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Available Contracts

Operation Burning Law

This operation takes place in northern Italy. I'm sure you're aware of the marked right-wards turn in Italian politics over the last few years, but now we've got credible intelligence that the invaders may have infiltrated or allied with one of the most right-wing forces in Italian politics, possibly with the intent of controlling Italian legislation and politics, or simply intending a total takeover of the country. The alien support appears to consist of intelligence, weapons for their paramilitary wing and suspicious deaths and disappearances among their political opposition. We expect that it's being funneled through the Church of Sirius, and that no actual alien contact is present, but anything is possible.

We need you to disrupt their latest planned attack on an opposition politician from the left wing, Floriana Orlanda, while she's campaigning in the north. We don't know exactly when the attack will happen or what shape it'll, so you will most likely need to keep an eye on her for a week until she heads south again, as per her itinerary. Additionally, Italian police and Floriana's security detail are on high alert after the other disappearances, so if you seem too threatening or suspicious, they might mistake you for attackers. We expect the attack to be performed by armed paramilitaries without alien support, but if they become aware of your presence, they might step up their plans.

Floriana's party is likely to win seats in the next election, their policies support our goals, and it won't hurt if she owes us a favour besides.

Primary Objectives

Keep Floriana Orlanda alive

Secondary Objectives

Capture one or more of the attackers alive for interrogation
Prevent the attack before it happens, allowing Floriana to complete her campaigning

Operation Blazed Garden

'eyyyyy baes! lol, do i need some dorky-ass call sign? how about xXxTwitterQueen420xXx??? anyway my boss keeps talking about you guys and like everythign he likes is fucking stupid but you guys seem pretty cool like an action movie or something. okay so real talk dudes(and dudette I think????? i dont believe in the gender binary, though, so whatevs), this base is hella lame.

they took my PHONE and there's no INTERNET and last week they shut off the lights and even the A/C because some idiots were trying to take pictures of the base or something i don't know i stopped listening when REACTION FIRE started using long words.

anyway the only way i'm surviving this shit is if i can get high. i took some of the science dorks' stupid alien gizmos from the labs, i don't know what they do but if you can get the trooper goons to pick up like… a bale of weed? maybe two????? and some booze, tell them its SPACE WEED or something lol they're probably stupid enough to fall for it, you can have the gizmo. also i need a new phone and maybe a fidget spinner or two so i don't die of boredom k???

dont leave a homegirl hangin!!!!! [eggplant emoji] [sweat emoji]

Primary Objectives

get your homegirl high ;)

Secondary Objectives

oh shit i almost forgot, can you believe no one on this base has any chips? i'm gonna need a FUCKTON, just no weird flavours, like don't be a bitch and bring me a bunch of shitty salt and pepper or tomato and octopus chips or whatever you weird european nerds eat

Operation Rotting Jester

X-COM requires an escort for one of our investigator teams in Egypt. UFO sightings have increased near sites of archeological significance, and even after putting aside the ones from confirmed Ancient Astronaut Theorists, there seems to be an undeniable pattern. That's why one of our teams has been hitting up these sites for clues. So far nothing, but they've reported that they've been experiencing harassment from potential Church of Sirius sympathizers and criminal elements, and they're not as heavily armed or as combat trained as you are.

This contract is simple, accompany them to the site, make sure they don't get killed, and get them out again safely.

At worst, we expect mild interference from the Church of Sirius, they don't have much of a foothold in Egypt currently, but if there's a genuine connection between these sites and the UFO sightings, they might interfere openly if our investigators are on to something. There's also the chance that local authorities might take note of what we're doing, and in that case, try to minimize casualties and damage to the site, we're hoping not to anger the Egyptians more than we have to.

Primary Objectives

Protect our investigators while they complete their objectives

Secondary Objectives

As usual, capture any alien subjects or technology you can

Completed Contracts


Welcome to X-COM, mercenaries, you are hereby cleared for ARCHANGEL-level access to the Ufopaedia and X-COM contracts, your liaison will be codenamed REACTION FIRE. Please stand by for your first assignment.

