Whooping Ox

Zhung Xui
Warrior, Rank 4
Health 15/15
Joss 2 | 1 Corrupt
Background: Nicknamed “Whooping Ox” by her master, due to her loud mouth, and exceptional strength. Zhung Xui is a hotheaded kung-fu artist out to carve her name into world, or the nearest villainous face. She loves to drink almost as much as she loves to fight, often the two occurring in conjunction.

Might 5 | 5 Jade Chi
Athletics 3 (Smashing Stuff)
Fight 3 (Gauntlets)
Climb 2
Speed 3 | 3 Crimson Chi
Dodge 3 (Blunt)
Finesse 3 (Escapes)
Melee 3 (Broadsword)
Presence 2 | 2 Gold Chi
Inspire 2 (Courage)
Persuade 2 (Big Lies)
Genius 2 | 2 White Chi
Tactics 2
Wu Wei 3 | 3 Silver Chi
Awareness 3
Stealth 3 (At Night)
Ranged 2



Fist of Iron (10)
Uncommon Jade Chi Technique

Brutal Palms
Critical Sucess: Disorienting or Stun
1. Living Weapon: Using this technique gives your bare hands the heft and hardness of hammers for the round; your bare fists are now Strike +5, Damage +10. Speed (15) is unchanged, and bare handed blocks suffer no damage. (1)
2. Body of Iron: You may add your Jade Chi modifier to your Armor rating for a number of rounds equal to your Bei Fist Skill, and once that ends channel your chi to maintain it. Channel 2 White (Extends the technique's duration by one round) (2)
3. Rainbow Stunning Strike: As Living Weapon, but with Strike +10, Damage +10, but this brutal attack also causes an opponent to lose their breath. For every result die inflicted in the strike, a color of Chi regeneration is lost for that turn (victim chooses). Of course, it still does full damage! Channel: Jade (Additional Jade buffs damage, 1 bonus die per point). (3)

Drunken Monkey (5)
Common Silver Chi Technique

Free None
Critical Success: See Techniques
1. Monkey Capering: You may add your Silver Chi Modifier to a single Dodge roll (1)
2. Monkey Roll: You may add your Silver Chi Modifier to your Armor, and you will be automatically out of any tight spot when it is used. (2)
3. Monkey Antics: As Monkey Capering, but lasts the entire round. In addition it negates any specializations used against you. (3)

Universal Blow (5)
Common Jade Chi Technique
Palms or Staves
Critical Success: Knock Back or Down
1. Flowers in the Fog: Add your Jade Chi Modifier to your Initiative, but only with your specialized Brutal weapon. Must be invoked at the beginning of the round. (1)
2. Hail of Blows: Gain an additional attack at the end of the round. This only works with Universal Blow based attacks (2)
3. Cloud Concealed Strike: Add Jade Chi Modifier to Initiative and Strike along with +5 Damage, and you may draw a weapon as a free action. Must be invoked at the beginning of the round. (3)

Shatterfoot (5)
Common Crimson Chi Technique
Critical Scuess: Down or Terrify
1. Shattering Kick
Inflict Knockback on a successful attack. You must use your damage totals to inflect damage as normal, as as a Breaking Things roll. (1)
2. Stonefoot
Treat your Kicks as a weapon with +10 Speed, +10 Strike, +10 Damage. On a successful attack, inflict Maiming on your target. (2)

Lightfoot (Free)
Free Athletic
Critical Success
: None
1. Surefoot, (1)

Large Backpack [Flag with name on it]

Staff (Two handed, Brutal)
Speed +10 | Strike +5 | Damage +5
2 x Gauntlets (Brutal, as fists)
Speed +15 | Strike +0 | Damage +0

Light Armor/Raggedy Clothes (-5 Damage)
Water Skin/Rations

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