ViroTech Log 06

Virotech Lab 7, audio log

22:52, Unidentified Speaker: "Strain 092… no apparent effect, sterile. Strain 093… swelling of cerebellum, modification of cortex, mutation of facial features… flag for possible use. Strain 094… enlarged cranium, modification of cortex, enlarged eyes… faint brain activity. Might be the virus making more modifications. Recommend testing 094 on more morphs to see if this effect is consistent."

10:34, Olav Kafka: "094 is making rapid progress in all affected morphs. Highly stable physical mutations which do not appear to reduce the morph's viability, this strain's parent strains have also produced highly consistent gamma-level abilities in afflicted morphs. All affected morphs still displaying faint brain activity, odd, there shouldn't be any without an ego. Will keep watching and evaluating."

13:20, Unidentified Speakers: [Sounds of a scuffle, violence, security teams interrupting]

[Several days of routine reports]

11:19, Olav Kafka: "Let's see, no damage to the 094-strain Morphs despite her best efforts… and all because some twitchy lab tech had told her that he'd seen one of them move its fingers. Physical mutations appear to have stabilized, mental mutation may still be on-going, brain activity… increasing? Suggest bridging one of our indentured egos into one of these to see just what's going on. We might get some answers that way, perhaps this is normal for strains likely to exhibit psi-epsilon abilities. I'd also suggest infecting another two or three morphs, these five aren't enough for a consistent evaluation."

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