UNFFr Detroit

Registered Name: Detroit
Registered Class: Military Freighter*(Corvette)
Registered Owner: United Nations Fleet

Approach Report: Silent approach, no point defense weapons active, no hails, no heat radiation, no reactor signature. Engines are badly damaged, hull appears to have suffered stress fractures similar to exposure to massive G's, detailed examination puts the stress range from 5G to over 100G in places. Aside from stress fractures there are signs of energy and explosive weapons impacts along the hull, as well as parts that appear to have been removed with precision cutters. The latter can likely be attributed to Kerenski's drones.

Scout drones finish external examination and enter the hull through one of the fractures.

Internal Report: The ship's been gutted, it looks like Kerenski had enough time to transfer almost all worthwhile equipment from the inside, and most of the rest was badly damaged. The cryobay has been surgically excised along with its local power unit. What remains would be impossible to salvage, but likely make for decent raw materials to assist in repairing the Ainalhai, if nothing else we might be able to reinforce our own hull enough that we can survive a standard G-jump again.

Black box appears intact, retrieved to the UNFCr Ainalhai for examination.

Black Box Data: It appears the Detroit was present at Sulafat Prime, it arrived along with a fleet of relief and supply vessels assisting the United Nations Fleet resources present there, then remained stationary in the parking swarm for a week until the Ainalhai arrived. Once you were on board it seems to have activated some sort of device that permitted it to slip past the Republic lines and approach the RFF Catapult. It's hard to parse the rest of the data, but it seems like a strike crew left the Detroit and boarded the Catapult, shortly thereafter it opened fire on the Ainalhai, before the Ainalhai retaliated, the strike crew returned to the Detroit.

After the Ainalhai retaliated was when the entire thing went to shit, it looks like the Detroit took a few accidental hits and ended up lurking, cloaked, near the Ainalhai. It got dragged along when we made that emergency jump away from there.

Footnote: Freighter is not an actual ship classification, as those rely on size, not function. Nonetheless, many ships are classified as Freighters indicating they lack any form of hull weaponry. Everything from medical ships through supply ships, boarding craft and actual civilian freighters. It's generally considered bad military conduct to fire upon freighters unless they're carrying boarding crews, refuse to stop when ordered or are attempting to ram another ship.

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