Wasteland Mutations

Mutation Rules

Upon first entering a mutation tree, you get to pick one free 2XP ability from it in addition to the base abilities granted by your mutation tree.


Animal mutations are mutations that blend the human form with animal features. Often a given mutant's mutations will all be related to the same animal, but in some cases they instead become chimeras, mixing the influences of many creatures.


Glow mutations are related to radiation, including the ability to draw sustenance from radiation, manipulate it and use it as a weapon. Those afflicted by Glow mutations almost always become ghouls, usually in the latter stages resembling the creatures called "Glowing Ones."

Anyone entering the Glow mutation tree gains immunity to stat loss from radiation exposure, they can also no longer gain additional mutations from radiation exposure. If they're irradiated beyond the point where it would normally kill them, they become a radiation source instead, bleeding off their rads at a rate of 50%, or 5 rads(whichever is lesser), of their excess radiation to everyone around them, every hour. For every Glow ability they gain beyond their first, their maximum radiation "leak" per hour increases by 5 rads.

If a Glow mutant has more than two abilities, their skin begins to roughen, die and slough off like a ghoul's. If they have more than five abilities, they begin to glow from within like a Glowing One. This glow is usually yellow or green, but odd colours like blue or occasionally even a dark red have also been observed. If the Glow mutant has more than five abilities, they suffer from reverse radiation disease, losing a point of Str or Con for every 40 Rads below their maximum cap(the point where a normal human would die).

Radiation Transferral(2XP)

By touching another creature(or object), the Glow mutant can spend Essence to absorb radiation from them(or give radiation to them) at a rate of five rads per turn, and one point of Essence per five rads. Living creatures know if they're being irradiated or deradiated, and plans or immobile objects irradiated become radiation sources, giving off their radiation over time.

Radiation Regeneration(2XP)

The Glow mutant can consume five rads to heal one life point or restore two points of Endurance, this costs no Essence but can only be done once per round per point of Constitution.

Radiation Strength(4XP)

The Glow mutant can expend Rads like Endurance, treating four rads like one point of Endurance, the cap for spending Rads is the same as for spending Endurance, but each cap is tracked separately. So it's possible to spend up to your cap in Endurance, then up to your cap in Rads, for double the maximum benefit if you're irradiated enough to pay for it.

Unity of the Glow(6XP)

The Glow mutant is no longer regarded as hostile by feral ghouls or Glowing Ones unless he attacks them first. At the expenditure of 2 points of Essence or 5 Rads per person, he can confer this ability to an ally, as long as that ally remains near him. The same expenditure of Essence or Rads will cause a ghoul(but not a Glowing One) to loyally follow him, though anyone encountered who hasn't been marked as a "friend" by the Glow mutant will be attacked on sight.

Heart of the Glow(4XP)

The Glow mutant can expend Essence to irradiate himself at the cost of 2 Essence per 5 Rads. This can only be done (Con) times per turn in combat.

Unleash the Glow(4XP)

Prerequisite: Heart of the Glow

The Glow mutant can expend 40 Rads to generate a 360-degree radiation burst, affecting everyone within (Con) meters of him. The burst inflicts adds 20 Rads to everyone affected, and does 10 points of Life Point damage to anyone not wearing protective gear, protective gear halves the effect.

Control the Glow(8XP)

Prerequisite: Unleash the Glow

This permits the Glow mutant to partially control Unleash the Glow or Meltdown. Rather than a 360-degree spherical attack, he's able to restrict it to a single hemisphere, or more, allowing allies to cluster in the "blind spot" opposite the release.

Silence the Glow(4XP)

Prerequisite: Heart of the Glow

At a cost of 10 Rads and 5 Essence, the Glow mutant can generate a null-radiation zone around himself(Radius equal to (Will) meters) which lasts for an hour. Radioactive things remain radioactive in this zone, and they can still lose radiation(as a result of abilities or Radaway, for instance), but they cannot gain radiation. Obviously this also interferes with nuclear fission and fusion, disrupting energy weapons(not the plasma and laser discharges, however, but the weapons themselves, so the Glow mutant has to be relatively close to the users).

