Watcher of Beauty

Name: Watcher of Beauty

Archetype: Warrior

Origin: Watcher of Beauty is the son of an influential courtier. He was expected to learn the ways of high society, but rebelled and learned martial arts instead. One day he returned home after skipping etiquette lessons to learn how to use fire wheels; his father was so infuriated that he removed Watcher of Beauty's eyes and cast him from the house. Watcher of Beauty stole some taels on his way out, but on the road, he was attacked by bandits, assassins hired by his father. He slaughtered all of them but one, who he told to return to his father and claim that they had killed Watcher of Beauty. Thus, everyone he knew thought he was dead, and so Watcher of Beauty would be free to pursue his own life.

Passion: Defiant

Health: 15

Xia Joss: 2

Corrupt Joss: 1

River: 2

Might/Jade - 3/3
Speed/Crimson - 4/4
Presence/Gold - 2/2
Genius/White - 2/2
Wu Wei/Silver - 4/4

Athletics - 3
Fight - 2
Hardiness - 2
Lift - 2

Initiative (Combat Initiative) - 3
Dodge - 3
Finesse - 2
Melee (Fire Wheel) - 3

Confidence - 2
Grace - 1

Learning - 2
Politics - 1
Tactics (Personal Combat) - 2

Wu Wei
Awareness - 2
Sense (Hearing) - 3
Stealth - 2

Fast (4)
Wealth (3)
Weapon Training (1) - Fire Wheel

Missing Body Part - Eyes

Kung Fu:
Cloud Mastery (Jade)

  1. Phantom of the Clouds

Dragon Saber (Fire, Crimson)

  1. Flash of Steel
  2. Dragon Speed
  3. Submission to the Earth

Heart Moves the Blade (Fire Wheel, Silver)

  1. Ambition: Soaring Blade
  2. Brutal: Speed Blade
  3. Heartless: Sharp Blade


  1. Surefoot
  2. Run Like a Deer

Unspent Destiny: 3
Gained Destiny: 3

Large frame backpack
Water skin
Some provisions
Scruffy clothes
Light Armor
Rain Hat
Three Fire Wheels

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