Werewolf: Afterworld

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The world has ended.

The Garou's war against the Wyrm went from guerilla combat to open warfare, and the universe itself was a simple casualty. Mankind's number has dwindled to a tenth of what it was. Entire cities are literally hives of filth and disease, danger and horror. The umbra has been rent like so much flesh.

And the Wyrm lost. Through the sacrifice of uncountable lives and so many heroes, the Wyrm was… dismembered. Divided. Halved.

The status quo has changed: there is no longer one Triat, but two. The Wyrm has been partially purified, but its corruption has leaked out. Just as there is the pure triat of the Weaver, the Wyld, and the Wyrm, there is a corrupt triat- the Eater-of-Souls, the Beast of War, and the Defiler ascended.

It's been a long, long time since the war- not so long that no-one remembers the heady days of nations and a world less patchwork, but not so recent that there's many. Things are different now than then, especially for the garou.

The Umbra has changed. The gauntlet is lower almost everywhere that the Eater-of-Souls and Weaver does not forcefully maintain it. Some places of the world have areas where there is no Umbra at all, voids of spirituality, full of creatures and objects without soul. Others simply have no gauntlet, where one might simply stumble into the Umbra. Spiritual life slips onto the material plane, manifesting entirely by accident. Most realize this quickly enough to latch onto a body, slip back into the umbra, or shape some of themselves into something real. The rest fall back into the Umbra in drips and tatters.

Despite the apocalypse, the activity of the Beast-of-War, the Wyld, and Gaea has filled the world with life. Species long extinct walk the world anew, and impossible creatures are found everywhere. Mortal humans rarely go a week without encountering something they once thought supernatural- that is, for those who aren't slaves to vampires or kept and cared for by the garou.

While the idea of global superpowers is a laughable one, nations still exist. Most cities are dangerous, a good third entirely uninhabitable: those that are often have entire districts that are constant warzones against leeches and Black Spiral Dancers. Humanity forms in towns and villages. Few have no connection with Gaea's children in some manner: the acceptance of all fera as humanity's allies is common, and Her worship is as common as worship of the Patriarch once was.

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