Nuclear Fusion(4XP)

Prerequisite: Heart of the Glow

This permits the Glow mutant to recharge an energy weapon as much as a new Energy Cell or Microfusion Cell would, costing 20 Rads for an Energy Cell(generally laser weapons) and 40 for a Microfusion Cell(generally plasma weapons). The recharging process takes the better part of a minute and requires the Glow mutant to touch the weapon and succeed at an Int+Science check. Failing the check simply means the cell currently loaded into the weapon is permanently dead, while a critical failure(a failure on a natural 1, possibly as a result of exploding dice) means the weapon itself is damaged and needs repairs before it can safely fire again.


Prerequisite: Heart of the Glow

The Glow mutant passively generates (Con+Will) Rads every hour, even when asleep. This Rad-generation only ceases if he's grievously starving, ill or comatose.


Prerequisite: Reactor

The Glow mutant pays half of his maximum Life Points and Essence, unleashing every single stored-up Rad in a burst. The radius of the burst is equal to (Will+Con) meters and affects everyone, being stopped only by walls and shielding(assuming they're thick enough). The force of the Rad-exposure is extreme enough that every five Rads released also deal two points of Life Point damage, ignoring any armor that doesn't also protect against Rad exposure(in which case it's halved). The actual Rads added to anyone affected by the burst is twice the amount released. Anyone killed by Meltdown will almost certainly return as a feral ghoul or Glowing One.

Using Meltdown requires an uninterrupted round of preparation as the Glow mutant prepares the release.


Prime mutations tend to exaggerate existing human features. Great strength, great intelligence, incredible speed and occasionally psionics. Early stages of Prime mutations usually don't involve any physical changes, but if the mutations continue, there will be associated deformities.

It has been observed that later-stage Prime mutants tend to consider themselves "above" the rest of humanity, fated to be rulers or, in worse cases, to purify the remainder of humanity and reshape it in their own image. It's not sure if this is a "natural" result of being extremely powerful, or whether something about Prime mutations reshape the brain.

Prime Strength(2XP)

The Prime mutant's Strength immediately increases by one, no matter what the current level. This does not preclude the Prime mutant increasing his or her Strength by 1 via XP if they have not already done so.

Prime Combat(8XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Dexterity or Prime Strength

Prime mutants don't need weapons to fight, but they're damn good with them nonetheless. When fighting, upgrade your fists and feet to using d6's rather than d4's for damage, and add a +1 modifier to all rolls to hit with attacks(armed or unarmed) and to dodge(melee or ranged).

Prime Glory(8XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Combat

Some Prime mutants are apex predators, exhilarated by the thrill of the hunt and the kill. When in combat, the adrenaline surge can drive them to absolutely superhuman performances. Any Prime with this ability, who kills an opponent, instantly gains another free action if they spend 5 Endurance, there's no Endurance expenditure if the kill is made unarmed. There's no limit to how many times this ability can trigger in a fight, but it can only trigger once per action(i.e. no getting five free actions from a well-placed grenade).

Prime Dexterity(2XP)

The Prime mutant's Dexterity immediately increases by one, no matter what the current level. This does not preclude the Prime mutant increasing his or her Dexterity by 1 via XP if they have not already done so.

Prime Speed(8XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Strength, Prime Speed or Prime Constitution

The Prime mutant spends 10 Endurance and 5 Life Points to move at supernatural speed. In combat this grants an extra round of actions immediately, outside of combat the specific effects are up to the GM's judgment. It's possible to stack multiple uses of this ability on the same turn, but due to the immense strains this puts on the Prime mutant's body, it doubles the price with every use. So to use it twice in one round, the cost would be 30(10+20) Endurance and 15(5+10) Life Points, to use it three times would cost 60(10+20+30) Endurance and 35(5+10+20) Life Points.

It's possible to use this ability to put yourself into negative Endurance, in which case the Prime mutant immediately collapses into unconsciousness after completing all actions(normal and extra) in that round.

Prime Intelligence(2XP)

The Prime mutant's Intelligence immediately increases by one, no matter what the current level. This does not preclude the Prime mutant increasing his or her Intelligence by 1 via XP if they have not already done so.

