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Running Time

Tuesdays, CET 8PM.

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In mid-2020, reports of UFO sightings, abductions and cattle mutilations start to spike after an unusually violent first quarter of the year, involving multiple high-profile political assassinations, often in broad daylight and without obvious motivation. Soon thereafter, credible evidence is released that national militaries are taking these sightings seriously. Abduction victims are interrogated by intelligence services, military scientists investigate sites of crop circles and cattle mutilations, and military aircraft are involved in high-speed engagements near and sites of human settlement, despite ostensible peacetime.

Small frictions threaten to blossom into full-scale conflict as militaries skirmish over supposed UFO crash sites near borders, or air forces cross into closed airspaces in the heat of UFO interception.

Even to casual observers, it's obvious that the nations of the world are reacting to a slow, creeping alien interference with, or interest in, the Earth. What's less obvious is a third party in this conflict… X-COM. Funded by shadowy sources and occasionally their own enterprises, operating from hidden bases concealed around the globe, with their own air force, combat units, mercenary contacts and investigators tracing down leads on alien infiltration. X-COM opposes both nations and aliens, dedicated to preventing any nations signing a pact with the invaders, or acquiring too much of their technology and thereby upsetting the global status quo.

You've only recently been contacted by the conspiracy as one of their mercenary contractors, for the jobs where X-COM can't risk sending in their own heavy troops, often because they require more subtlety than the average X-COM trooper has… other times because you're more expendable and less of a liability if you get caught.


Unisystem, which backs AFMBE, Witchcraft and several other games. The basic mechanic is as follows:

You roll 1d10+skill+stat(any other modifiers if applicable), usually this will be against a TN of 9, occasionally it will be an opposed roll where the highest over 9 wins. For every 2 points you roll above 9, you get another "degree" of success, which is primarily relevant to combat, where it affects the damage you do, but otherwise just determines how well you succeed(a flat 9 means you only barely do it, a solid 15 means you do a really damn good job).

Dice are also both exploding and imploding. On a natural roll of 10, you roll again, this time 1d10-5. If the end result is positive, you add it to your first roll(and if it's another nat 10, you do the same thing again). On a natural roll of 1, you roll again, 1d10-5 again, if the end result is negative, you subtract it from your first roll(and if it's another nat 1, you do the same thing again).

Combat Mechanics

First off, everyone rolls initiative, which is 1d10+Dexterity+Modifiers, order goes from highest to lowest. Anyone can technically take as many actions in a round as they want, though every action beyond the first adds a cumulative -2 penalty to all actions taken that round.

The roll to hit is 1d10+skill+stat+situational modifiers, a 9 or higher hits. Anyone can attempt a Dodge against a non-firearm attack, though every successive Dodge in a round, suffers a -2. Attempting to Dodge firearms, grenades or the like requires diving for cover, however, penalizing your next action by -4. Dodging is an opposed 1d10+Dodge+Dexterity+Modifiers, and if it succeeds and rolls higher than the attack, it misses. Explosive weapons that only slightly miss may still do some damage, however.

Once you've hit someone, then you roll damage. Usually this will be a single die multiplied by a static modifier which, in the case of melee attacks, is your Strength. Armor(if any) is subtracted, and then most attacks are multiplied by 2 if any damage remains after armor. Armor-piercing and blunt melee attacks ignore half of armor and do not multiply by 2 afterwards. Hollow-point ammo double armor reduction but multiply by 3 afterwards. Some hit locations(like the head) increase the final multiplier. Explosive weapons are treated like armor-piercing at ground zero(half armor, no multiplier) and at farther blast ranges are subject to full armour(since it's mostly shrapnel and not shockwave) but still have no after-armor multiplier. Fire completely ignores armour unless it's a specifically flame-resistant suit.

A total roll of 15 or better also increases your damage before the first multiplier. At 15, you get a +1 pre-multiplier, at 17 a +2, and so on upwards. So for instance if your attack would do 1d8*4 and you rolled a 15, you'd be doing (1d8+1)*4.

Ranged attacks can be Aimed, which eats up a full round of actions and prompts a 1d10+(Weapon Skill)+Perception roll. If this roll succeeds, it grants +1 to hit, and a further +1 per 2 points over 9. So a roll of 13 would be a +3, to the next ranged attack, if it's made in the next round and nothing interrupts the character's aim(for instance, having to dive for cover, getting kicked off a cliff, getting flashbanged, etc.).

Automatic firearms also have access to some special fire options:

Bursts use 3 shots, and rather than getting bonus damage for high rolls, land an additional hit for every 2 points rolled above 9, up to a maximum of three. Bursts add a cumulative action penalty of -3 rather than -2.

Rock 'n' Roll uses 10 shots and work like bursts, except with a higher number of bullets that can hit. Rock 'n' Roll attacks add a cumulative action penalty of -4 rather than -2.

Suppressive Fire takes up the entire weapon's magazine(or 50 shots for large, belt-fed weapons), and sweeps an area the size of a street, hitting anyone there who doesn't dive for cover with 1d4 shots automatically. Diving for cover doesn't require a dodge roll, but does result in the -4 penalty that dodging firearm attacks always do.

Aimed attacks can target body parts, occasionally because you want to disarm someone without(or before) killing them, or sometimes because they have squishy, unarmoured parts in between all their armor. -4 penalty for aiming for the head, -2 for aiming for the arms/legs, -4 penalty for aiming for a hand or foot. Doing more than 15 damage to a human limb with a single attack cripples it, at least temporarily, or perhaps severs it. Headshots do double damage. Non-aimed attacks roll a d10 to randomly determine hit location.

Hit Location Diagram
1 Head/Neck
2 Right Arm
3 Left Arm
4-6 Torso
7-8 Right Leg
9-10 Left Leg

Every turn that you're on fire, you must make a Willpower+Resistance roll to not panic, with penalty equal to half the burning damage you're taking per turn. Any round where you maintain self-control, you can choose to stop, drop and roll to extinguish yourself. Anyone who can knock you to the ground(successful Brawling+Strength roll) or splash you with water can put out the fire on their turn, though some advanced incendiaries may take more than a bucket of water to permanently smother.

