Day 33, Noon

Ursula regards Thanat as though he's a dump someone's taken on her bed, "From everything we could deduce, Synth, these things were no more intelligent than you. But something drove them to attack, perhaps as guard dogs, perhaps at the command of something more intelligent. We had hardly begun our investigation of Sentinel before we were-" she grimances at the term "-evicted. You may as well forget about Love and Rage sponsoring an attack, either. There's no one to rescue and I had the majority of our scientific data in my suit's systems and my muse's memory."

"Besides," she leans back and closes her eyes, "This place seems threadbare. I'm sure you wouldn't mind the opportunity to collect some salvage from our ruins. Let me know when you've made up your mind, I'll guide you to the remnants of the outpost."

Meanwhile, data trickles in from Lime and Sameera, they've reached the large island off the coast and have made landfall. Lime is cataloguing an interesting variety of amphibious snail that subdues its prey with venomous spit, while Sameera is making the climb up the island's central mountain with the autominers in tow, intending to get them situated centrally and maybe clarify some questions about Silverwheel's geology. She expresses a hope that the mountain might be volcanic and allow her to drop some drones deep below the surface if there's an open caldera.


"Right, they're not more intelligent than me. But they could still be smarter than you, meatbag. Something to check for."

"If we go there in the first place?" he turns back to the others, ignoring any answer from the bag of saggy flesh, "I'm really not sold on it. No one to rescue, she has her data. Sure there's ruins, infested by monsters. And we'd leave Splinter defenseless, if the others even want to, or are allowed to come at all. We've barely even started here, we can explore the gate network later, it'll still be there. I'll vote 'no' to that for now."

Thanat also pings Sameera and Lime with 'gl&hf'.


"I'd be in if it there were at least some effort and possibility of stack recovery. L&R wouldn't send folks per se, but I'm sure there's extropians and ultimates you could hire on, we're @-listers here, Ursula, but do you have any resources to hire c-list assets like extropians and whatnot? We use free argonaut dissemination, but we do have a databroker contact if you wanna trade that data, and maybe the crystals you already have in exchange for guns for hire.

Also, yeah, we haven't had a chance to set up a proper visitor's center yes, but we do have a village going down south. Its even got a biology lab, I'm thinking, if you're hellbent on going back, we can at least research the tentacle and find out what might be these critters' vulnerability."

«@Lime, take an analysis of some of that paralytic spit if you can and upload it to GEV 2's pocket lab, I have an idea…»

Day 33, Noon

"I'll be selling none of my data or cargo until I have a chance to learn more about them, thank you very much." Ursula doesn't bother to open her eyes as she refuses Arianhod's offer, "If you bunch don't intend to make the trip to Sentinel, I'll return to Sol and arrange a team myself." She shrugs, seeming on the edge of falling asleep again already, "Of course, then the fame and fortune will be theirs, and not yours. Now please, leave an old woman alone to get some rest while you consider her offer."

GateSec pings the team to notify them that the second survivor has woken up, but seems to be odd. They can't get any verbal or written communication out of him, only gestures.

The TerraGen survey team also informs everyone that they've uploaded the first of their findings to the colony's mesh.


Arianhod shrugs and heads out, looking through the weird data the survey team has cooked up. She decides to see to the new guy.

"Hi! I'm Dr. Arianhod Xsdottir, MD, from the Silverwheel Council. I know you've been under a very trying situation." Arianhod sits down to avoid scaring them more than usual. "You might be in some stage of shock. If you like, may I examine you for injuries? Nod up and down for yes, right and left for no…" If they agree Arianhod will got through the examination while asking them to point at an AR screen with pain levels from 1 to 10, etc. The purpose is not only to identify physical injury, but also get the nonverbal person ideas on how to communicate without speech or writing.

Day 33, Afternoon

Testing the new guy's capabilities proves challenging even for Arianhod, he doesn't just seem unable to express himself verbally or in written form, but he seems to have trouble with understanding writing as well. He can understand very simple figures, but unless it's a strict yes/no/shrug question, he just gives her an expression that indicates he doesn't understand what she means or how to reply to it. Physical injuries seem about on the same level as Ursula's, bruises with a few cuts, severe exhaustion, though his injuries seem different. Several of them look like he took a torso-on impact from something large almost on purpose, to Arianhod it looks like he took a blow for someone else. Mentally he seems slightly non-plussed, but aside from his missing faculties he doesn't seem exceptionally stressed, shocked or worried. He also seems generally very cooperative, at no point is he evasive or refuses to answer her, except when he literally can't.

His personal mesh is set to private, but also has an attached snippet that indicates that anyone wanting to know more should see Dr. Ursula Kvesute.

Edit from IRC:Well, he doesn't have a cyberbrain, but he has the usual input ports that even a biomorph has, for direct connections to devices. He seems pretty heavily augmented, his biomorph is on the verge of being a podmorph, just from the reinforcements to skeletal strength, physical strength, etc. he's probably verging on having as much raw power as Arianhod.


"Okay…" Arianhod gets up and gestures at the healing vat, points at his chest injury, and tries to pantomime getting and it going away.

<@Liz, there is something massively messed up going on here, I think. I want you to, discretely, crack his mesh inserts.>


<Understood @arianhod. Working>

Quickly jumping around the burgeoning meshwork around her, Liz quietly queried the target's PAN. After some time observing and probing it from the outside, she slipped a digital shim in and whispered inside. The firewall was slick though, catching a taste of her on the way in. She still gained covert access with security privileges though.

<I'm in Arianhod. What should I be looking for?>

//Contested Hacking Test, Infosec 83+10 vs Firewall 55, Got 36 vs 3; Defender succeeded, Attacker achieved superior success. Defender is now in Passive Alert, Attacker has Covert Access + Security Account. //


"You're some sort of corporate slave, aren't you? Fancy sex toy, maybe? He kinda looks like an even manlier version of you, Arianhod."

<Look for anything that could have rendered him deaf and mute? Traces of psychosurgery? Hardwired in orders?>


"I'm just…amazed at what an awful existence it is to be so hollow inside you can't feel anything unless you're radiating maximum obnoxiousness at all times."

Day 33, Afternoon

After a few false tries, Arianhod manages to convince the man to step into the healing vat. He seems to have otherwise been perfectly content to heal the natural way, and doesn't seem to see any urgency in getting himself patched up. While he's in the light doze generally caused by being in the healing vat when the injuries aren't sufficient for total unconsciousness during healing, Liz pokes into his mesh inserts. She trips a minor alert going in, his firewall is reasonably buff, but he doesn't wake up, nor does an angry Muse come screaming out of the shadows of his mental architecture to hiss and posture.

