Wasteland Chem Guide


Chems is short for "chemicals," and slang for "drugs," which you "inject" or "consume" in order to gain temporary benefits, which are later countered by an unpleasant withdrawal. All drugs have an "effect," what happens when you take them, a "withdrawal," what happens when they stop having an effect on your system, and a "duration." The duration is both how long the benefits work, and how long the withdrawal works once you stop taking them. It's possible to extend a duration by taking further doses of a drug, but the effect will never become greater than that of one dose. However, for every extra dose consumed, the withdrawal duration is extended by 100% and the withdrawal effects are increased by 25%(rounded down).


Any time a Chem is used(aside from Rad-Away or Rad-X), make a Willpower+Willpower check, if failed, your character is addicted to the drug and will suffer the effects of withdrawal at all times until his addiction is cured or until he's under the effect of the drug again. For every previous time that drug has been used in a one-week period, the addiction check is penalized by 1. Curing addiction requires going cold turkey for an extended period, medical intervention by a trained professional or various combinations of experimental drugs.

List of Chems

"Bath Salts"

Effect: +1d4 Strength, +1d4 Initiative, +1d4 Constitution, -(1d4+1) Intelligence, -(1d4+1) Willpower
Duration: 12 Hours
Withdrawal: -2 Strength, -3 Initiative, -2 Dexterity

"Bath Salts" are unpredictable and made in a wide variety of ways. Not all "bath salts" have the same effects, but the general effect is to make the user stronger, faster, largely immune to pain and completely irrational. Paranoid hallucinations are also common. Some are injected, some are smoked, some are dissolved and drunk. The withdrawal effects universally make the user feel weak and enervated.


Effect: +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
Duration: 2 Hours
Withdrawal: -2 Strength

Buffout also confers a temporary increase in Life Points as a result of greatly increasing the user's Strength and Constitution. Damage suffered while under the effect of Buffout is subtracted from the temporary Life Points first.


Effect: Initiative +3, Dexterity +1
Duration: 1 Hour
Withdrawal: Initiative -3, Dex -1


Effect: +2 Intelligence, +1 Perception
Duration: 3 Hours
Withdrawal: -2 Intelligence

Nuka Cola

Effect: +10 Endurance Points, +5 Rads
Duration: Instant
Withdrawal: None
Special Notes: You cannot become physiologically addicted to Nuka Cola

Nuka Cola Extreme

Effect: +30 Endurance Points, +1 Actions for the next three rounds(only applicable in combat, outside of combat, you're simply extremely fast if there's any pressing time limit or someone to impress), +20 Rads
Duration: Instant
Withdrawal: None
Special Notes: You cannot become physiologically addicted to Nuka Cola

Nuka Cola Quantum

Effect: +20 Rads, roll 1d6 to determine random Quantum effect
Duration: Instant
Withdrawal: None
Special Notes: You cannot become physiologically addicted to Nuka Cola

1-2: Your next three rolls are made twice, picking the better result.
3-4: For the next 24 hours, if you die, you don't die, instead you're in a state of quantum super-position. Roll Willpower+Willpower the next time someone observes you, if you pass the check, you somehow survive at 1 Life Point.
5-6: For the next 24 hours, you're entangled with the next person or animal you touch. You're both capable of using each others' stats on rolls, but any damage, essence or endurance expenditure applied to one, is also applied to the other.


Effect: +2 Dexterity, +1 Perception, -2 Intelligence
Duration: 1 Hour
Withdrawal: -2 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence


Effect: Reduces Rads by 30
Duration: Instant
Withdrawal: None


Effect: Reduces Rads gained by 50%
Duration: 3 Hours
Withdrawal: None


Effect: Allows use of crippled(but not severed) limbs like they were intact, adds temporary Life Points equal to 50% of maximum
Duration: 2 Hours
Withdrawal: All temporary life points are lost once the Stimpak's effect ends. Stacking more Stimpaks won't increase the life point loss, but will put it off. -1 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence, -1 Perception, -1 Willpower

"Super" Stimpak

Effect: Instantly restores 50% of maximum Life Points and allows use of all crippled(but not severed) limbs, also stops any bleeding. Also confers feelings of absolute invincibility.
Duration: 1 Hour
Withdrawal: -2 Willpower, -1 Intelligence

When the effect of a Super Stimpak ends, make an addiction check at a penalty of -4. Failing the check by more than 4 results in addiction as usual, failing the check by less than 4 results in no physical addiction, but makes the character obsessed with finding and hoarding more Super Stimpaks, which he will use any time he's injured, even if it's not particularly dangerous. If he has none at hand, he feels vulnerable and cowardly, if he has even just a few, he feels immortal.

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