Heavy weapons require a full round to reload, other weapons simply count reloading as a normal action, i.e. you will suffer cumulative multiple action penalties for doing something else(like shooting) in the same round.


14 points for Stats, 5 points for Qualities, 30 points for Skills. Remember to pick at least one combat/weapon skill, and investing a bit in Dodge isn't a bad idea either.

Everything is a 1 for 1 investment, except stats and skills at 5 or higher. The 5th point and every point above costs triple. Stats have a maximum of 6 for one stat, and 5 for every other stat. Skills have no practical cap.

Starting Equipment

You can start with whichever items you want to start with from the listed equipment. But you can carry at most two weapons(three if two of them are pistols), and three full reloads for each of them. Additionally, you can carry up to three grenades.

Keep in mind that the more equipment you carry, the more obvious you'll be if the situation calls for any sort of stealth or subtlety.


Stats are Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Willpower and Perception.

Derived stats are Life Points((Strength*2)+(Constitution*6)+10), Endurance Points(((Constitution+Strength+Willpower)*3)+5) and Essence((Willpower*4)+Intelligence+Perception).

Generally, Strength makes you good at melee combat and occasionally at using really heavy weapons. Dexterity makes you good at most ranged combat and stealth. Constitution makes you really hard to kill. Intelligence affects a grab-bag of skills. Willpower affects your psionic resistance, any eventual psionic skill and also acts as what's rolled for social checks. Perception allows you to spot others before they spot you, and also factors quite a bit into sniping or any other sort of ranged attack where you expend a round to take aim before letting fly.

Life Points are your health, run out of them and you are badly wounded and bleeding out, remain untreated for this and you'll die. Something hefty enough might just kill you outright(like being crushed by a crashing UFO). Endurance Points are your stamina, drained by heavy exertion and non-lethal weapons, run out of them and you'll have a hard time doing anything but groaning. Essence is a combination of your mental stamina and sanity, it's used by psi powers and a few other abilities, run out of it and you're vulnerable to psionic attack, if you're reduced to negative Essence equal to your maximum Essence, you suffer a -4 to all actions on grounds of essentially being temporarily insane.


Most skills make use of only one stat, but a few can make use of multiple stats dependent on the situation. For instance, moving silently is Stealth+Dexterity, while finding a good spot to hide could be Stealth+Perception or Stealth+Intelligence.

Acting(Willpower/Perception): Used to convincingly lie or act… or to spot someone else's deceit.
Athletics(Strength/Dexterity): Climbing, swimming, running, long-jumping, it's all covered under Athletics.
Brawling(Strength): Unarmed combat involving fists, legs, knees, elbows, teeth, you name it.
Computers(Intelligence): Everyone knows how to use a computer by default, but if you need to find the right data while under fire, find a flaw in a security program or use unfamiliar software, this skill gets rolled.
Craft(Intelligence): Used for making things from scrap. When you purchase Craft, pick a category of what you know how to make, like Carpentry, Moroccan Basket Weaving, Gunsmithing, etc.
Demolitions(Intelligence): Anyone can light and throw a stick of dynamite, but if you want to plant that C4 exactly where it'll do the most damage, this is the skill for you.
Disguise(Intelligence/Perception): For disguising yourself, or someone else, or seeing through a disguise.
Dodge(Dexterity): For avoiding gunfire, fists, claws or in general anything that wants to violently ruin your day.
Driving(Dexterity/Intelligence): Despite the name, this covers piloting just about anything. When picked, decide what you know how to pilot. Almost anyone can be assumed to know how to start a car, but if you want to sick drifts while under pursuit, or pilot something more complicated like a helicopter, you're gonna need this skill. Also includes drone piloting.
Engineering(Intelligence): Pick a type of engineering you're familiar with. Generally this skill is used to repair or sabotage things, though it might occasionally also give you relevant knowledge. "Finally, my Architectural Engineering degree pays off! My character recognizes the new apartment bloc as the work of extraterrestrial aesthetics!"
First Aid(Intelligence): Used for patching up minor wounds or preventing someone from bleeding out until proper care can arrive. Spending time treating someone can restore a crippled limb to, limited, functionality or restore up to a quarter of the damage done by a wound, once per wound taken.
Guns(Dexterity/Intelligence): Covers any ranged weapon. Split into categories, so pick one on purchasing this skill(obviously you can purchase access to multiple categories): Pistol/Submachinegun, Rifle/Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Bow/Crossbow, Heavy Weapons(Machinegun, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Flame Thrower, etc.), Laser Weaponry, Plasma Weaponry, Exotic Weaponry. Occasionally demands Intelligence rather than Dexterity, for instance, setting up a mortar(Heavy Weapons) would require Intelligence more than manual dexterity.
Hand Weapon(Strength): Melee weapons of all sorts(exceptign unarmed), from broken bottles to chainsaws to authentic Japanese katanas. Broad categories are: Improvised Weapons, Knives, Swords/Axes, Polearms, Hammers/Mauls/Maces.
Humanities(Intelligence): In case your character is a Women's Studies major, feel free to invest in this.
Intimidation(Willpower): For threatening dudes, may receive a bonus from brandishing a spooky weapon.
Lockpicking(Dexterity/Intelligence): Dexterity for mechanical locks, Intelligence for electronic locking devices.
Medicine(Intelligence): Once someone's been stabilized by First Aid, Medicine can be used to restore them to full health or fix their limbs properly(assuming they haven't been severed). Usually takes at least several days to take effect, however, if not weeks in some cases. Can also be used to diagnose injuries and causes of death in the field.
Notice(Perception): Generally your ability to use your five or six senses to notice stuff before it causes a TPK.
Pickpocket(Dexterity): For picking pockets and generally stealing people's shit without getting noticed.
Psionic Assault(Willpower/Perception): Using psionic abilities.
Psionic Resistance(Willpower/Perception): Resisting psionic abilities.
Resistance(Constitution/Willpower): Used to resist poisons, diseases and pain.
Riding(Willpower): In case you want to ride a horse into battle. Or some other animal.
Sciences(Intelligence): Pick your science. Occasionally useful for figuring out what an alien gizmo is before you push the big red button.
Smooth Talking(Willpower): For convincingly making an argument without lying to someone or threatening to burn down their house.
Stealth(Dexterity/Perception/Intelligence): This skill description is too stealthy to read.
Throwing(Strength/Dexterity): Grenades, throwing knives, throwing axes, aliens who don't get away from you in time before you pick them up and throw them over a railing and you REALLY want to make sure they land head down in that waste bin down there. The possibilities are endless.
Tracking(Perception): If you want to know where that alien went after managing to pull himself out of the trash.
Traps(Intelligence): If you want to catch him again so you can do it all over, but this time while laughing harder.



