Known Virtue-Class Frigates: CFF Hugin(Tarsis System, 7th Battlegroup), CFF Munin(Tarsis System, 7th Battlegroup)
Class: Frigate

Half a kilometer long each, the Virtue-Class Frigate carries a small contingent of fighters and is mostly designed for disabling/destroying enemy capital ships. Despite being an aging design, badly in need of a refit, the Virtue is excellent for dealing with pirate infestations and for planetary defense, especially if backed up by Archangel-class cruisers.

Fanbase: 0/0
Gar Charge: 0/0
Plot Armor: 4/4
Gar: 6
Power(Engineering/Training): 8

Beam Cannons(Limit +2. A Virtue is equipped with a pair of forward-mounted beam cannons with limited firing arcs, but considerable power.): 10
Flak Batteries(Ordinary. A Virtue also has a decent number of Flak Turrets to remove smaller threats and incoming missiles.): 8
Plasma Turrets(Ordinary. A Virtue has plasma turrets for dealing with mid-range targets.): 8
EMP Capacitor(Limit +3. Every Virtue is designed with a powerful EMP Capacitor to facilitate boarding actions, it blasts out a disabling charge in a 90-degree forward arc, leaving the victim at the mercy of incoming marine transports. Or weapons fire.): 11
Ramming Speed!(Limit +3. In dire conditions, a Virtue can reroute energy to her engines and temporarily overcharge them for the purpose of ramming hostile capital ships.): 11
Zentronium Armor(Ordinary. A Virtue is made from the most advanced materials availiable to the Crimson Corporation engineers. It's damn hard to damage it.): 6
Fighter Sweep(Limit +1. All Virtues have several squadrons of Hercules fighters in case they come under attack from hostile strike craft.): 9

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