Vancouver's bloated in the last 40 years, growing dramatically ever since it got settled by megacorps who felt it was a great place to administrate their growing Asian and North American holdings from. There's no recent, official census for the population, but it's well over ten million at the very least. AgriCorp hydroponic farms in and around Vancouver supply Alaska and a lot of the northwestern seaboard with food.

The city also remains a major seaport, even though rising sea levels means that its port area is now a mile or so inland from where it used to be. Floating platforms tethered over the remains of the old port serve both as luxury homes for the super-rich and as extra port area. Vecna Robotics has been instrumental in making Vancouver's port one of the most efficient(and profitable) in the world through installation of their highly advanced(and copyrighted and trademarked) automated loading/unloading hardware. A side-effect of the flooding is that Vancouver is now riddled with canals and rivers, making water travel almost as fast as cars for reaching most locations. It's not recommended that you swim in the river, though, and there are persistent rumours of mutant squid and clams that hunt at night.

Of course, Vancouver also has extensive problems with crime, with most North American syndicates and a growing number of local gangs having their claws into the city. Whether it's using abandoned hydroponics gear for drug-growing operations or smuggling Chinese weapons into the city under cover of night, it's all there.

In the last 20 years or so, Vancouver's government has been mostly replaced by megacorps that take care of healthcare, security and other necessities(for a fee) while bribing key officials to stay off their backs. The city's newest major, however, has been quietly fighting to regain control of his city. The corps haven't quite caught on to this yet, but they're not likely to be happy when they figure it out.

The corporate HQ's located in Vancouver are: AgriCorp, Vecna Robotics, Mjolnir Weaponry, Paladin Security, Mercurial Enterprises and Zaether Clinics.

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