Acute Sense(2 points): You get a permanent +3 to any rolls involving a particular sense.
Ambidexterous(2 points): You can make a "free" second attack with the weapon in your off hand without any multiple attack penalties. Beyond that second attack, normal penalties apply.
Armory Access, X-COM(Any points): For every point invested, you get to buy an equivalent value of X-COM salvaged/produced weapons. "Bought" weapons and armor can be traded in for half their value(rounded up) later.
Artistic Talent(3 points): +3 to any attempts to create something artistically pleasing, +12 Essence.
Contacts(1 to 5 points): At 1 point they can dish out some hot(occasionally useful), gossip. At 3 points they can lend you useful equipment and let you hide out in their basement when you're on the run. At 5 points they're actually going to show up and start shooting if they know you're in danger, at least the first time it happens.
Drone Commander(Any points): For every point spent, the Drone Commander can invest two points into his drone(s).
Fast Reaction Time(2 points): +3 Initiative, +1 to resist any psionic effect that tries to terrify you.
Increased Essence Pool(1 to 5 points): +5 essence per point spent.
Inspired(5 points): You have access to psi talents.
Hard to Kill(1 to 5 points): +3 Life Points per point spent.
Multiple Identities(2 points): You've got the papers necessary to assume an entirely different identity(driver's license, birth certificate, etc.) and thus escape the authorities' attention, at least a couple of times, if they should start hassling you.
Nerves of Steel(3 points): +4 to resist any effect that tries to terrify or control you(psionics, being on fire, etc.).
Pack Mule(2 points): Can carry three extra full reloads for any of their own weapons, or any of their teammates' weapons.
Quickload Champion(2 points): Can spend 2 essence(5 for heavy weapons) to reload a weapon without expending an action(or turn, in the case of heavy weapons).
Situational Awareness(2 points): +2 to any rolls to detect stealthy enemies or hidden traps.
Sniper Focus(2 points): Can spend 5 Essence to add Willpower to an Aim roll in addition to other modifiers.
Tough Bones(1 point): Takes 25 damage to cripple a limb rather than 15.
Unnatural Luck(5 points): Spend 5 Essence to reroll a single check or damage roll(can also be used to reroll attacks made against you), picking whichever result is preferred.


Impaired Sense(+2 points): You get a permanent -3 to any rolls involving Sight or Hearing.
Cowardly(+2 points): You get a permanent -4 to any rolls to resist psionically caused fear.
Missing/Crippled Hand/Arm(+2 points): -3 to anything that requires the use of two hands, or simply can't do it.
Missing/Crippled Leg/Foot(+2 points): -3 to Athletics, Dodge and any melee combat skills.
Poor Focus(+1 points): -3 to any Aim actions.
Recurring Nightmares(+1 point): Start every day -1d10 Endurance Points and -1d4 Essence.
Slow Reaction Time(+2 points): -3 to all Initiative rolls.


Psionics are bought with Quality points for Inspired characters. Psionic Characters may choose to start with Probe, Bio-Electric Charge or Force Burst for free.

Except for Probe and Mind Reading, all mind-affecting psionics can be resisted by the defender spending Essence equal to the "difference" between the attacker's roll and the defender's roll. When Essence is at zero or negative, this cannot be done.


Accelerated Healing(4 Points): The Inspired may spend 2 Essence and recover 1 Life Point for every 2 Endurance Points spent. Can drop the user into negative Endurance.

Adrenaline Surge(3 Points): For every point of Essence spent, the target gains one point of Strength at the cost of two other stats(half of the lost stats must be Dexterity, stats other than Dexterity cannot be reduced below 0) for ten combat rounds or about five minutes. Every roll involving Strength drains the target of five Endurance Points, but the target is immune to being knocked unconscious from loss of Endurance until the end of the effect. If the target has no Endurance Points left, Life Points are lost instead.

Bio-Electric Charge(1 Points/Free if first power): If the psionic succeeds at an unarmed attack, they may use this power to deliver an attack with the same stats as a Tazer instead. Can also recharge small batteries. Costs 1 Essence and 5 Endurance points to use.

Bio-Electric Blast(3 Points, Prerequisite: Bio-Electric Charge): If the psionic succeeds at an unarmed attack, they may use this power to deliver an attack with the same stats as a Stun Prod instead. Can also recharge car batteries. Costs 1 Essence and 5 Endurance points to use.

Carapace Growth(2 Points): The psionicist or anyone he touches gains 5 armor per point of Dexterity that they sacrifice(this effect lasts 10 rounds in combat, ten minutes outside of it, unwilling targets roll Psionic Resistance+Constitution vs the psionicist's Psionic Assault+Willpower), targets reduced to -1 or less Dexterity this way are paralyzed as they're trapped within a hard, but immobile, carapace. This power costs 1 Essence and 5 Endurance to activate.

