With the horrifying discovery that evil was more than just an ethical concept, and in fact something very real, embodied by various extradimensional beings, the Catholic church experienced a worldwide resurgence and rapidly became the most wide-spread Christian faith.

In response to feelings that the UEG and the Mi-Go were not hard enough on "blasphemous behavior"(worship of Old Ones, Outer Gods, Elder Gods, etc.), for instance requiring rock solid evidence before being willing to storm places of supposed worship, the Vatican established its own, armed service branch to deal with this sort of thing.

While officially condemned by the UEG, the Vatican's operations are tolerated because they occasionally hit things that the UEG cannot assemble the evidence to attack on their own.

Outside of the nations where the Vatican's own forces can operate openly without angering local authorities(mainly southern Europe), they subcontract to PMC's.

Unconfirmed reports insist that holy water and holy symbols have a repelling effect on some extradimensional entities, but usually those who walk into battle wielding only a spray bottle and a cross don't return in one piece.

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