Prime Computation(6XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Intelligence or Prime Perception

The Prime mutant burns a staggering amount of calories to supercharge his brain and make superhuman leaps of logic and calculation. In mechanical terms, it grants the Prime mutant a +6 to any task that could be solved by devoting computational power to it(codebreaking, for instance, or mathematics), most things related to Computers or to Aim actions(as he/she instantly calculates to account for wind, bullet drop and dozens of other factors to ensure the perfect shot). The cost for doing this is 5 points of Endurance.

Call From Beyond(6XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Intelligence

The Prime mutant meditates on a problem or conundrum… and receives an answer. The problem may be something from present, future or past, and the question asked must be answerable in one word(yes, no, maybe, etc.) or a short sentence(next tuesday, it's your own fault, Colonel Mustard with the Laser Gun, etc.). The meditation process itself is aided by anything that provides calmness(incense, drugs, etc.) and some Prime mutants insist that religious paraphernalia, or even sacrifices help the process as well. Usually the process lasts between an hour and the better part of a day. The cost to the Prime mutant, aside from any potential sacrifices or drugs, is 5 Essence.

Current belief about this ability is that it's simply the Prime mutant tapping into his own subconscious to draw together answers that his waking mind can't find. But some Prime mutants insist that they're contacting some other intelligence, though no two of them can agree on what it is.

Gate to Beyond(12XP)

Prerequisite: Call to Beyond, must have used the ability at least five times.

The Prime mutant has considered the questions raised by the Call From Beyond, and has concluded that believing those answers to come from his own mind is narcissism. There must be something else providing the answers. His next question was to ask that something else what it was. It provided detailed instructions on how to summon it.

Using Gate to Beyond requires an expenditure of 30 points of Essence, at least a day to craft the ritual site and at least one human-sized or larger, living(for now) offering. This ability can only be used when the moon is in the sky. The results of using it are unknown, those Primes who have learned this ability have all balked at the last moment and have ceased to use Call From Beyond.

Prime Constitution(2XP)

The Prime mutant's Constitution immediately increases by one, no matter what the current level. This does not preclude the Prime mutant increasing his or her Constitution by 1 via XP if they have not already done so.

Prime Resilience(6XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Constitution

The Prime mutant gains the equivalent of Resistance(Radiation) and Resistance(Poison), if he already has either, double their effects. In addition, the Prime mutant becomes able to consume just about anything organic to sustain himself(though he might not enjoy it) with no ill effects. The Prime mutant also becomes immune to drug addiction.

Sleep Is For The Dead(8XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Resilience

The Prime mutant no longer requires sleep to function at peak performance and becomes immune to the withdrawal effects of chems(he still suffers from the "normal" negative side effects of chem usage, however).

Prime Willpower(2XP)

The Prime mutant's Willpower immediately increases by one, no matter what the current level. This does not preclude the Prime mutant increasing his or her Willpower by 1 via XP if they have not already done so.

Prime Command(8XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Willpower

The Prime mutant can become exceptionally commanding. Using this power requires eye contact with the target, that the target can hear the Prime mutant and that the target has at least animal intelligence(it won't work on machines or bacteria). It can be used to either yell out a single, short command(HALT!, KNEEL!, STOP!, etc.) which the target will find it difficult to resist(The target must roll 1d10+Will+Will, penalized by the Prime mutant's Will to resist the command). Though they will obey, they'll be able to act on their own again shortly thereafter, but it may be long enough to make a difference. Alternately, if the Prime mutant has their attention for an extended period of time, he can hypnotize them with his voice, planting a compulsion in their minds. The save is the same, and it can be just about anything that isn't too complex("Kill yourself," "Give me the keys," "Untie my ropes," "Tell your commander I've escaped," "Bring my friends this gun," etc.). Of course, this usually only works if they have no friends around hearing the hypnotic litany and interrupting.

The cost to use is 10 points of Essence in either mode.

