Virotech Log 05

Project Epsilon Planning

Okay, Project Epsilon has gotten the go-ahead and we've made up a preliminary plan.

Phase 1

Acquisition of infected individuals and cataloging their strains. We'll be working closely with GenTech to see what effect their baseline genetics have on the virus' mutations and whether we can predict Chi or Gamma effects that a given strain might have.

Phase 2

Assuming we find some interference from baseline genetics, Gentech will start work on proper Morphs for Project Epsilon. In the meantime we'll see how prone the virus is to mutation, at the moment we estimate that the manifestation of Gamma effects is as much down to the strain of virus as to the host's pre-infected condition.

Phase 3

With any luck, through a combination of Gamma strains and with the right morphs, we'll unlock Epsilon-stage effects. This is new territory and we won't be able to make any predictions or plans until we get there.

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