By the book, my homeiez. All clans accepted, just come up with a reason for being with the Camarilla. You will be lacking a Sire, either he's been run out of town, he's dead or he's a deadbeat.

Also everyone gets the Eat Food medit(Page 480) for free.

The "Domain" background is capped at two dots, Resources at three.

House Rules


Celerity is whack-ass brokesauce. Changes: Every extra action costs TWO blood points, +1 to Dex is only gained at 1 dot, 3 dots, 5 dots and 8 dots.

Soaking and Dodging

Your dodge is now a static value, it's your dodge pool/2, rounded down.

Your soak is now also a static value, calculate the soak pool/2, rounded down.

Hitting someone means beating their Dodge Value by one or more successes.

Attacking and Damage

As usual, Relevant Skill + Dexterity is rolled to hit someone, but now the number of successes you get over their dodge value is halved before being added to your damage dice(i.e., if you're attacking against a Dodge Value of 4, and roll 8 successes, beating it by 4, you only get 2 bonus damage dice afterwards). Being STRONGK still matters, not just being good at hitting.


Cierra Davies: Assamite DJ
Quix'xereld: Tremere Ubergoth
Robert Levitt: Toreador sculptor
Fiolin Dacis:

Major NPC's

Sigmund Myers: The local Prince, Malkavian.
Atlas: Ventrue Primogen. *Shrug*

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