Psionic Awakening(8XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Willpower

The Prime mutant looks within himself and discovers that true power was within his mind all along, and this ability represents the time and effort spent to harness and unlock those powers safely. While there are more powers to be learned, this is the first step on the path. It grants the Prime the ability to communicate telepathically with sentient creatures that speak the same language as him and are within sight, though he cannot hear their responses. It also grants him the ability to light small fires with his minds, just enough to ignite paper or a cigarette at arm's length, but it's a start…

True Telepathy(2XP)

Prerequisite: Psionic Awakening

The Prime mutant gains a proper handle on his telepathy, in addition to his basic telepathy, he can spend a point of Essence to open a telepathic link to someone within sight. They have to understand what he's saying, and be of human intellect, for it to function. However, unless either end closes the link, it persists even when the other is out of sight, and the other can respond to the Prime mutant. The link can be kept open indefinitely, but closes naturally when either participant goes to sleep.

Mind Over Matter(8XP)

Prerequisite: Prime Willpower

The Prime mutant bends his will towards his own body and knits his injuries together as though they never existed. This power expends 2 points of Endurance and 1 point of Essence for each Life Point the Prime mutant wishes to recover, capped at (Will) Life Points per turn. Broken bones can be repaired, lost digits can be regrown, but lost limbs cannot.

Prime Perception(2XP)

The Prime mutant's Perception immediately increases by one, no matter what the current level. This does not preclude the Prime mutant increasing his or her Perception by 1 via XP if they have not already done so.

Prime Purifier(20 XP)

Prerequisite: Any ten Prime abilities, must include Prime Combat and Prime Glory. Mutually exclusive with Prime Alpha.

While the Prime Alpha becomes a natural leader, the Prime Purifier becomes an apex predator, usually a loner, though he may lead a pack of like-minded souls. Something in the Purifier's deepest mind drives him to pit himself against ever more powerful enemies, including other powerful mutants and entire societies, to prove himself. All means are permissible, brute force, chemical warfare, stealth, as long as it doesn't rely on the abilities of those outside the Purifier and his pack.

The Purifier gains three stat points to spend as he wishes on Strength, Intelligence and/or Constitution, completely ignoring human limits. Any time the Purifier kills a powerful enemy or leader, he fully recovers all Essence and Endurance. Further, the Prime mutant's unarmed attacks are upgraded to d8's for damage and those under his command(up to Will number of pack members) are affected as though they had the Prime Combat mutation.

Prime Alpha(20XP)

Prerequisite: Any ten Prime abilities, must include Prime Command. Mutually exclusive with Prime Purifier.

The Prime mutant becomes a natural leader, anything he orders requires a Willpower roll to resist, similarly to single-word commands from Prime Command, but including complex statements. Only other mutants(of any tree) or those hearing the Prime's voice through a radio or some sort of distortion are immune to this effect, as are those who've resisted the effects once, though they can still be affected by usages of Prime Command from the Prime Alpha. The Prime also gains a further two stat points to assign to Intelligence, Willpower or Perception(or any combination thereof).

Avatar of Beyond(20XP)

Prerequisite: Call From Beyond, Gate to Beyond, must have used both powers.

The Prime mutant has called, and they have answered. The Prime mutant has opened the gate, and they have entered. The Prime mutant is their avatar now.


Similarly to animal mutations, some mutations are related to plant features. Characters or creatures entering the plant mutation tree instantly become capable of photosynthesis, no longer requiring food as long as they are exposed to sunlight(or UV lights) and water.


The Plant mutant's skin becomes bark-like(or covered in overlapping, armoured leaves), giving them eight points of armor on all body parts, but also preventing them from easily fitting into other armor, and causing them to take double damage from all fire-based attacks.


Anyone attacking the Plant mutant unarmed takes 1d4*(attacker's strength) worth of damage as they impale themselves on the thorns, subject to mitigation by armor. The plant mutant can also use these thorns to attack as a melee weapon. The thorns can be trimmed, but will regrow rapidly.


The Plant mutant rapidly grows healthy and nutritious fruit, enough to provide for (Con) number of people per day, assuming they don't mind eating the same thing over and over, and that the plant mutant gets the sunlight and water they need to remain healthy.


The Plant mutant takes on the colour of vegetation and their natural leaves/bark covering becomes complete. The plant mutant gains a +4 to stealth against anyone trying to spot them visually… unless a plant would look completely out of place where they are.


The Plant mutant grows strong, sturdy vines that can be severed with little pain or discomfort. They can be used as whips, lassos or simply cut off to make rope, in which case they'll rapidly regrow. If combined with Thorns, they provide horrifying lashing weapons that do 2d4*Str damage and can be used to whip at enemies up to (Con) meters away.

