United Nations

Name: The United Nations
Leader: Internally democratic AI Council, dominated by the London bloc and the Paris bloc
Capital: Gamma Serpentis(Bastion)
Enemies: The Sun Coalition
Allies: None

The New United Nations, usually just called the United Nations, is the successor to EuroCorp after Earth was abandoned during the war between Eurocorp and the Coalition. The major change is that the UN is officially the leadership of the non-Coalition, non-Republic people of humanity, whereas EuroCorp was leader in all but name, being able to pull the financial or military strings to get anything done by its puppet governments.

Governmentally, the UN is not a democracy in the sense that the people have power, but its parliament, the AI Council is pseudo-democratic within itself. Most essential services are nationalized, though private enterprise is highly encouraged and UN-controlled locations like Bastion Station are littered with businesses of all kinds. The exact territory currently held by the UN is partially unmapped as colony vessels are constantly going farther and farther abroad, searching for habitable or terraformable worlds to settle, but at last count the UN encompassed over twenty systems(not counting small research and mining outposts), and at least seven billion humans.

Diplomatically, the UN is at peace with the Vegan Republic, though it is a strained peace, especially since London's return, and at war with the Coalition. No other entities are large or independent enough to have diplomatic relations of any kind with the UN.

The main military arm of the UN is the UNF, the United Nations Fleet, which encompasses, land, air, sea and space warfare. Its saugmented military groups are the Phalanx Troopers(Vehicles and heavy weapons), the Myrmidon Marines(Boarding and close combat), The Mantis Operatives(Stealth, assassination and scouting) and the Templars.

United Nations Fleet Designations

All UNF vessels start their designation with UNF, followed by a ship type designator. From smallest to largest, these are:

Cv: Corvette
F: Frigate
Cr: Cruiser
D: Destroyer
Dr: Dreadnought
J: Juggernaut

Strike craft have no designator, and civilian craft tend to be simply identified as UN [Name], scientific vessels are not under UNF control, but instead designation as UNSV(United Nations Science Vessels). Some military freighters have the Fr designation.

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