At her current level of access, she already manages to dig up some data. His name is Jason Raclaw and approximately two months ago, Sol time, he spent a lot of time in accelerated simulspace environments, the kind of therapeutic timespans usually used for therapy or psychosurgery. The attendant psychosurgeon's name and details have been scrubbed, meaning it wasn't done anywhere even remotely official, even penal psychosurgery, or corporate C-list psychosurgery, almost always have a link back to who and why, even if it's for the purposes of corporate bureaucracy rather than for medical record-keeping. It looks like there have been similar simulspace sessions logged about a week ago, with similarly scrubbed credentials except for one.

The attendant psychosurgeon on that one session is a Dr. Narelle Fiadh, who notes: "The information from Ursula appears solid, someone has heavily damaged this ego's ability to comprehend written language, and produce spoken language, as well as effects similar to taking an ice pick to his frontal lobe: A general passivity, lowered pain sensitivity, a seeming inability to feel boredom, and a lessened response to normal feelings of reward and punishment. He lacks the ability to express it himself, and perhaps the knowledge as well, but according to Ursula she rescued him from a corporate black site on another exoworld and has been taking care of him. I have little confidence of being able to undo the damage to his ego, but our resources are limited here on Sentinel. Perhaps back in Sol they can do more for him, or perhaps not. For now I agree with Ursula's assessment that access to his Mesh should be restricted to her, he would be extremely easy to manipulate, intentionally or not, and while I trust everyone here, I don't want Jason to suffer any further trauma."

Both Lime and Sameera report back from the island in the bay around the same time, at Arianhod's request he's managed to capture several specimens and extra their toxin(easy, since they insist on spitting it at him when he handles them) and submitted it to the autolab. Sameera, meanwhile, has left the autominers behind a few dozen meters up the slope of the mountain, she's found a path that looks cut into the stone, rather than just being conveniently-placed weather-worn rocks, and is checking to see whether it leads anywhere.


"Yes, yes, and I'm amazed at how awful it is to be Titanian, that you people apparently cannot live without kinkshaming or unloading unwarranted feelings of superiority every hour or so. Guess they instill that kind of regularity and thinking in the youth camps, for it to stick so well into adulthood."

Looking over the data shared by Liz he adds: "So yes, corporate slave. Once again, I was right. Looks like somebody tried to lobotomize a regular ego into a betafork equivalent. Truly that's several kinds of disgusting, but not unexpected from hypercorps."


Lahmia has her own non-communicating friend. She goes into full work mode, tying her hair back and putting on a utilitarian work suit, clearing off a counter in the workshop, and laying out all the tools she will need.

R2D2 will be assisting, and Lahmia prints up a little nurse hat for him. Support crew will involve Arianhod's servitor for refreshing coffee and snacks, and Raum on patrol outside. Further, her eyeshadow and lipstick were coated in an imperceptible layer of spy nanos to sharpen her own senses. A collected list of gunmoth radio samples are queued up rather than music, she doesn't want to intimidate the poor thing yet.

This is starting to be set up as a legitimate 'job' job, as Lahmia and her muse start firing off registrations and union filings into the mesh (that ultimately don't actually go anywhere, it's more of a Pavlovian response than a conscious effort). An AR hologram of bright yellow police tape encircles her half of the workshop and helpfully reminds everyone how dire the consequences are for entering. Finally, Arianhod's inbox is stuffed with copies of all the (ir)relevant paperwork. With the prep work completed, the real fun starts.


«Great we got a Man Friday situation here.» Arianhod is getting…overwhelmed. It might be finally time to do that permafork family she's wanted to do, as well as hire some folks.

«@L&R: Okay, we have a rescue/mercenary adventure we're conducting. Can we get an unscheduled gate opening in…» She mentions a time enough she can fly back to London Falling, do some things/grab some people, and haul ass back but before the things melt. 4.5 to 5 days?

«In addition: Open job posting:

Arianhod Xsdottir, MD. @-Rep 65.4838 || R-net 55.4312 || X-net 5.128

Wanted: Assorted hard cases to join a bunch of armored vehicles with infantry support mustering on Silverwheel before traveling to another exoworld (See data for survival requirements). Bring what personal gear you can.» Arianhod loads the planetary data from the not-venus world that she was able to pull from Ursula's GEV.) «And fight giant monsters to retrieve cort stacks/rescue potential survivors, recover scientific samples, and salvage basecamp. Medical treatment of wounded and stack recovery of fallen will be prioritized, but back yourselves up first.

Travel to interesting places, shoot monsters in the face while being the good guy. Xsdottir will be point of contact/command for duration of mission. Contact L&R Qbit relay office with interests.»

«@Colony and Especially @Biff @Zap, we're mounting an expedition to another exoplanet to salvage some stacks, get some loot, and probably fight giant monsters, anyone in?»

Shopping/To Do List

-Guns and armor, it would be nice if we could do this with more than small arms and vacsuits vs building sized monsters. Arianhod is hoping while her first fork in the splicer is sleeving the other two, Arianhod prime is going to try to experiment with the paralysis toxin Lime Sampled
-Hiring mercs/suckering anarchs and X-listers to come along
-Ask Biff & Zap and any locals if they want to come along/maybe save some people/fight giant monsters.

-1. Fork self three times.
-1a. First is the splicer, who then unfreezes and sleeves the other two into furies
-1b. While this is going on, Arianhod is going to try to print some of the toxin Lime sampled to see how it reacts to the tentacles. Hopefully there's enough overlap in carbon based life and they have no protection against this toxin they've hopefully never encountered before…

Day 33, Evening

As soon as the box is opened, the scoutmoth attempts to escape, but Lahmia and R2D2 quickly manage to secure it before it can do much more than bounce off one of the windows ineffectually. It appears to have no tools, weapons or manipulators large enough to do anything other than perhaps carry small samples or allow it to cling to a surface. Once restrained it struggles briefly and then seems to realize that it's only going to damage itself if it fights any harder. With it immobilized, it only takes Lahmia a few minutes to locate a small, hinged panel concealing a variety of access ports that look intended for different kinds of wired data or power connections.

Her assistant bots also inform her that since being let out of the box it's regularly sending an omnidirectional low-frequency signal. It's just the equivalent of a quick chirp, so most likely the purpose is as a locator beacon.

Using a universal connector capped with nanomachines, able to adapt to any form of transhuman power or data plug(and hopefully most alien ones as well), Lahmia easily patches into the machine via what appears to be one of the data connections. It starts spewing a lot of incomprehensible data at her that her muse informs her is in an unfamiliar format, but it's clearly structured enough to not merely be junk data. Judging by some of the repeating parts, she assumes that it's either feeding her constant status updates or that she has a patch into its audio-visual data. She gets a clear sense that this machine isn't as smart as an AGI, at most it's as intelligent as one of the ALI's running on one of her own bots.