Battering Ram(4XP)

Prerequisite: Bark

The Plant mutant's arm(right or left) hardens and thickens into a massive club that can be swung with brutal force, but unfortunately the massive growth of hard plant tissue impacts manual dexterity. The Plant mutant chooses one arm, any Dexterity rolls with this arm(or hand) suffer a -4 penalty. However, the arm now counts as a Large Mace(D12*(Str+1) damage) that can be swung with Str+Melee(Blunt/Axe) or Str+Brawl. Additionally the arm gains a further 10 points of armor, subject to the same weaknesses as Bark.

If the Plant mutant already has Thorns, consider their attacks with the Battering Ram to be at 1 Strength higher than their actual Strength.

Calming Pollen(4XP)

The Plant mutant can expend 5 Essence to create an aura of calming pollen around itself, most animals will have no motivation to hunt or attack anything while affected by this, unless they're attacked first. However, animals already on the attack, and some particularly intelligent and aggressive animals(like Gatorclaws) may not always be affected unless they're already in a calm mood. The pollen aura also confers a +5 bonus to any attempt to train animals affected by it. All humans affected by it(anyone not wearing a gas mask or dust filter, and of course not the Plant mutant itself) have a -2 penalty to Strength and Con rolls, and can't spend Endurance, while affected by the pollen, unless fighting starts, at which point the calming effect is temporarily banished by adrenaline.

The Plant mutant can only have one type of pollen "active" at any one time, and the effect lasts for (Con) hours unless the mutant chooses to shut it down faster. It's possible to store the pollen for later use assuming it can be gathered in something, but it only stays effective for about an hour in a container.

Hallucinatory Pollen(6XP)

The Plant mutant can expend 10 Essence to create an aura of disorienting pollen around himself, with unpredictable effects. Brief exposure makes victims feel feverish, longer exposure makes them start to hallucinate vividly. Anyone realizing they're being affected by something can attempt a Willpower check to resist the effects. Mechanically, it manifests as a -2 to Int, Willpower and Perception.

The Plant mutant can only have one type of pollen "active" at any one time, and the effect lasts for (Con) hours unless the mutant chooses to shut it down faster. It's possible to store the pollen for later use assuming it can be gathered in something, but it only stays effective for about an hour in a container.

Rage Pollen(4XP)

The Plant mutant can expend 10 Essence to create an aura of aggression-raising pollen around himself. Brief exposure manifests as irritability, while longer exposure results in irrational and occasionally berserker rage until the effect wears off. The results can be somewhat unpredictable, as you never know who the target of someone's aggression will be. Mechanically, it manifests as a +2 to Str and Con, and a -2 to Int and Will.

The Plant mutant can only have one type of pollen "active" at any one time, and the effect lasts for (Con) hours unless the mutant chooses to shut it down faster. It's possible to store the pollen for later use assuming it can be gathered in something, but it only stays effective for about an hour in a container.

Toxic Fruit(4XP)

Prerequisite: Fruit

The Plant mutant can choose to make some of their fruits toxic rather than nutritious, and only the Plant can tell which are which. The fruits usually manifest as large, thin-skinned plum-like fruits that look and smell perfectly edible. However, if the skin is broken, the juice inside is acidic(causing 5LP worth of damage to anyone struck a thrown fruit) or, if eaten, triggers a potentially fatal allergic reaction(eating a Toxic Fruit uncooked results in a Con+Con check, modified by poison resistance. Failure means death from swollen airways if aid is not administered, while success means an unpleasant, feverish state with -2 to all stats. Cooked Toxic Fruits lose most of their potency and only cause -1 to all stats, with no chance of an allergic reaction).

The fruits stay dangerous for about a day after being picked from the mutant, and the mutant can grow (Con) of these fruits per day.

