Varvara Maksimova

Name: Varvara Maksimova
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Sparkly Blue
Height: 5'6"
Goal: Fix Ancalia to prove she can fix The Black Reach
Level: 3 (19/12 XP, 6 Dominion, 6/10 Dom spent)

HP: 26/26
Effort: 5/5
Influence: 4, 1 on Team Turn & Burn

Attribute Number Bonus Skill Roll
Strength 19 +4 2+
Dexterity 13 +1 8+
Constitution 16 +2 5+
Intelligence 8 -1 13+
Wisdom 14 +1 7+
Charisma 16 +2 5+
Saving Throw Roll Needed
Hardiness 9+ (-4)
Evasiveness 12+
Spirit 11+ (-4)

Armour Class: 1 (Base 3, -1 Dex, -1 shield)
Base Attack Bonus: +2
Hammer: +5 attack, 1d10+4 (unarmed: 1d12+4)
Fray 1d8
Immunities Poison, Disease, Blindness, Fire

Fact 1: Nezdhovan colonist in the Black Reach
Fact 2: trained under a curse-eater from Ancalia, Sir Arnoldus, a member of Invocant Knights
Fact 3: Traveled across Lom helping out small villages, and they remember that
Fact 4: Healed the wounded of Kabri Dar
Fact 5: Broke the siege of Red Watch

Bound Words: Health, Might, Sun

Intrinsic Health: Constant, +2 hp per level
Merciful Gaze: Action, heal target for 2d6+level, target must Commit Effort for the day
Vital Furnace: Commit Effort for the day, instantly heal any hit points lost since end of last turn
Fists of Black Iron: Constant, one-handed weapons deal 1d10 damage, two-handed and unarmed deal 1d12, counts as magical
Stronger Than You: always win opposed STR rolls, grapples, etc
Hope of the Dawn: You and allies gain Morale 12 and invincible defense against magical emotional influence, allied NPCs gain +1 HD and +1 to hit, everyone in sight instinctively knows your wishes
Illumine That Which Is: Commit Effort, makes magical effects on people and items glow, dispels mortal illusions and magical darkness, Deception and Night gifts can make Spirit saves
Sunstrike: Commit Effort for the scene, 1d10 fire damage per level if sun is in the sky (1d6 if sun is not in sky), creatures not of this world always take 1d10 per level and roll damage twice taking harshest result
Effort of the Word: gives +1 Effort

Gear, Equipment, and Possessions
Heavy Armor (AC 3)
Shield (-1 AC bonus)
Hammer (Medium weapon, 1d8 normally)
Bowtop Caravan Wagon
-Contains wood stove, hatchet, tables, chairs, bed, crate of curse-removing tools, crate of foodstuffs, several changes of clothes and armor padding, candles and a lantern,

Dominion: 1 on hot spring, 1 on fountain, 1 on medical satchels, 1 on magic oil barrels, 1 on Pavian Knight banners, 1 unaccounted for

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