Vincenzo Cassi

Name: Vincenzo Cassi
Age: 24
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'9"
Goal: Become fabulously wealthy and famous so he can rub it in his family's collective face
Level: 2 (3/3 XP, 2/2 Dominion spent)

HP: 14/14
Effort: 3/3
Influence: 2

Attribute Number Bonus Skill Roll
Strength 13 +1 8+
Dexterity 16 +2 5+
Constitution 13 +1 8+
Intelligence 18 +3 3+
Wisdom 14 +1 7+
Charisma 16 +2 5+
Saving Throw Roll Needed
Hardiness 13+
Evasiveness 11+
Spirit 12+

Armour Class: 1 (Base 3 due to gift, -2 Dex)
Base Attack Bonus: +2
Rapier and shortsword (1d10+2, wielded via Dex per RAW on dual wielding)
Fray 1d8
Immunities Surprise, getting lost, mundane bindings, random falling objects, fatigue and hunger while traveling, being pushed, falling

Fact 1: Third son of a Vissian merchant house
Fact 2: Learned the ways of business from the family tutor
Fact 3: Is regarded as a loyal and effective errand boy by the Cassi family. Will probably get tasked with more stuff if he ever goes back to Vissio or tries to contact them.
Fact 4: Known in Kabri Dar for creating the fantastic Room of Replication.

Bound Words: Alacrity, Journey, Wealth

All Directions as One: Constant. Can navigate vertical and overhanging surfaces as if they were flat ground. Can pass through rough terrain effortlessly. Gains an invincible defense against being pushed or made to fall.
Walk Between the Rain: Constant. Base AC is set to 3, and cannot be improved by armor or shields. Cannot be struck by anything without intent behind it.
Flickering Advance: Action. Commit Effort for the scene to instantly reach any location visible to the unaided eye, out to the horizon.
Know the Path: Constant. Always knows the shortest, safest path to any location not hidden from the world. Allies gain immunity to hunger and fatigue while traveling, and are able to treat travel time as rest.
Master of the Key: Constant. Can instantly defeat any non-magical trap, lock, seal, or binding. Commit Effort for the scene to be able to do the same to magical versions, both physical and mental, even if they would render you helpless.
The Craft to Make: Action. Commit Effort to duplicate any mundane inanimate object you have seen before, up to the size of a large wagon, in a round. Creations last permanently if suitable materials were used, but evaporate immediately upon Effort being reclaimed if created from nothing.
Flawless Reproduction: Action. Commit Effort while touching a non-magical object or domestic animal no larger than a large wagon. One duplicate is created per minute until Effort is reclaimed. Copies remain after Effort is reclaimed.
Excellency of the Word: Sets INT to 18. What fantastic understanding of the mathematics behind compound interest!
Receive the Incense of Faith:

Gear, Equipment, and Possessions
Dozens of the same one dagger (Throwing weapon, 1d6 base damage. Not likely to run out any time soon.)
Rapier and shortsword (Light weapons, 1d6 base damage when not dual wielding. Fancy basket hilts.)
Wheel of Casa di Cassi
-A red-wax cheese of fairly high quality. Recognized as not delicacy-tier, but still quite good.
Stash O' Goods
-Carried in Varvara's wagon. Contains two other wheels of cheese (different varieties on the same tier of quality), one bolt each of canvas and average-quality linen, a bottle each of fairly good red and white wines, a small (5-lb) steel ingot, and assorted other nonperishable trade goods.

Dominion Expenditures
The Room of Replication in Kabri Dar consists of a moderately sized storage room containing a chest just too small for a proper shortsword to fit into the 3D diagonal. Any one item placed purposefully into the chest will be replicated as if by the Flawless Reproduction gift at a slowed rate of one copy per six minutes, neatly stacked, stopping entirely when the Room cannot contain more without preventing access to the chest. The town council has been made aware of the Room's existence and cautioned to keep it well guarded, and not use it for the reproduction of goods already being produced by the townsfolk in mundane fashion.

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