Speaking of which, back at the lake, Buer and the scout swarms are having some luck penetrating the above-water parts of the frozen structures. Buer is requesting permission to attempt to melt through the ice to get deeper, while the swarm reports that it's found frozen organic matter trapped in some of the surface ice layers. What it beams back resembles an image of a large octopus(if you stretched out all its tentacles in the same direction, the tentacle-and-body/head length would be about nine feet) flash-frozen in mid-motion. Rather than the few, large tentacles of Terran octopus, however, it seems to have a confusion of them, at least fifty small limbs.

From out in the bay, Lime reports that Sameera has gone silent after announcing she was going to explore an interesting cave. Lime can't track her location, but knows where she was last seen and is going to follow after her and see whether she's in any trouble. Lime suspects she's probably just deep enough in the cave that the rock is blocking her signal.

Since the colony's in good standing with the @-listers, Arianhod gets her gate opening scheduled if any mercs want to come through, though L&R advises her not to hire anyone that can't be easily booted out again if they turn out to be trouble.

Biff and Zap insist that they remain with the colony and help educate the local refugees, as much as they'd like to suplex a kaiju or two. Biff volunteers his home-smithed high-quality katana for Arianhod(or anyone else melee competent), he insists it's been folded at least two thousand times during the smithing process. The GateSec team volunteers to send someone along to safeguard the expedition, but at most four members, since it would otherwise leave the Silverwheel side practically undefended.

Ursula insists that she and Jason be on the team going in.


Caseual Violence

Price: Moderate
Allegiance: @-list
Number: 7
Gear: Poor
Skills: Poor

Recently sleeved indentures signing up for mercenary jobs in the hope that it'll give them the rep or credits to pay for an upgrade. What they lack in weapons or actual combat skills, they make up for in their desire to make it big. They'll probably still best work as scouts or meat shields, though.

The Famethrowers

Price: Moderate
Allegiance: F-list
Number: 5
Gear: Excellent
Skills: Poor
Special Requirements: Allowed to record and share XP's of the mission.

A bunch of ex-famous vloggers attempting to recapture some F-rep by going on high-violence adventures with big guns and recording every single moment of it.

Fortean Expedition Team

Price: Moderate
Allegiance: @-list
Number: 3
Gear: Moderate
Skills: Moderate
Special Requirements: Allowed to repatriate any number of samples of local megafauna, including live captured specimens, to Silverwheel and then later Sol/Fortean.

Fortean maintains numerous teams scouting for novel DNA sequences and proteins that can be useful to their creative work. Rumoured to have connections to Exhuman and Singularity Seeker groups.

Gorgon Elite Solutions

Price: Major
Allegiance: C-list
Number: 1
Gear: Excellent
Skills: Excellent

For a high price, the Extropian-based Gorgon Defense Systems will lease the team one of their Reaper-sleeved combat specialists for the mission.

Medusan Shield Team

Price: Major
Allegiance: C-list
Number: 3
Gear: Moderate
Skills: Excellent

For the same price as a single Reaper, GDS is also willing to deploy a small squad of human-equivalent specialists sleeved and armed for the local conditions.

Pai Gow Pacifier Squad

Price: Major
Allegiance: G-list
Number: 7
Gear: Moderate
Skills: Moderate
Special Requirements: Allow Pai Gow to move shipments through the Silverwheel colony with no inspections for the foreseeable future.

A large group of Pai Gow enforcers will assist the mission. They're mostly experienced with fighting transhuman enemies, but they'll fight well enough in any situation.

Zrbny Drone

Price: Major
Allegiance: C-list
Number: 1
Gear: Excellent
Skills: Excellent

A Zrbny-owned Daitya operated by an ALI will deploy and assist the team by crushing anything they direct it at, it may also engage in some minor soil and mineralogy sampling along the way to expand Zrbny's operations.

Moving Onward


Since it was decided not to go to Sentinel, Arianhod suggests the following to the council, especially since L&R sent them that request from Caseual,

Arianhod was headed back to London Falling to enact her plan of finally making that fork family, Eerie (in her personal splicer she brought), would then sleeve Annie, and Hod (both in the Furies), would handle doctor stuff as needed, and respectively, administration, emergency response, and training the new self defense force, the Silverwheel Autonomous Militia. Arianhod was going to go help search for Sam once Eerie was up and running. Agreeing to sleeve all of Caseual plus Phoenix team was gonna be costly, but hopefully worth it (10RP). Contacting the same sleezy morph dealer, via L&R, Arianhod makes a deal.

«@Phoenix team: Growing morphs for everyone is gonna take too long, so I'm just going to buy them, please tell me what you want your new body to look like and I'll match it as close as I can, at least in physical sex. Post sleeving biomods are of course always an option.»

«@Meteorologist (Arianhod called him by his name obviously, we just were never told what it was), what gear would you need to monitor things on this planet? Satellites are not an option due to the alien railgun, but otherwise, what would be of use?»

«@Thanat, we should get at least one exowomb up and running to fix the morphs we got, and more as the morphs come in, possibly more cold storage at the gate to receive them. Also let's survey that savannah north of the bay for that town we were thinking about. We need more living space anyways with 22 new sleeved biomorphs.»

«@Lahm, I'm gonna go check on Sam, wanna come along and keep dissecting that mini-moth?»


Buy 15 splicers for 10RP
Hire Caseual in exchange for biosleeving them
Build Exowomb to start fixing morphs we have and will buy (5RP)
Possibly building more cold storage as well to hold all the new morphs (1RP?)
That leaves ~2 RP when the gate next opens, lets spend it on surveying the Savannah north of the bay and start laying out a town plan.

Arianhod is going to
-Head back to London falling, fork herself three times, sleeve the first in the splicer which will then sleeve the other two and get the clinic ready for a lot of work and supervise the exowomb setup. Either Arianhod or one of her fury twins is gonna fly the chopper over to check on Sam.


"Sounds good, except the militia bit, that's just disgusting now. Though I look forward to seeing you argue with yourself, bully yourself, and fight with yourself. It'll be fun."

Thanat reviews footage and data from the savannah north of the spider bots' territory to see what could be done there. They've passed through the area several times already, after all.


By the time Arianhod gets back to her about flying back to the frozen lake, Lahmia has been attempting to get the mini-moth to respond to stimuli and translate the stream of garbled data into a readable format. Mostly this is by showing the alien drone images in predominantly blue and yellow (knowing how they see is an important first step in translating the data) and modified radio transmissions based on what gunmoths have 'said' (Liz will be super helpful for this).

The real reason Lahmia didn't want anyone near where she works is she is also giggling like a little girl who just got a puppy. There's a loud crash when Arianhod messages her, followed quickly by "I'm okay! I'll be ready to go in just a minute!"

It's way easier to take down caution tape when it's all holograms.