Chameleon Skin(2 points): The psionicist develops natural camouflage that grants +4 Stealth at the cost of 1 Essence and 5 Endurance, lasts five rounds in combat and five minutes outside of combat. It works even if the psionicist is fully clothed, don't ask how.

Hyper-Agile Joints(2 Points): The psionicist gains +1 Dexterity and +1 Dodge for 5 rounds at the cost of 1 point of Essence and 5 points of Endurance.

Induced Regeneration(4 Points, Prerequisite: Accelerated Healing): If he has physical contact with another character, the Inspired can cause the effects of Accelerated Healing on him. The Inspired spends the Essence, the target spends the Endurance. Can drop the target into negative Endurance.

Pheromone Control(2 Points): For every point of Essence and 4 points of Endurance spent, the psionic can add a +1 to a social roll, up to a maximum of the bonus granted by his Willpower.

Sonar(1 point): For the next five rounds(or 5 minutes), the psionicist may replace their sight with hearing for everything that happens within fifty meters of them. This allows them to see perfectly in the dark and to "see" things through thin walls and doors, also giving them a +3 to Notice. Extremely noisy things may disrupt the psionicist's Sonar abilities temporarily.

Toxin Generation(2 Points, Prerequisite: Accelerated Healing): Spend 1 Essence and for the next five rounds, the psionicist's body naturally generates a toxin that he can expel using Throw+Dexterity to hit enemies with it. It's expelled through any existing orifices, or through novel new ones that briefly open to allow it. The psionicist can make a Corrosive Poison(Strength Rating equal to the degree of success on a Psionic Assault+Constitution roll, does pure damage until washed off or neutralized), a Narcotic Poison(Strength Rating equal to the degree of success on a Psionic Assault+Constitution roll, hit targets must roll Resistance+Constitution, and for every degree they roll lower than the Strength Rating of the poison, they lose a point of Strength and Dexterity for 1 hour per point of Strength Rating. Having Strength reduced to -2 or less prompts unconsciousness) or an Irritant Poison(Strength Rating equal to the degree of success on a Psionic Assault+Constitution roll, hit targets must roll Resistance+Constitution, and for every degree they roll lower than the Strength Rating of the poison, they lose a point of Perception and 2 Essence, Perception is regained after a number of hours equal to the poison's strength rating).

Energy Control

Conflagaration(3 points, Prerequisite: Ignition): Spend 2 Essence and roll Psionic Assault + Perception to make an attack identical to a Flamethrower.

Detonation(3 points, Prerequisite: Conflagaration): The psionicist can cook off any visible grenade or other explosive that would be triggered by high temperatures, within (5*Willpower) meters. The target gets a Notice+Perception roll to spot this effect before they're at Ground Zero of the explosive detonating(if it's carried, if it's on the ground, the blast radius may be different). Succeeding at the check gives them a chance to throw it away or dodge the effect. Costs 3 Essence to use.

Focused Force Burst(3 points, Prerequisite: Force Burst): Spend 2 Essence and roll Psionic Assault + Perception to make an attack that does damage like a .50 cal Sniper Rifle. Rolls to dodge the blast are at -2, and the only visible effect is a shimmer in the air as compressed force hurls towards the target.

Force Burst(2 Points/Free if first power): Spend 1 Essence and roll Psionic Assault + Perception to make an attack that does damage like a Shotgun, Buckshot blast. Rolls to dodge the blast are at -2, and the only visible effect is a shimmer in the air as compressed force hurls towards the target.

Force Lance(2 points, Prerequisite: Focused Force Burst): The Inspired can now choose to make his Focused Force Burst have damage modifiers similar to an AP bullet.

Gravity Well(2 points, Prerequisite: Force Burst): Spend 1 Essence to increase gravity for a target until your next action. This doubles their multiple-action penalties and gives them -2 to Hand Weapon, Athletics and Dodge for the duration.

Ignition(3 points): Spend 1 Essence and roll Psionic Assault + Perception to make an attack that does damage like a Molotov Cocktail. The explosion happens suddenly at the intended impact site and doesn't travel through the intervening air, so the only requirement is that it's within throwing distance and visible to the Inspired.

Phasing(2 points): Spend 2 Essence to temporarily phase out of reality. This allows Psionic Assault+Perception to be used in place of Dodge+Dexterity until your next combat round, and also allows you to walk through most obstacles. Being inside an obstacle when you phase into reality again is ill-advised and usually instantly fatal(or will at least make you wish it was).

Phase Blade(3 points, Prerequisite: Phasing): Spend 2 Essence to phase and object you're holding out of reality, you remain able to interact with it for instance, to swing it or throw it, and its affect as normal by gravity, but nothing else. Has dire results for anything it phases back into reality inside, for instance: people or machinery. Attacks made with phased-out objects(it only lasts for your current action and subjects you to the normal cumulative-action penalty) ignore armor and have a *3 multiplier after all damage is rolled(in place of any usual multipliers, like the ones for sharp weapons), but the weapon is destroyed by the resulting, horrible, merging. Also, only one phased-out attack can be made per round.


Berserk(4 points, Prerequisite: Terror): On winning a contested Psionic Assault+Willpower roll vs the target's Psionic Resistance+Willpower roll, the target goes berserk for a number of turns equal to the degree of success, losing the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. Each turn they randomly attack one of the nearest four visible targets, attempting to hit as many as possible at once if they have access to explosive weaponry. They will still attempt to dodge attacks like normal. PC's affected by this power can choose to wait out the duration without attacking anyone, but if they attack, their attack(s) will be randomly assigned among the nearest four viable targets to them. Costs 3 Essence to use.

Distraction(2 points): On winning a contested Psionic Assault+Willpower roll vs the target's Psionic Resistance+Willpower roll, the Inspired penalizes all of the target's Notice, Dodge and Attack actions equal to the degree of success until the end of their next turn(or for the next five minutes) as they lose the ability to focus and find their thoughts flooded with irrelevant daydreaming. Costs 2 Essence to use.