Healing Fruit(2XP)

Prerequisite: Fruit

The Plant mutant can choose to amplify the effects of their nutritious fruits, allowing them to cause spontaneous regeneration in a subject. Anyone who eats one of the fruits, except for the Plant mutant itself, instantly heals 5+(Mutant's Con) Life Points and may regenerate pieces like lost digits. It also speeds the healing of broken bones. However, anyone who isn't already a mutant and eats more than one of these fruits in a day, risks becoming a Plant mutant themselves(Con+Con check to resist the change). Anyone who becomes a Plant mutant this way, must gain the same mutations as the original Plant mutant before they can choose any of their own.

The fruits stay effective for about a day after being picked from the mutant, and the mutant can grow (Con) of these fruits per day.


The Plant mutant's feet are no longer normal human feet, rather, they are roots. This has no effect on normal movement, though it does make it hard to find well-fitting shoes. However, it allows the mutant the ability to root itself. Once rooted, the mutant can't move(unless the surface they're rooted to is broken up or blown up) or be moved, but for the duration of the rooting, they gain +2 Strength and +4 to any Aim rolls. However, it takes a full round to unroot, meaning that it's difficult for the mutant to pursue enemies after delivering a blow(of course, they may not NEED pursuing after one blow from a rooted Plant mutant).


Prerequisite: 5 other Plant mutations

Unless the Plant mutant is destroyed utterly, for instance, dumped into magma or a foundry, they will regrow. Some small part of them will contain a seed that will regrow into the whole. Two days after their "death," they're reborn as a small, immobile sapling, with 0 in all stats. Two days after that, they regain all mental stats, and one point of a each physical stat. Every day after that, they regain one physical stat point, and once all physical stat points are regained, they're fully grown. If they're killed again before being fully grown, they will not regrow, however, as soon as they're fully regrown, the ability can activate again.


Plasm mutants start to lose cohesion as they mutate. At first their skin becomes transparent, then bone and cartilage dissolve, and eventually organs become indistinct and distributed. Late-stage plasm mutants have no permanent organs or limbs, instead manifesting them as necessary in the quantities necessary.


The Plasm mutant's internal structure starts to lose cohesion, limbs are more flexible, organs sometimes switch places. This dissolution of weak and vital points provides the Plasm mutant with an extra 10 Life Points, and his alien structure makes him immune to most toxins and infections.

Advanced Dissolution(4XP)

Prerequisite: Dissolution

The Plasm mutants dissolution continues, he gains another 10 Life Points and is now flexible enough that he can slip through any space large enough to accommodate one of his femurs(some of the last, large bone structures to dissolve). This is extremely disgusting to watch. Additionally, the Plasm mutant only takes half damage from any blunt weapon damage.


Prerequisite: Advanced Dissolution

The matter of the Plasm mutant is now wholly isotropic, there's no difference from one part to the next. There are no bones and the functions of all organs are distributed through the whole. At will, the Plasm mutant manifests the necessary pseudopods and sense organs to function. The mechanical functions are to add another 20 Life Points, to take no extra damage from any targeted attacks(no head or brain to injure) and to take half damage from piercing attacks(including bullets).

However, without any sort of supporting bone or cartilage structure, the "standard" shape of the Plasm mutant becomes a jelly-like blob on the ground, oozing along rapidly. Returning to a human shape(for instance for disguise purposes) takes an extreme expenditure of effort, costing 2 Endurance per hour spent in this form, or 1 Endurance per turn if it's during high-stress situations like combat. If the Plasm mutant lacks the Pseudotentacles ability, it will need to assume human form to do anything requiring digits, like manipulating computers or firearms.


The Plasm mutant's skin becomes semi-transparent and is constantly slightly sticky. At will, the Plasm mutant can secrete dissolving enzymes from any point on his skin, dealing 2d4 damage on contact. This damage will also harm anyone attacking the Plasm mutant in unarmed combat, and anything swallowing him will soon regret it. The Plasm mutant can also digest dissolved foods through his skin.

Toxic Composition(4XP)

Prerequisite: Osmosis

The Plasm mutant becomes poisonous, and anything biting him or consuming part of his substance suffers as though it had eaten a Toxic Fruit from a Plant mutant. The Plasm mutant also gains the ability to project parts of his toxic and corrosive being as a spray(costing 2 Life Points per use), doing 1d6*2 damage and ignoring half armor. The distance it can be projected is (Str) meters, and the roll to hit is either Str+Throwing or Str+Unarmed combat.