Day 34, Morning

Thanat's survey of the savannah biome north of the bay doesn't immediately yield much new information that the team doesn't already know: It's primarily inhabited by shallowly-burrowing predators, and occasionally by giant snails from the jungle after it's rained. It's flat-ish and likely has firmer ground than the sands near the ruin site, making it a better choice for any tall above-ground structures that Thanat might want to design. Watching and re-watching the footage, though, Thanat notices something: In the older footage, the crab-bot patrols regularly revisit the site, but ever since Lev absconded with them, they haven't returned to any areas the team's had under surveillance. If they're even still in the same patrol zone, it would be farther west, where the team has yet to do any scouting.

Lime also reports back on Sameera's status after being silent for several hours. It appears that she's found at least part of an alien installation in the cave she was exploring. Upon finding a sealed alien door, she immediately tried to blast through it out of curiosity for what was on the other side, but it turned out to be the inner door of an airlock and, upon being breached, the outer part slammed shut behind her, separating her from her explosive charges that she'd left further back to avoid any accidents. She's fine and has enough supplies to last her a while, but the door was blocking her long-range comms. Lime reports back that they've been trying to convince Sameera to not explore any deeper until they can get the outer door open, but Lime suspects that's only going to delay her for at least another thirty minutes before she gets bored and goes exploring.

Lahmia's experiments have also born some early fruit, she confirms the blue-yellow hypothesis since the alien machine's simple brain seems to be processing a lot more information when seeing mostly stuff in the blue and yellow wavelengths. It doesn't seem to respond to most of the gunmoth messages, either they're too complex for it, or they have no information for it to act on(it does seem to be logging them in a separate buffer from everything else she sends at it, however, so it recognizes them as something else), but several of them provoke instant and careless attempts by the minimoth to navigate, in one case almost lifting off with the entire table it's strapped to before it seems to abandon the attempt. Liz has dedicated one of her three dozen or so permanent alter egos to tagging Lahmia's results, and these messages get tagged as containing some sort of navigational data or instructions.

Speaking of, Liz announces that she's going to take a step back from participating in active colony affairs. The colony intranet is already growing complex enough to require some amount of full-time management, as does curating the data they're collecting actively and passively. Feeling nicely seated in the colony's servers, she offers her drones and Galatea morph up as colonial assets.

After a while of browsing their logs, Arianhod digs up the name of their meteorologist: Sekai Emeka. He(or possibly she, or they, or it, their synthetic voice is surprisingly genderless) gets back to Arianhod after a few minutes, having apparently been busy painting a picture of the sea as seen from the ruins. It's not a good painting, but it's probably one of the first pieces of human art created on site that isn't Scum graffiti or Thanat creating toys to placate his Dwarf bots. Meteorology, Sekai informs Arianhod, is extremely data-intensive. Even by the Fall, Earth's weather systems were still only approximated and the simulations would still occasionally get something wrong. In order to make any predictions, what they'll need is as many monitoring stations as far flung as possible. Anything capable of registering barometric pressure, wind speed and humidity will be of use. Even if they can't accurately simulate Silverwheel weather any time soon, at least far-flung monitoring stations will warn them in case any dangerous weather systems are approaching. As the only member of the "Phoenix" team, Sekai also requests a synthmorph rather than a biomorph, having realized that for the time being, a stay in a biomorph would require donning breathing gear any time they're outside.


"I'm working on it! I've got planet-agnostic mods in the works that would allow biomorphs to, well, do what I do. The breathing the atmosphere thing, not the deadlifting buggies thing. But yes, I can get some sensors set up on the island when one of me goes out to visit there, an aerostat at the least."


Thanat too prepares plans for the next few days. And starts acting on them as soon as possible. He'll use the minifac and the two GEVs' large fabbers, and whatever medium fabbers he can get his tentacles on, to print a second minifac, in easy to assemble parts that'll fit in a GEV or to be carried by the helicopter. To accelerate not just the production of parts, but also the assembly, he'll enlist the help of the two dwarf bots and fork himself everyday into his spare Takko, taking the time to merge both his egos into one when the others are asleep. He intends to watch over the new dwarf bot intently, if anyone asks he'll say he's making sure it functions fine, it's brand new after all. But really, he's looking to see if any personality trait emerges to find it a name that fits.

Using all the power of his multi-tasking mind, Thanat also sets to design new buildings for London Falling, and places them on a 3D map. Few are actually planned and designed, most are copies with slight randomization. The buildings are roughly rectangles and squares, the edges being made up of living spaces, the inside being courtyards with gardens and water pools. Thanat uses all the tricks he learned from Earth's thousands years of history to make the buildings' ecological footprint and power consumption as low as possible. The end result looks decidedly middle-eastern, including small towers to catch winds and create air currents inside, and fitting decorations Thanat found by browsing the colony's small datanet. Streets made by those buildings would end up decidedly narrow, and in the shade from the high walls, much too small for cars. While he does design a small "individual" home on this model, he's mostly interested in the more palatial/communal kind, with several apartments and courtyards, that'd he'd definitely build first.

Since he uses a cyberbrain and his multi-tasking is software based, rather than needing an aug like the fleshies would, his fork also comes equipped with it. He'll ask his fork to use his spare brain time to design the boring, wasteful, ugly American city with buildings that are European only in exterior looks. There'll be even be big streets for cars, private backyards, big houses for just one person or one family (and without the grandparents!), all the things Thanat hates. There is little doubt that everyday upon awakening, his fork's first words will be "why was I made just to suffer?". For once, Thanat is on the receiving end of Thanat, but it's fine, because Thanat is also on the receiving end of Thanat.

He'll also ask the Scum if they'd remain in LF rather than leave for the savannah. The Scumhaus can always be repurposed into a bigger greenhouse to grow yet more drugs, and some things are already growing after all. And there's even a proper Scumbarge to raise out of the sea right there, maybe.

The minifac costs 5RP btw, but with the miners we can way afford it.


Lahmia spends the following week working on a small number of projects, in order of importance:

-establishing communication with the mini-moth (and enlisting as many Liz forks as necessary).
-constructing a squishbot and sending it out to investigate the caved-in tunnel.
-receive tail and skinlink mods.
-cleaning up the old hydroponic farm so we can use that space ourselves.
-acquiring the sensor clusters from our basement moth so we don't need to keep the mini-moth plugged in all the time.
-moving into the beach house since no one else was brave enough.

The goal with the mini-moth is, once communication is established and we can negotiate with our robotic neighbors, is to return it. The gunmoth was shot down and taken, we probably should start with a gesture of good will and hope that robots can understand it.

There is also a new test to perform, the mini-moth's reaction to crab robot chatter. The hypothesis is the two kinds of robots are not friends and the mini-moth should react accordingly. The memory cache should probably be wiped so Moth Mom (or whatever analyzes their data) doesn't see all the tests Lahmia was performing, and in its place a more positive message can be placed.