Machine Control(4 points, Prerequisite: Machine Empathy): On winning a contested Psionic Assault+Willpower roll vs the target's Psionic Resistance+Willpower roll, the Inspired takes full control of a machine target. They can either give it a simple command "shoot Bob," "jump off a cliff," "hide in this hole," "give me the keys." lasting a number of rounds equal to the degree of success or until accomplished OR they can choose to relinquish control of their own body, going comatose for the duration, and instead piloting the target's body. The target will have all of its normal physical skills and abilities(no access to Inspired abilities or Intelligence skills, however), and be completely immune to psionic attack except for other Mind Control attempts. Unlike Mind Control, this only affects cybernetic and AI enemies, but can also be used against highly computerized machines(for instance, a drone, a jet fighter or someone's smartphone). Costs 5 Essence to use.

Machine Empathy(2 points): Making a successful Psionic Assault+Perception roll gives the Inspired a bonus to Computers, Dodging and social rolls vs any mechanical/AI threats(including cybernetically augmented enemies) equal to their degree of success for the next five rounds or for the next fifteen minutes. The bonus may also apply to other high-tech tasks. Costs 2 Essence to use.

Mind Control(5 points, Prerequisite: Terror): On winning a contested Psionic Assault+Willpower roll vs the target's Psionic Resistance+Willpower roll, the Inspired takes full control of the target. They can either give it a simple command "shoot Bob," "jump off a cliff," "hide in this hole," "give me the keys." lasting a number of rounds equal to the degree of success or until accomplished OR they can choose to relinquish control of their own body, going comatose for the duration, and instead piloting the target's body. The target will have all of its normal physical skills and abilities(no access to Inspired abilities or Intelligence skills, however), and be completely immune to psionic attack except for other Mind Control attempts. Costs 5 Essence to use.

Mind Reading(1 point, Prerequisite: Probe): Affects any target within sight. Spend 1 Essence and roll Psionic Assault + Willpower vs the target's Psionic Resistance + Willpower. If successful, the target's surface thoughts are readable, giving the Inspired knowledge of what the target intends to do next and, if it's in a conversation, what he's thinking of what he's hearing. It also tells the Inspired what the target expects to hear, giving a +4 bonus to Smooth Talking, Intimidate, Acting and Disguise rolls against the target.

One For All(2 points, Prerequisite: Thought Shield): Whenever an ally within sight is psionically attacked, the Inspired can spend one Essence to let the ally use his Psionic Resistance(which he may boost with Thought Shield first) instead of his own(but the target still uses his own Willpower). However, if the roll fails, both the ally and the Inspired will be affected by the psionic power used(and will need to spend Essence separately to avoid the effects, if applicable).

Probe(1 point/Free if first power): On winning a contested Psionic Assault+Perception roll vs the target's Psionic Resistance+Willpower roll, the Inspired can hijack one of the target's senses per tier of success, for about a minute of time, allowing them to sense everything the target senses through that sense. They can choose to end this link at any time. Psionically capable targets are aware of the user's Probe attempt and location if they resist the Probe. Costs 2 Essence to use.

Terror(4 points, Prerequisite: Probe): On winning a contested Psionic Assault+Willpower roll vs the target's Psionic Resistance+Willpower roll, the target panics for a number of turns equal to the degree of success. They will attempt to retreat from battle unless absolutely cornered. PC's affected by this power can either choose to roleplay it, in which case they act with no penalties, or resist it, in which case their penalty to all non-retreating actions is equal to the degrees of success scored by the Inspired until it ends. Costs 3 Essence to use.

Thought Shield(2 points): Increase your Psionic Resistance by 2 for every 1 Essence spent, lasts five rounds in combat and five minutes outside of combat.


Cybernetics are separated by what body part they replace, and unless otherwise noted, each body part can only be replaced by one cybernetic augmentation. Replaced cybernetics refund their spent points, but if a cybernetic augmentation is replaced with a cheaper one, the excess points can only be spent on future cybernetic augmentations.


Basic Cybernetic Arms(3 Points, Prerequisite: Any Core Implant): Augmented arm muscle fibers increase Strength by 2 for the purpose of anything that doesn't explicitly not use your arms.

Full-Replacement Cybernetic Arms(6 Points, Prerequisite: Any Core Implant): Fully replaces the arms with cybernetic alternatives, increasing Strength by 4 for the purpose of anything that doesn't explicitly not use your arms. Adds +5 armor to resist any hits to the arms or hands.

Stabilized Firing Arms(6 Points, Prerequisite: Any Core Implant): Fully replaces the arms with cybernetic alternatives stabilized for long-range combat. Adds +1 to Dexterity for the purpose of firearms use, and reduces the cumulative penalty for multiple shots by half(rounded down, cannot be reduced below 1 by any means), for both single fire and burst fire modes, also increases Strength by 1 for the purpose of anything that doesn't explicitly not use your arms.


Basic Cybernetic Spine(5 Points): Replaces the spine with a cybernetic alternative containing the electronics needed to control minor augmentions and adding the core strength to properly utilize cybernetic limbs without breaking your own back. Reduces maximum Essence by 5, increases maximum Life Points by 15, makes the augmented agent susceptible to Machine Empathy and Machine Control, and grants the Pack Mule quality for free.

MEC Torso(?): Classified X-COM cybernetic upgrade.

Total Torso Augmentation(10 Points): Replaces the spine and ribcage with upgraded cybernetic alternatives allowing for the mounting of more advanced cybernetic substitutes. Reduces maximum Essence by 10, increases maximum Life Points by 30, makes the augmented agent susceptible to Machine Empathy and Machine Control, grants the Pack Mule quality for free and increases armor for any Torso hits by 5.


