Wasteland Guns Armor Guide


Melee Weapons

Machete/Huge Knife

Damage: 1d6 * Strength
Damage type: Slashing(x2 after armor, normal armor)


.22 Submachinegun

Damage: 1d4 x 2
Ammo Capacity: 165
Ammo Type: AP(x1 damage, halved armor)/Normal(x2 damage, normal armor)/Hollowpoint(x3 damage, doubled armor)
Misc. Modifiers: None

Energy Weapons

Laser Pistol

Damage: 1d6 x 4
Ammo Capacity: 12
Ammo Type: Special(x2 damage multiplier, armor has double effect)
Misc. Modifiers: +2 to hit due to instantaneous arrival of the shot and no ballistic effects, cannot fire through smoke or mist, cannot penetrate soft cover.


Short Bow

Damage: 1d6 x 3
Ammo Capacity: 1
Ammo Type: x2 damage multiplier, armor has normal effect
Misc. Modifiers: Never needs to reload, completely silenced, requires two hands to fire.


Improvised Armour

Mascot Costume

Large and fluffy, Mascot Costumes are made from tough synthetic fibers and thick enough to provide +2 to all body parts. They're generally in poor repair, thoroughly filthy, utterly uncomfortable and somewhat horrifying to unprepared people you encounter. There's usually enough space inside to wear them over other types of improvised armour, but not on top of military, police or power armor.

Normal Armour

Power Armour

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