Day 42, Morning

Establishing communications with the mini-moth ends up taking up most of Lahmia's week. Perversely, its uncomplicated mind makes it harder to talk to since it only takes very specific input and responds with very specific output, ignoring most other information or storing it for transmitting back home. Around-the-clock testing(with Liz taking over when Lahmia's fulfilling her various biological needs or getting her body upgraded) eventually manages to yield partial understanding. They figure out several signals which appear to give the mini-moth coordinates to investigate, as well as one that seems to be a "return to base"-signal, considering the way it makes the minimoth bounce off the walls and try to escape through the window. It's possible these signals might also work on the other bots from the local guard-bot population. The response to crab-bot signals is the single most complicated message they manage to tease out of the minimoth, most of it is impossible to parse at their current understanding, but it appears to be a message that includes the coordinates of the crab-bot acoustic signal transmitter.

Clean-up of the hydroponic farm and construction of the squishbot occur without her input once she's instructed how it's supposed to go down. In their downtime, several of the "Phoenix Squad" cases volunteer to clean up the old hydroponics space with manual tools(and a few disassembler swarms for the harder-to-handle lumps of crude petrochemical residue), and the fabbers already have the blueprints for producing her squishbot. Once she's given it an appropriate name and AR skin(the default is a shifting blob of eyes and teeth, a miniature shoggoth), it slithers into the London Falling subsurface areas and heads for the collapse, probing for a way through. It takes it several days, and multiple dead-end crevices, but it eventually manages to push itself through, which causes an immediate signal degradation as it emerges on the other side, transmitting images of tunnel at a shallow decline, flooded with water seeping through the collapse about a hundred meters in. The tunnel is lined with still-active lighting fixtures, under the water as well, and small, powered EMP field generators that are pulsing at the strengths and frequencies needed to knock out active nanomachinery.

During the week, Biff & Zapp's seminar sessions also come to an end. Most of the dozen Case-sleeved infugees have been taken in by their pitch on Ultimate philosophy as not just being strong for yourself, but instead for a community. It emphasizes that strengths in art, administration and sciences are as vital to a community as being good at shooting large guns are to an individual. The main takeaway is that any prospective Ultimate should always be striving to be better at something, and that they shouldn't fear body-augmentation or modification as part of achieving that goal. They encourage the infugees to figure out their strengths, passions and weaknesses, and to lay their own plans for becoming stronger individuals and community members both. A majority of the infugees, nine of the twelve, start needling the colony administration about how democratically the colony is managed shortly thereafter. One of them quotes Biff verbatim on democracy: "It's the strongest, most fearless form of government there is, broseph. It makes sure leaders are always challenged and improving their policies and arguments. Dictatorships are for cowards and the lazy."

The Terragen survey team request permission to extend their mission by another fourteen days, provisionally, and to explore further to the north, in the hope of finding a better location for their portable observatory. Apparently in the current area, atmospheric anomalies persistently inhibit their view of local space in several directions.

Sometime during the week, Lahmia and one of Arianhod's forks also make the trip out to check on Sameera and Lime. By the time they arrive, Sameera has, predictably, gotten bored and headed out of transmission range inside the cave. Lime explains that they've had no luck breaching the security on the outer airlock, it seems more sturdily built and secure than the inner one and, they point out, there's no telling why the locals decided the cave needed and airlock. There might well be something dangerous inside. Sameera should have the supplies to last her another week, so Lime suggests just letting her find her own way out.

This is all to a background of Thanat unleashing his architectonic expertise on London Falling, occasionally stopping to reverse changes that the Scum have snuck in, in between petal-design sessions. If Thanat wasn't on the ball, his beautiful city would have involved a large amount of bas relief penises, as well as looking like a Goatse if seen from the sky. The Scum seem happy to stay where they are for now, they've gotten to know some of the trash piles in the Scumhaus and several have even been named affectionately. He'd have gotten much of his project done before the end of the week, except that Urist occasionally flattens something constructed by Thanat or the other dwarf bot unexpectedly, utterly demolishing it and forcing it to be rebuilt. That particular dwarf bot seems to have a need to be involved in regular demolition work or it invents some of its own.

Even before its halfway done, many of the alleys and courtyards are already becoming home to some of the local alien life. Large snails(though none as big as the jungle snails) survey the alleys for food, snakipedes lay their eggs in the guttering and amphibious sea slugs makes homes in the water features, bringing a variety of interesting water flora with them. None of them are doing any harm to the buildings, but the first resident to find a snakipede mom and its clutch of eggs in the guttering might be unpleasantly surprised by it.

Kinkulon's gnats have also managed to get quite far out to sea, but he's sequestered all of their sensor data into his private partition on the colony's servers. If anyone tries to pry into it, he insists that he doesn't want anyone to make any premature conclusions, and that he's merely helping them avoid that. It's not hard to read that the data is, somehow, not what he expected, and that he's trying to come up with a good explanation before he shares it.

Eventually, however, it's time for the next gate opening: Biff & Zapp are leaving, the local Scum have a shipment of data, obviously Petals, for Sol, and Arianhod's shipments of armed infugees and cheap morphs(with the Hungus Hulk guarantee-of-quality sticker slapped on each of them, right on the forehead), are slated for early transfer. In addition there is, of course, the usual set of offers and news, some crackpot and others less so.

<OOC: +5 G-rep for everyone for letting the Scum do their work.>

Media Updates

Vallis Noctes Strain Spreads!

Cases of the "Vallis Noctes" Basilisk strain are now popping up across the solar system, with reports coming in from as far afield as Venus and Extropia. The total number of cases is still less than a thousand, but no clear vector has yet been detected, nor has a clear advisory on the symptoms and effects been shared. Sources close to the Planetary Consortium's Overwatch agency suggest that it looks to be a man-made basilisk hack, with hallmarks of @-list programming traits. Officials on Titan and high-rep citizens in Anarchist habs have derided these statements as obvious propaganda. Scum sources, after the first dozen that just sent us memes, send us shrug emojis and comment that a basilisk hack that only hurts capitalists is just what the system needs.

Unconfirmed reports from third-party observers suggest that JRF(Jovian Republic Fleet) elements are conducting maneuvers in the vicinity of several afflicted habs near Jovian space. JRF spokespersonnel deny that these maneuvers have anything to do with the crisis, but confirm that the Republic would react swiftly to cauterize any potential infection before it could spread to Jovian habs. So far there have been no confirmed incidents of Jovian citizens being afflicted by this basilisk hack.

Reclaimotron Releases New Single

Reclaimer-affilicated artist, AGI "Reclaimotron," has released a new single consisting entirely of the word "Earth" whispered, spoken, yelled, gestured and written for two hours, accompanied by imagery of pre-Fall Earth. Reviews are coming in from critics with high ratings, but sales remain low.