Natural Perception Augmentation(6 points): Gouges out your eyes and ears and replaces them with improved machine variants. Take only half penalties from Flashbangs and similar devices, +2 to base Perception, but powerful EMP blasts may set your eyes and ears into rebooting, leaving you blind and deaf temporarily.

Psi-Resistant Skull Augmentation(4 points): Increases Psionic Resistance by 6, increases armor by 5 against head shots, reduces Perception by 1. Rumours that this augmentation is 90% weaving tin foil fibers through the subject's scalp are unfounded.


Basic Cybernetic Legs(3 Points, Prerequisite: Any Core Implant): Augments leg musculature, granting +2 to Athletics and Dodge, and increasing the total strength modifier for Kicks to +3 rather than the standard +1.

Full-Replacement Cybernetic Legs(6 points, Prerequisite: Any Core Implant): Completely replaces the legs with cybernetic alternatives, granting +4 to Athletics and Dodge, and increasing the total strength modifier for Kicks to +5 rather than the standard +1. Increases armor for any leg hits by 5. Penalizes Stealth by 2 due to the noisiness of the leg servos.


Human Melee Weapons

Remember that sharp weapons multiply damage by 2 after armor, while blunt weapons ignore half armor and has no multiplier

Name Damage
Punch 1d4*Strength
Kick 1d4*(Strength+1)
Small Knife 1d4*(Strength)
Large Knife 1d6*(Strength)
Sword 1d8*(Strength)
Greatsword* 1d12*(Strength+1)
Spear 1d6*(Strength)
Mace 1d10*(Strength)
Axe 1d8*(Strength)
Greataxe* 1d12*(Strength+1)
Police Baton 1d6*(Strength)
Bat 1d8*(Strength)
Chainsaw 1d10*(Strength)
Broken Bottle (1d4-1)*(Strength)
Tazer** 1d6*4
Stun Prod** 1d6*6

*Weapon requires two hands to wield.
**Causes endurance damage rather than life damage. In addition, the target must pass a Resistance+Willpower roll or lose their next action due to painful muscle cramps.

Human Ranged Weapons

Normal ammo multiplies damage by 2 after armor, armor-piercing ammo ignores half of armor but has no multiplier afterwards, hollow-point ammo doubles armor but multiplies by 3 afterwards.

Name Damage Ammunition Capacity
Thrown Rock 1*Strength N/A
Thrown Knife 1d4*(Strength) N/A
Composite Bow 1d8*(Strength) N/A
Crossbow 1d10*(Strength) N/A
.22 Pistol 1d4*2 10
.32 Pistol 1d6*2 9
.38 Pistol 1d6*3 8
9mm Pistol 1d6*4 10
10mm Pistol 1d6*5 10
.45 Pistol 1d8*4 7
.357 Magnum 1d8*4 6
.44 Magnum 1d6*6 6
9mm SMG@ 1d6*4 30
.45 SMG@ 1d8*4 20
.22 Rifle 1d4*4 10
5.56mm Rifle 1d8*4 30
.30-06 Rifle 1d8*6 10
7.62mm Rifle 1d8*5 10
Shotgun with Birdshot* 1d6*5 8
Shotgun with Buckshot** 1d8*6 8
Shotgun with Slug 1d8*5 8
5.56mm Assault Rifle@ 1d8*4 30
7.62mm Assault Rifle@ 1d8*5 30
7.62mm Sniper Rifle 1d8*5 20
.50 Sniper Rifle 1d10*6 10
5.56mm Machine Gun@ 1d8*4 200
7.62mm Machine Gun@ 1d8*5 100
.50 Machine Gun@ 1d10*6 100
Flamethrower@@ 1d6*2 10
Underbarrel Grenade Launcher & 1
Rotary Grenade Launcher && 6
Flare Gun@@ 1d8 1

*+2 to hit, no post-armor multiplier
**+1 to hit, no post-armor multiplier
@Automatic Weapon
@@Incendiary Weapons do this much damage per turn for 4 turns.
&Can be attached to Assault Rifles, does damage equal to a 40mm grenade, uses Heavy Weapons skill.
&&Does damage equal to a 40mm grenade.

Human Explosives

When dodging explosives, a default hit puts you at Ground Zero. If you beat the attack roll(with your dodge roll) with as many degrees of success as the Ground Zero effect, you are instead affected by the General Effect, and if you beat the attack enough to avoid the General Effect, it puts you in the Maximum Range. Managing to beat the Maximum Range number puts you completely outside of being hit. Being at Ground Zero halves your armor defense.

For instance, if someone throws an Offensive Grenade at you, and rolls a straight 9, just enough to hit you. You would need to roll… a 9(1 success) to avoid the Ground Zero, a 13(3 successes) to avoid the General Effect and a 17(5 successes) to avoid the Maximum Range.

Rockets are assumed to be fired from either disposable one-shot launchers, or a reloadable launcher. Reloadable launchers need reloading between shots, but it may be possible to scrounge additional ammo for them during a mission. One-shot launchers obviously do not benefit from salvaged ammunition, but do not require reloads between shots.

Area of Effect Table
Explosive Type Ground Zero General Effect Maximum Range
Offensive Grenade 1 3 5
Defensive Grenade 2 6 10
40mm Grenade 2 6 10
Mortar Shell 3 8 15
Molotov Cocktail 1 3 -
HE Rocket 2 4 8
AP Rocket* 1 2 5
WP Rocket 2 3 5

*Ignores half of the target's armor on a direct hit.

Each area also has its own damage roll.

Explosive Damage Table
Explosive Type Ground Zero General Effect Maximum Range
Offensive Grenade 1d6*8 1d6*6 1d6*2
Defensive Grenade 1d6*10 1d6*8 1d6*3
40mm Grenade 1d6*12 1d6*10 1d6*4
Mortar Shell 1d8*10 1d8*8 1d8*4
Molotov Cocktail* 1d6 1d4 -
HE Rocket 1d10*8 1d10*2 1d6*2
AP Rocket 1d10*8 1d10*2 1d6*2
WP Rocket** 1d8*5 1d8*3 1d8

*Molotov Cocktails continue to do this much damage per turn, for 4 turns after impact.
**White Phosphorus rockets continue to do 1d6*2 burning damage per round after initial impact on Ground Zero and General Effect, and 1d6 damage per round on a Maximum Range hit. It burns for 6 rounds.