Prerequisite: Osmosis

At the expenditure of 5 Endurance and 5 Life Points, the Plasm mutant can replicate any chemical substance he's ingested since becoming a Plasm mutant, though those he's ingested recently are more easily replicated. The check to replicate such a substance is Int+Science, and the difficulty varies as follows:

Consumed less than an hour ago: +2
Consumed less than a day ago: No modifier
Consumed less than a week ago: -3
Consumed less than a month ago: -6
Consumed over a month ago: -9

The production itself takes only a few minutes, and unless someons's prepared to drink directly from the mutant, some sort of container should be kept handy. The substance produced will always be in liquid form. A critical failure instead produces a horrible toxin which, since it's already present in the Plasm mutant, will affect him unpleasantly and unpredictably.


If the Plasm mutant attacks and consumes, either wholly or in part, another mutant, he may choose to acquire one of their mutations at twice the mutation's standard XP cost(it doesn't have to be acquired immediately), at the GM's discretion. Mutations involving extra limbs or changes to structure(Bark, Vines, etc.) become accessible via Pseudopods/Pseudotentacles/Shoggothform as appropriate, rather than being permanent additions.


The Plasm mutant can manifest small pseudopods at will, in addition to his normal limbs. They're indistinct and lack digits, but can still crudely grasp things or lash at things. Growing extra Pseudopods in combat adds +4 to any Unarmed combat rolls, and this usage of Pseudopods expends 5 Endurance per use.


Prerequisite: Pseudopods

Pseudotentacles are a more refined form of Pseudopods. Longer(Up to (Con) meters in length), firmer and more slender, they can grasp and manipulate things properly, even growing crude digits at their end when necessary for fine manipulation. In combat they're even more terrifying, manifesting them for this purpose still expends 5 Endurance per use, but they now add +6 to any Unarmed combat rolls and add a free extra Punch attack.


Prerequisite: Pseudotentacles, Isotropy and Osmosis


Historical Background

The infectious agent codenamed "Revenant" was discovered as a side benefit of our mutagen research at the site recently renamed "Avernus." After the incident there, which you're no doubt aware of, and the establishment of the Cerberus cordon, it was discovered that many of the first responders displayed unusual mutations not formerly cataloged or observed during our research. It was initially thought to be a result of damage to the mutagen storage facilities and labs at Avernus, that the unpredictable mixing of chemicals and mutagen samples had resulted in a fascinating new strain of mutation.

After the infected individuals were sequestered and studied, however, we rapidly realized that this was something new, something from the other side of the gateway, forcing us to add a biohazard component to the Cerberus protocols. Studies have now progressed far enough that we believe we have an understanding of the main Revenant strain, and the ways in which it may be useful to the US military and nation in the event of a nuclear catastrophy or outbreak of major war.

Stage 1 Revenant Infection

Willpower Requirement: 10(Characters with less Willpower than this will inevitably proceed to the next stage of infection unless they're cured of it. Those with equal or higher Willpower may stop here, or advance at their own choice)

The first stage of Revenant infection manifests as a high fever and severe pain in the back and shoulder area, as the victim's body starts to mutate. They will become intensely hungry, especially for certain items not conventionally considered food items, often metals, plastics or dirt. Denying them these unusual items may slow the infection temporarily. The infected will also likely vomit up worrying amounts of fresh blood and tissue, but this will cease as the transformation nears its end and is not indicative of impending death or injury.

At this stage, there are no visible changes to the Revenant's body.

Mechanical effects

The Revenant mutant gains the ability to recharge Energy Cells and Microfusion Cells by touching them. Microfusion Cells consume 5 Essence or Endurance, and Energy Cells 10 Essence or Endurance.

The Revenant mutant gains the ability to discharge a bioelectric shock through his skin or a metal weapon he's holding. The shock does no damage, but instead acts like a tazer, forcing the victim to roll a Con+Will check(with a +5 bonus if they have Resistance to Pain), the target number for the roll isn't 9, but (Revenant's Con)*4. Failing the save leaves them unable to take any actions for as many rounds as they fail the roll by. Doing this costs the Revenant mutant 10 Essence or Endurance.

The Revenant mutant gains +5 Life Points.