Extropian Body Bank Denies Impropriety

Extropian morph trader, lawyer, activist, fashion magnate, movie star, day trader and representative Hungus Hulk denies all charges of impropriety and failure to follow contracts. "The Extropian Body Bank, AKA the Hungus Hulk House of Homely Habs 4 Egos, refutes any claims that we have not followed our contracts to the letter. We cannot be held responsible for anyone's failure to properly read their contracts." Fellow Extropians are up in arms about recent contracts that appear to have allowed for untimely morph repossession due to a misprint(including, in one case, while the owner was engaged in a high-stakes contractually-obligated duel). Unfortunately their own contracts with Hungus Hulk have fine print preventing them from pursuing any form of legal, financial or violent consequences against Mr. Hulk.


Yo a bunch of PC mercenaries raided our barge! The independent state of Fuck Toilet is pretty pissed about this(except for Clovis who thought getting tazed by a buff guy in jackboots was pretty hot. no kinkshaming man but please get off when we aren't busy repelling boarders okay), so okay, our art project may have caused some minor loss of human life, loss, get it, because it was a meme, loss.jpg, get it. But in our defense it was A) fucking hilarious, B) we were high and C) most of the people in danger were C-listers anyway and we all know capitalists don't have souls so they don't count. Joke's on you, assholes, we managed to resleeve everyone you grabbed and we're going to smoke so much weed you won't believe it. Peace.


Dr. Perseus Weinhowzer

Type: Recruitment
Colonists: 1
Allegiance: Independent

<The following is an abridged letter of self recommendation from one Doctor Perseus Weinhowzer. As a note of interest, this doctorate is still under investigation but the title will be granted for now.>

Hello, fellow explorers,

I has come to my attention that your crew is severely lacking any sort of actual research team. Fear not, I will humbly accept your invitation and save you the time in sending it. […] As you probably already of course know, my exploits have gone far and wide in the search and discovery of ancient ruins. My particular skill set will of no doubt be of use to you. Listed in this document is a record of my achievements. <The following list has been removed by the department of content control as the investigation towards the exploits of one Perseus Weinhowzer.> [….] I will be arriving soon enough so do not worry your pretty little heads. I will no doubt brighten and enrich your lives with my presence.

Doctor Perseus X. Weinhowzer.
<End of document.>

A Pack of Birds

Type: Recruitment?
Colonists: 20
Allegiance: Anarcho-Primitivist

Hark! On yon foreign dirtsphere, encircling ye foreign skystar, thou havest a grande worlde, much too large for thine self alone. We, a flock seeking the freedom of our forefathers, wish to grace its skies, with our winges. We doth hail thy and thine clan through these magical mechanics of the void, and bid thee consider our humble request.

<AGI-written addendum: a group of neo-Avian anarcho-primitivists, modified to survive in the Silverwheel biosphere without any need for advanced technology are applying for permission to set up an independent colony/flock. Please, take them off our hands, they're insufferable and they insist on acting as much like birds as possible.>


Type: Recruitment
Colonists: 12
Allegiance: None

Hi, Silverwheel. Thanks for helping out with that last group of infugees, do you have space for another? I know, it feels like there's no end to the poor dears, and we understand if you don't have space for any more, but they need our help, so please, consider it.

Violation of the Planetary Consortium Legal Code

Type: Business/Threat
Visitors: 6
Allegiance: Planetary Consortium/Overwatch

Attention, Silverwheel colony. You have either not received or ignored our last message, for the moment we are choosing to believe it's the former case. Your colony is sheltering a group of self-identified Scum implicated in crimes committed within PC space and jurisdictions. If you will allow our investigators access to your colony to collect the perpetrators, you will not be considered party to their crimes, and we will pay out a bounty for assisting in their capture as permitted by our operating code. Failure to respond to this message will make you part of their criminal enterprise.

This will make you subject to: seizure of assets, arrest, fork-interrogation, seizure of morphs and sequestering of all non-licensed forks in all Planetary Consortium jurisdictions.

Scummy Business

Type: Recruitment
Colonists: 12
Allegiance: Scum

What's up, nerds? We're hearing you guys have a colony where The Man doesn't fuck with you, where you can spend all day in a can smoking weed and drawing porn, and no one hassles you about it. We want in on that good shit. Hit us up, and make sure it's my man Thanat that replies, he's pretty cool. He never even complained about the time he was browsing the Mesh and I drew dicks all over his robo-squid morph until he logged off. It took him like two days to get them all scrubbed off, great stuff.

PS: Thanat, buddy, we hear your colony's got some, like, lady that makes people do work. What the fuck is up with that? You gotta keep her out of our hair, man.


Before anyone else can, Thanat prepares an answer to the Scum. "Yeah, yeah, come in man. And relay invitations to all the Fleets, except F*ck Kultur and Dip Spess Uranus, they're kinda dicks tbqh. It'll be great. Nonstop partying. Or naps. A planetful of Scum, and we'll relieve the Fleets' life supports. Don't mind the lady, she's just titanian, poor girl can't help it. You know how it works in their kindergarten youth camps, it's shank or be shanked, of course. Just tell her growing or programming drugs is hard work and you're taking a break if she gets annoying, should do it. Plus it's a thing that actually brings in money, no way her old economy mind can find ways to complain about that. There's normies here too and a second town will be built, she'll probably go there with them. She's kinda racist and wants old European buildings, eugh, instead of the artful one thousand and one nights porno-chic aesthetic I've drawn up.
Looking forward to meeting in meatspace again, toodles, yours truly, Thanat.
PS: I did complain, and I had gotten someone to tattoo 'dick garage' above your ass when you got your next augmentations and were out cold, but you already had that one, so he wrote in a tiny basilisk hack into the letters instead that should induce disgust in anyone who sees it. :)"
Thanat checks on his message, sighs, and starts mangling the words, adding the appropriate emojis, hiding XP feelings files in the spaces around words and carefully arrange the words so that reading the first letter of one word in two reads out insults, while reading the first letter of one word in two again starting with the second word implies the reader's mother is the starport equivalent of a lot lizard. He also hides the usual malware and viruses in the message, nothing too dangerous of course, and sneaks in pop-ups advertising Extropian male performance enhancement pills and the joy of travelling the system in the manly Jovian Navy.
Being Scum is hard work.

Thanat also sends back to Overwatch their message, except now it sounds like the speaker breathed helium before speaking, and any long enough pause is replaced with pig grunts, and the whole thing is filled with malware, ads and viruses that range from silly pranks to harmful worms. He also registers this new mesh address to all the orgiastic Scum mailing lists he can think of, and uses the address to make one-credit donations to infugee, indenture, mercurial and ruster charities, along with another to the new Jovian catholic church. He also beams it to the local Scum, in case they have other ideas.