Human Armor

Encumbrance is the penalty that the armor gives to all Strength and Dexterity rolls while worn. It's assumed that armor is generally accompanied by a helmet, but the helmet may in some cases be missing, or may be taken off for the sake of attracting less attention.

Armor Type Protection Encumbrance
Chainmail* 9 1
Platemail* 20 3
Class I Armor 10 0
Class IIa Armor 15 0
Class II Armor 20 1
Class IIIa Armor 25 2
Class III Armor 30 2
Class IV Armor 40 3
Riot Shield** 25 0

*Chainmail and Platemail offer only half protection against bullets.
**Riot Shields obviously only protect against something coming immediately from the front of the carrier.

Misc. Equipment

Equipment Name Effect
Demolition Charge Proprietary X-COM demolition charges, equipped with simple-to-use timers. They can be programmed for either a general-area or a shaped-charge explosive event. Replaces grenades in terms of carry capacity and do damage equal to HE rockets in general-area mode, or like AP rockets in shaped-charge mode, but are too heavy to be thrown.
Flashbang If the target fails a Willpower+Dodge roll, they are both blinded and deafened for ten rounds, equal to a -10 to all actions involving sight or hearing(including attacking). The penalty drops by 1 per round. Succeeding at the roll invokes only the hearing penalty as the target manages to look away in time, ear or eye protection may mitigate.
Hearing Protection -3 penalty to all hearing-related checks, but halves the Hearing penalty from being affected by a Flashbang.
Psychostimulant Injector Restores 2d6 Essence, penalizes Dexterity, Willpower, Intelligence and Perception by 3 for the next five rounds(in-combat) or thirty minutes(out of combat), increases Strength and Constitution by 1 each for the same duration. May cause feelings of unwarranted invincibility and superiority, may cause hallucinations, may cause eczema, may cause loss of teeth, may cause loss of bone density, may cause mild radiation poisoning, may cause temporary death. X-COM is not responsible for the results of overuse, but would be very interested if you record it before your heart gives out for their research department. Definitely not just diluted meth in an autoinjector.
Scope +2 to aim rolls with the equipped weapon, -1 to un-aimed attacks with the weapon.
Smoke Grenade Creates a field of dense smoke that diffracts laser weaponry to uselessness and provides a -5 to hit anyone on the far side of it. The smoke lasts for five combat rounds outside, though it may last longer in enclosed areas.

Drone Components

Drones require a character with the Drone Commander quality to put together. If they're damaged in combat, they're fully ready to go by the start of the next mission, if they're destroyed in combat, they spend the next operation in the workshop, and are back on their feet afterwards. Characters with appropriate Engineering skills may be able to accelerate this.

Drones come in two flavours, remote-controlled and independent. Remote-controlled drones take up the Drone Commander's turn to order around, while Independent Drones act on his turn according to his orders. Remote-controlled Drones use the Drone Commander's Driving(Drone) skill in place of their Dodge and Stealth skills, and his Gun and Hand Weapons skills in place of their own. Independent Drones have their skills capped by their owner's Driving(Drone) skill. The Drone cannot reload itself, and requires the assistance of an agent to reload it. Drones start with all their weapons loaded, and the cast may bring up to two reloads for each of its weapons.

Purchased components can be taken off and shelved, and later remounted at no cost, but will not be refunded, the exception is upgrading an Interface or an AI to a more advanced tier, where the previous tier can either be shelved or refunded to partially pay for the upgrade. Drone Commanders can lend or trade each other bought components, but only one character can command a given drone, and each character can command at most one drone.


Simple Drone Interface(0 Points): Penalizes all actions by two due to the rough interface, cannot take multiple actions.

Standard Drone Interface(2 points): No penalties, may take multiple actions at the normal penalty.

Advanced Drone Interface(6 points): No penalties, may take multiple actions at half penalty.

Simple Drone AI(2 points): The drone may act once every two rounds, cannot take multiple actions. May split split 4 points between Guns, Stealth, Hand Weapon, Notice and Dodge. Perception 1.

Standard Drone AI(6 points): The drone will act once per round, cannot take multiple actions. May split 6 points between Guns, Stealth, Hand Weapon, Notice and Dodge. Perception 3.

Advanced Drone AI(12 points): The drone will act twice per round with no multiple-action penalty, cannot take additional multiple actions. May split 8 points between Guns, Stealth, Hand Weapon, Notice and Dodge. Perception 5.


Wheeled(0 points): Two weapon mounts, 30 Life Points, Str, 3 Dex 2.

Hexapod(4 points): Four weapon mounts, 50 Life Points, Str 5, Dex 2

Hovering(4 points): Two weapon mounts, 30 Life Points, Str 2, Dex 4

Flying(8 points): One weapon mount, 20 Life Points, Str 1, Dex 6


Basic Armor(2 points): 10 armor.

Standard Armor(4 points): 20 armor.

Advanced Armor(8 points): 30 armor.

Upgraded Vision Modes(2 points): The drone has night vision and thermal vision modes, can take Aim actions.

Advanced Motion Sensors(2 points): +4 to Notice.

Camouflage Hull(2 points): +4 to Stealth.

Electrified Hull(2 points): Counts as a Tazer when ramming enemies or when attacked in melee by an enemy, ten charges.

Self-Destruct Charge(2 points): Can explode like a Mortar Shell on command, takes up an action, and counts as a destroyed drone in terms of rebuilding.


Small Auto Weapon(1 point): 1d6*4 damage, 30 rounds, automatic.

