It provides a +2 to any saves vs Breath Weapon, and furthermore halves any damage taken from sources of fire or cold, whether magical or not.

2,000 gold pieces
In chain, rings and coins.

Oversized Greataxe
Damage: 1d12/2d6, speed: 10. If the wielder succeeds at hitting his intended target, he may let the swing carry him through and roll to hit anyone standing immediately next to the target, too. Just about any capable smith could make a weapon like this, but it'd take someone with bulging muscles and a walnut-sized brain to wield one.

From the Wood of Sharp Teeth

The Elemental Digger

Besides its enchantments, the long-shafted spade known as the Elemental Digger is wieldable as a two-handed battleaxe, with the same speed and other stats, doing 1d8 damage against all targets. Magic-wise, it can cast Dig 1/day, does 1d12 damage to any creature from the Elemental Earth, and the wielder can sacrifice his Dig for the day to banish the creature back to its home plane. It can also be used for digging holes.

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