Blissfully unaware of the above conversation, Arianhod moves to do a bunch of stuff:

1) Research: All research completed (as in, the collating scientist giving their okay, so not Kink's stuff until he's done with it) sent to argonauts as usual, plus one sample of the tentacle from Sentinel along with data from the gate and info before it was sliced off…and then sliced up some more.

2) Tentacle Sample to Fortean: Most samples are available to Fortean, along with a library of all DNA libraries they've collected from Silverwheel to date. Arianhod is looking for an exoplanet DNA database, rep, or something in return, hopefully.

3) Working with Titan: Arianhod sends another hard drive to the Titanian consulate along with some other stuff.
3a) Get her forksisters full legal identities and Titanian citizenship and separate her rep networks from theirs, especially if this colony thing goes to shit they don't end up stateless.
3b) Set up a serious colonization program: Make sure the colony stays in Titan political orbit (with the explicit undertext of "Oh my god please do not let me get outnumbered several times by Scum.")
3c) Requesting any help with telling Overwatch to fuck off: any lobbyists or lawyers, etc, in the Consortium she can use her micro-corp to throw kroners/credits at to keep them buried in red-tape.
3d) Another tentacle sample along with the data, maybe Fleet and/or TAU can find it useful.

4. Per 3c: Try to acquire legal representation. A micro-corp for Silverwheel at large and some kind of shell company in the PC that can fight off PC attempts to fuck with us.

5. Keep a chunk of the tentacle in the biolab. Maybe it'll be useful.

Recruitment choices:

6. Bring Doc Oc along, sure

7. She…MIGHT take the birds in exchange for a favor now or later. She also makes it explicitly clear if they want to live an an-prim lifestyle away from the colony the Silverwheel colony at large is not responsible for anything to happens them. Medical care and provisions will be provided if requested. OOC: Also, if they just rush the gate when it opens and fly off, that'd be funny too.

8. More Infugees: "You can come along, we're still sleeving the first waves, so while I will do everything in my power to get you a humaniform biomorph, I cannot guarantee it immediately, but to give a time frame, definitely in a matter of months."
8b. Caseual still coming along?

9. I'm gonna pretend Arianhod either didn't see the Scum or did and wilfully ignored it.

All favors, including major, are ready, including @-, r-, and possibly x- nets.


Lahmia is sad to see Biff & Zapp go, especially since she was busy almost the whole time they were here. Hopefully this talk of 'strongest form of government' talk will die down soon. The squishbot is renamed to Goocifer and ordered to find a way out through the other side of the tunnel. The nanohive came with to demolish the airlock door and get Sameera out before she breaks anything.

Going through recent messages, Lahmia sees the one about the birds and another from Arianhod that she apparently missed. First, though, she has a little fun. "Greetings, noble avians. You would be most welcome on Silverwheel, but you should know there are always dangers." She includes some images (produced with outsourced ALI labor) of birds being eaten by alien tentacle monsters, sucked into gunmoth air intakes, stepped on by Arianhod, sacrificed to Satan, etc.

Now that that's out of the way, what's this shieldm- [OH MY GOD ARIANHOD TAG YOUR POSTS, I THOUGHT YOU SENT ME UNSOLICITED NUDES]

Lime and maybe one of Arianhod's fork sisters might see Lahmia desparately pulling the brim of her hat down over her face and flailing her arm, swatting away all the AR windows.

Day 42, Afternoon

Arianhod gets a mixed response from Titan, a lot of political hardliners on the communist fringe intensely support her plan of setting up a microcorp explicitly for fucking with the PC, while the moderates feel it may be too hostile and that the Consortium is still close enough to civilized to negotiate with and, at the very least, represent a potential ally against the Jovians. It looks like the plan is going to get two weeks of free debate in Titanian society before it comes to a popular vote. On the other hand, getting legal identities for her fork siblings is easy enough, since it isn't exactly a censured activity on Titan. They get logged in the system with the names that she and the forks agree on, they inherit her rep scores and anyone in her social networks is automatically informed of it so they don't make the social faux pas of mistaking one fork sibling for another, it would be a terribly gauche thing to do. Unfortunately through Thanat she also has Scum in her social network, and the next few hours involve several gigabytes of crudely-drawn selfcest porn getting swatted aside by her Muse unless it feels like any of it fits her criteria for being interesting/arousing/hilarious. A few of them slip through the "interesting" filter by virtue of being, for instance, done entirely with physical watercolours or in a Dadaist aesthetic(they even remembered the melting clocks).

She also gets some attention from Fortean, who offer to either upvote her in their main rep network(+5 x-rep) or to put in a good word with a team of fauna-chasers(5 @-listers with big guns and experience fighting and capturing alien wildlife, who will mostly want to run around on the outskirts of the colony wearing big hats and sleeveless vests and chasing any interesting aliens they see).

Considering that the colony so far has a decent track record of not losing anyone or being devoured by horrible accidents, Titan gives Arianhod a go-ahead on colonization efforts, though if they're going to prioritize her for anyone particularly useful(scientists, military experience, etc.) they want first dibs on any scientific or intelligence reveals from Silverwheel, just in case it's something that, say, Scum or AnComs can't be trusted with safely, like a big box of alien tech that aggressively violates the usually agreed-upon laws of reality.

Thanat's hardly sent his message before a dozen Scum, with their various pets and bots, tumble through the gate and start harassing gate security. Liz sends him a sternly-worded email for not giving her better warning so she'd have a chance to reinforce the local Mesh against the new barrage of spam, bullshit and well-intentioned hacking attempts launched at every vector just to see what's going on. Gate Security meanwhile goes through the thankless work of checking to make sure that none of the new arrivals are carrying anything dangerous to the colony, like horrible diseases, Exsurgent virus strains or anything explosive enough to put a large hole in the planetary crust. Primarily what they find is regret after discovering the extremely creative luggage and tattoos of the new arrivals. The formerly pristine gatehouse facilities sport a fresh coating of graffiti approximately five minutes after the first member of the new Scum wave hits the planetary dirt.

Weinhowzer arrives to a scene that looks like a very specialized form of Hell. Above there's a clear blue sky, his suit is reading an atmosphere that he could breathe with a filter for local spores/pollen and an adjustment for a heightened oxygen concentration and now far from the gate is a dense green treeline that doesn't look too alien or hostile. To many people who haven't been on a terrestrial planet where they could breathe the air, even with modifications, and not risk instant death at the hand of maddened war machines, for over twenty years, it would be an approximation of Heaven. The sun even looks reasonably similar to old Sol, and the data files he's browsed before arrival show that the wildlife is mostly peaceful or unable to hurt a human wearing a standard spacesuit.

Unfortunately, as they say, Hell is other people.