Stage 2 Revenant Infection

Willpower Requirement: 7

Once the first mutations have stabilized, the Revenant mutant begins to lose their hair and occasionally slough off some skin. There's more purging of bloody tissue, and accelerated bone growth, at this point visible through the skin. In places, there may be exposed bone visible. The Revenant will also begin to have a greater taste for inorganic materials in their diet, and it's now necessary for them to eat the occasional piece of copper, brass or other metals to sustain a healthy biology.

Mechanical effects

The Revenant mutant gains +1 Strength and +1 Constitution.

The Revenant mutant can sense nearby electrical fields, including generators, charged energy weapons, robots and computers.

The Revenant mutation can siphon Endurance or Essence from charged Microfusion and Energy Cells, recovering half as much(rounded down) as it would have cost him to charge them. He can also drain energy from electrical devices, like generators and robots, but this will usually damage the device severely, burning out part of it in the process. The amount recovered in these cases is dependent on the power draw/generation of the device.

Stage 3 Revenant Infection

Willpower Requirement: 5

At this point in the infection's life cycle, we lost most of our test subjects due to a failure to understand the changes that had occurred to them, primarily with regards to their new diet. The subjects became listless and energetic, and even lost some of the abilities they'd manifested earlier in the infection cycle. It was only a freak accident with poor electrical wiring that allowed us to understand that they now need an electrical charge from an outside source to survive, being unable to generate their own bioelectrical field effectively enough.

At the same time, the bone growth continues, constricting organs and pushing through skin. Despite this, none of the functioning of vital organs(liver, heart, lungs, etc.) seems to be obstructed. It's theorized, though unconfirmed despite multiple autopsies, that the internal structure of the new bone is different from normal human bone, and is capable of fulfilling functions like, for instance, blood filtration. At this stage, most subjects, even if they were below average height at the beginning of the testing, had usually grown to roughly seven feet in height.

This stage of development was where the Revenant infection turned from a curiosity into an important discovery. Infectees at this stage no longer need food or water to survive, allowing them to operate in radiation-blasted areas where nothing grows, even once supplies run out, as long as they have access to a generator or reactor.

Mechanical effects

The Revenant mutant can no longer regain Essence or Endurance naturally.

The Revenant mutant no longer needs to eat food or drink water to survive.

The Revenant mutant gains +1 Strength.

The Revenant mutant gains a natural +5 to armor on all body parts, but has trouble wearing normal armor.

The Revenant mutant gains the ability to absorb an item(often a weapon) of up to a submachinegun in size, and expel it from his body again rapidly at any time, hiding it perfectly from view while it's not expelled.

Stage 4 Revenant Infection

Willpower Requirement: 3

Mechanical effects

The Revenant mutant's absorption ability improves, and they can now contain two weapons of up to assault rifle size, or some combination of smaller weapons. The Stage 1 ability for recharging Microfusion and Energy Cells can be used on absorbed energy weapons.

The Revenant mutant can fire absorbed weapons from any body part(except for the head) by temporarily exposing the firing parts, though firing from parts other than the arms or hands incurs an aiming penalty. Absorbed tools or electronic devices can likewise be used without separating them from the Revenant mutant's body.

The Revenant mutant gains Resistance(Pain) and Resistance(Radiation).

The Revenant mutant gains another point of Constitution.

Revenant Transformation Complete

Mechanical effects

The Revenant mutant's maximum Endurance increases by 20.

The Revenant mutant takes half damage from incendiary or explosive weapons.

The Revenant mutant gains another +5 natural armor to all body parts.

The Revenant mutant gains the ability to expend Endurance to produce ammo for currently-absorbed weapons. Costs are in the following table:

Ammo Type Cost
.22 1 Endurance
.32 1 Endurance
.38 1 Endurance
9mm 2 Endurance
10mm 2 Endurance
.45 3 Endurance
.357 Magnum 3 Endurance
.44 Magnum 3 Endurance
.22 LR 1 Endurance
5.56mm 3 Endurance
.30-06 3 Endurance
7.62mm 3 Endurance
Birdshot 2 Endurance
Buckshot 2 Endurance
Shotgun Slug 2 Endurance
.50 4 Endurance
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