Medium Auto Weapon(3 points): 1d8*4, 200 rounds, automatic.

Large Auto Weapon(5 points): 1d10*6, 100 rounds, automatic.

Rocket Launcher(5 points): Loads HE, AP or WP rockets, one round.

Mortar(5 points): Loads mortar shells, 1 round.

Flamethrower(3 points): Flamethrower stats, 10 rounds.

Ramming(0 points): Does not consume a slot, statted as a punch, unlimited ammo, melee range only.

Ramming Spikes(1 point): 1d8*strength damage, unlimited ammo, melee range only.

X-COM Equipment

X-COM Melee Weapons

Name Damage Cost
Alloy Knife* 1d6*(Strength+1) 1
Alloy Sword* 1d8*(Strength+1) 2

*Alien Alloy melee weapons halve conventional human armor.

X-COM Ranged Weapons

Name Damage Ammunition Capacity Cost
Alloy Composite Bow 1d8*(Strength+1) N/A 2
Alloy Crossbow 1d10*(Strength+1) N/A 3

X-COM Armor

Armor Type Protection Encumbrance Cost
Light Alloy Armor* 20 2 2
Heavy Alloy Armor* 30 3 4

*Alien Alloy Armor has full functionality against Gauss and Plasma weapons

Alien Equipment

Alien Weapons

Name Damage Ammo Cost
Gauss Pistol* 1d8*4 20 2
Gauss Rifle*@ 1d8*6 40 4
Gauss LMG*@ 1d8*6 300 6
Gauss Sniper Rifle* 1d8*8 10 6
Stun Launcher** 1d10*6 1 -

*Gauss weapons halve conventional human armor, but still double damage after armor penetration.
**Stun Launchers cause Endurance damage and have an explosive blast. Every category of success on a Dodge roll reduces the damage multiplier by one, and six levels of success are required to entirely avoid the blast. This blast halves conventional human armor when calculating damage, and has no post-armor multiplier.
@Fully automatic weapon.

Alien Misc. Equipment


Encountered Aliens


Strength: 1
Dexterity: 3
Constitution: 1
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 4
Perception: 3

Dodge: 3
Guns: 3
Notice: 4
Psionic Assault: 2
Psionic Resistance: 4
Stealth: 4

Life Points: 18
Endurance Points: 23
Essence: 23
Armor: 15

Acute Sense: Sight

Common Weapons: Gauss Pistols, Gauss Rifles, Elerium Grenades, Stun Launchers

No live specimens acquired so far.


The Dangerous Ungulates are the first to recover a mostly-whole Sectoid corpse, contributing considerably to our understanding of their biology. Our initial assessments is that they're physically weak, with low muscle and bone density, similar to what we'd expect from a human spending a long time in micro or zero gravity. Secondly, since we've found no signs of any reproductive organs, we have to assume that either they split like amoebae, or they're artificially cloned or vat-grown in some way. Another oddity is an extremely simplified digestive system, it's likely that they're incapable of digesting anything but very specific nutrient broths or pastes. Strangely enough, their lungs seem perfectly adapted to our atmospheric mix, either they come from a very similar world, or the Sectoids we've autopsied have been engineered to fight and work on our world.

If you encounter one in combat, expect them to be stealthy and agile, but extremely fragile, with strong eyesight but weak hearing.


Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 4
Intelligence: 0
Willpower: 2
Perception: 2

Guns: 4
Psionic Resistance: 4
Notice: 4

Life Points: 300
Endurance Points: ?
Essence: 5
Armor: 50(Alien Alloy)

Common Armament: Plasma Lance(1d6*10, ignores half of standard human armor, no multiplier post-hit)

Alien Technology

Alien Alloys

Alien alloys represent a new category of materials that are extremely resistant to heating and shearing, and are hard to bend out of shape, but which become malleable when subjected to the correct magnetic fields. Once we've finished understanding how they're made, we may be able to immediately use the alloys for new weapons and armor.

Alien Reactors

Mostly what we know about alien reactors so far is that they don't respond well to high-explosives. We recommend against hitting them in future encounters, as they could potentially be fatal to everyone in the immediate area.

Gauss Weapons

Preliminary investigations of the intact alien weapon found with the Sectoid reveals that it isn't too different from ours. It fires a magnetized projectile along at energies similar to our own weapons, but with a considerably higher magazine capacity due to the absence of a conventional propellant. Once we've figured out how they're able to make gauss weapons considerably more efficient than similar Earth models, we're confident we'll find a way to deploy Gauss weapons to our front line agents and mercenaries. Finding us more examples of this technology would go a long way towards it.

Stun Launcher

These unusual grenade launchers appear to be used to subdue targets non-lethally with an EMP blast designed to temporarily short-circuit the mammalian nervous system. Presumably this is used by the aliens when abducting humans.

Agent Roster

Doc Bruno, played by DisgruntledFerret. CODENAME: HIPPOPOTOMASTER

Serge Alexandre, played by Fivemarks.

John "Johnny" Johnson, played by Sanev_Khan. CODENAME: CAMELTDOWN


Camille Harding, played by Zeplin

Edward "Mentak" Whitehead, suffered to live by nimzy

Dirk "Hit Bigly" Diggley, a direct to VHS adapation of the real life best seller by Margly We only have the intro left ever since Dad recorded X-Files over it.

Roland "Top Gun" Andersson, as portrayed on the silver screen by Della in the 1995 adaptation. CODENAME: ALPACASTER

Available codenames: BISONIC
Mandatory codename to be used after those are gone: GLITTERHOOF

XP Expenditure

Attributes can be improved by a max of 1 point by spending XP. It costs 5 XP if the stat is between 1 to 5, 10 XP if the stat is 6 or greater.

Skills cost the same as the next level, i.e. upgrading a skill from 3 to 4 costs 4 XP.

Qualities cost 2 XP per quality point.

New skills cost 6 XP to learn at level 1.

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