He's arrived in the middle of a mob of what looks like Mad Max extras, many of them with giant pet cockroaches or small pet simians, all of them very loud, busily being frisked by Synth security, and those that aren't being frisked are busy tagging everything in sight, including the sparse facilities around the gate(which look like mostly fortifications and one large building), each other and the security team trying to frisk them. A raucous screeching is emitted from behind him as a pack of giant birds(neo-corvids, by the look of it), sweep close over his head, wheel around in the sky and take off to what the local Mesh informs him is West. A large robot deposits what looks like an oversized party cooler full of crushed ice and naked human bodies next to him before stomping off back through the gate(Arianhod's budget assortment of fresh bodies for some of the colonists). Two clanking groups of cheaply-made cases are jostling each other and him as they come through the gate, half of them looking a combination of confused and hopeful, the other half armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, zero trigger discipline and what looks like combat experience purely from playing first-person shooters. And just to top it off, a stern-sounding AGI is addressing every new arrival over the local Mesh with a set of rules for use of said Mesh and how not to incur her displeasure(and thus getting your bandwidth capped or getting a temporary ban from the services). Primarily her rules seem to be "don't be a Scum and don't try to hack my private partitions."

Currently what appears to be taking up a lot of the local Mesh activity is a debate on colony governance. No official government has been established yet, but a "council" of four: Thanat(a robot squid busy high-fiving as many of the newly arriving Scum as possible), Liz(the stern AGI, her avatar looks very conservative and office lady compared to everyone else), Lahmia(not currently on-site, she appears to dress like a warlock or a Rule 63 version of Lucifer most of the time, assisted by a variety of minor body mods and Augmented Reality details. Mesh data indicates she's currently about two days' flight out to the east, on an island) and Arianhod(there appear to be multiple of her, one of the two on-site at the Gate is seven feet tall and looks very no-nonsense. She's holding the biggest guns and also appears to hold the biggest opinions on most things). A group of new arrivals, around nine or ten to be exact, are currently of the opinion that the colony should switch over to a formal representative democracy. They're requesting a colony-wide vote on it and making a lot of arguments for it that seem well-reasoned, but also like they're quoting someone else, so they can probably be derailed with a bit of work.

Out in the bay, Lime watches from a safe distance as Lahmia's disassembler hive chews through the roughly hexagonal airlock door then, once a large enough hole has been opened in the locking mechanism and its clear that nothing terrible is going to rush out and attack them, steps in and applies a surprising amount of strength, pushing the two halves apart. The tunnel on the other side has a warm, moist atmosphere. The interior surfaces appear to have been coated with a slightly sticky, plastic-like substance, giving exceptionally firm grip on the(slightly flattened) surface underfoot and adding structural integrity to the walls and ceiling, but the cave doesn't appear to have been engineered much aside from that. There's no immediate sign of Sameera except for litter from consumed ration bars and fluorescent paint markings on the walls presumably indicating which way she's gone. The tunnel appears un-lit and the only sign of alien presence, aside from the airlock, is a thick bundle of cables leading deeper inside.


Thanat sends the usual excuse message to Liz, he's been using the same one ever since the first Scum arrived. Having welcomed all the Scum, most of them several times, he invites them to come live in London Falling, to get away from this "tyranny by the majority lobbying nonsense", he shares some pictures making it clear the small town is a blank canvas ready for anything, he also shares pictures of the sunken ship off just off the coat, marked "Scum barge?". He also looks for the one Scum who contacted him, to check that he did indeed relay the invitation to settle down here to all the Scum fleets, and more importantly to the rest of the Permianan Carnival.
Using a slight lull in the party, he takes the time to check on the Exalt he had absolutely ordered some time ago and not just right now, coming equipped with an Enhanced Respirator and a Clean Metabolism. He pings all four Arianhods at once, not bothering to differenciate them yet, asking if she could install the Splinter compatibility package some time soon.

He'll also ping some generic welcome to the other new colonists, and use the gate's opening to beam the last two weeks' XP to the Argonauts. With the gate still open, he also adds a personal message to an old fork of his, a personal invitation to come live on Splinter since it's a bit more civilized now, and more up to his boring, scarily divergent tastes. The invitation extends to his significant other, an upgraded and livened Buzz, and anyone they want. He uses the urban planning of the new savannah city as a lure, adding pictures and videos of the area.


Sending Fortean the samples in exchange for helping her get a decent X-rep, eventually, Arianhod has about 3 seconds to enjoy it before the messages from her network come pouring back.

She rolls her eyes at the grotesque porn. "You'd need a secondary heart for a penis that big to be useful…and some serious double elastin for that to stretch so wide…" Shaking her head and reminding herself that this bullshit was distracting from critical matters, she begins addressing the group:

<@Liz: Give me override on everyone's channels so they don't just bury my messages. >

The slightly shorter but equally wide Arianhod speaks up. "HELLO EVERYONE, AND WELCOME TO SILVERWHEEL! I'm Dr. Arianhod Xsdottir and my sister Dr. Annie Xsdottir. Please find attached mapping data, our planetary wiki, and other info to get you started. We're excited to do things here, but we need to focus a bit!"

<@Caseual Violence: welcome aboard, we will be…processing these morphs right here. Please give me your preferences on what you want your body to look like and I will try to to match it as closely as possible. Please keep in mind that post-sleeve mods are of course and option you can schedule with Eerie, my sister who runs the clinic. Until further notice, my sister @Annie will be handling training and organization of the Silverwheel Autonomous Militia.>

The other Arianhod just smiles and cracks her knuckles. "That's right sweeties, first things first, FINGERS OFF THOSE TRIGGERS…" Arianhod prime leave her to go get the basics down and unlearn all their bad habits.

<@Infugees, welcome aboard! As I said earlier, we're sleeving a lot of people now but we're getting the first folks and the militia first. I fully intent to have humaniform biomorphs for everybody as soon as possible. To make things easier, how about we call this…the preceding team was regen/rebirth themed…ooh! Salamander team! <@Liz, put them in a new group named that, thanks> @Salamander team we'll be proceeding southwards to London Falling, once there we will
begin building our new town in the Savannah area marked here.>

She turns to the group mumbling arguments to cede direct control of the colony. Arianhod decides against telling them they've been here for 30 seconds. "Excellent points! Please bear in mind though, Silverwheel needs community organizations to represent. The Council puts most long term choices up for community input and will continue to do so." She basically states that if they want to elect a representative to talk to council for all of them they are free to do so and more complex government will be adressed when the colony needs it.

<@Colony: I am available via mesh for further questions, but right now I need to save a bunch of improperly packed biomorphs before they undergo brain death!>

Arianhod rushes to see if the extra morph storage pods she ordered has some in and to start inspecting the morphs like she did last time for any glaring issues.

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