Operation Fallen Grave

This is REACTION FIRE, we've got a crisis in Morocco and we need you to respond. At approximately 1800 hours, an Algerian fighter jet attempted interception of an alien scout UFO as it crossed Algerian airspace and entered Moroccan airspace. The Moroccan air force responded with an intercept mission of their own, and in the confusion, the Moroccan air force jet managed to crash into the UFO, resulting in the first successful non-XCOM UFO interception on the African continent, as well as the loss of the Moroccan jet and its pilot.

Morocco's official line is that it was simply a mechanical malfunction that killed their pilot while he was trying to chase off the Algerian jet. At the moment they have a skeleton crew and a military forensics team at the crash site which is only barely on the Moroccan side of the border,, to avoid drawing too much attention, but Algeria is massing forces near the border and may start a war to recover the UFO first.

We need you to make your way into Morocco and assault the crash site, salvage what you can from the UFO and destroy what you can't. Additionally, recover the black box from the remains of the Moroccan fighter if possible. Once you have the items and sufficient distance from the Algerian border, a Skyranger will be dispatched to recover the items, and payment will be released from escrow. Algeria's displayed an ability to to track our Skyrangers, and we don't intend to get into a shooting fight with the Algerian air force just yet, and they've already displayed a willingness to violate secure air spaces to in the interest of intercept and recovery missions involving UFO materials.

Be warned that Morocco's preparing a large force to properly secure the crash site and its materials at the break of dawn, and any signs of fighting from the Algerian side of the border may prompt them to cross it.


The primary mission objective was completed successfully, all advanced technology inside the UFO was destroyed, and Algerian authorities were able to acquire only heavily damaged alien alloys. We also learned a lot about what it takes to destroy a UFO from your reports and the amount of C4 you employed in your demolition efforts.

The resulting hostilities between Algeria and Morocco… were likely to happen anyway. You might have exacerbated them, but unless you somehow managed to spirit away the entire UFO or assisted the Moroccans in making a rapid escape with it, they'd have come to blows over it in any case. For now, the hostilities are cooling down as the Algerians have moved the UFO husk far enough into their interior to secure it against Moroccan assault.

Operation Empty Summer

This is REACTION FIRE, and we have a contract for you in Algeria. Recently, the Algerian Air Force has displayed the ability to track our Skyrangers and Interceptors, and has attempted several of their intercept missions against us when we've been in or near their airspace. As a result, we need you to infiltrate one of their air bases and reach one of their attached radar installations. Look for any signs of advanced technology, in particular any signs of technology of non-terrestrial origin. Recover or document what you can, then make an escape with the materials. If you can manage to total the site in the process, that would be a bonus.

Our research indicates that Tamanrasset Air Base is the least guarded Algerian Air Force site, but it's also deep in the Algerian interior and might make for a difficult escape if you encounter problems.


Completed by the lone operative codenamed KILL STREAK with high amounts of collateral damage, collecting the necessary intel seemed like an afterthought. Keep an eye out for this one, we're not sure of his loyalty and he may be taking contracts from opposing forces as well.

Operation Patient Night

This is REACTION FIRE, we've got an emergency on our hands. Again. One of our ops in eastern Turkey was interrupted by the local military, most of the squad managed to escape, but one of the specialists stayed behind to destroy alien technology and was captured by the Turks before he could kill himself.

He's being held at a top secret site near the Turkish-Syrian border, and we need you to recover or kill him before they manage to wring any secrets out of him. We'd prefer him recovered alive, but he knew the risks when he joined the program and keeping our secrets secret is paramount.

We've been tracking Turkish military intelligence comms regarding the capture, and apparently it's only known to a small circle of high-ranking officers so far. This could simply be caution, but it could also indicate that something unusual is going on.


THE FOUR HORSEMEN took this contract but were unable to rescue the captured trooper as they were discovered on the approach and his captors killed him. Some of the Turkish officers at the prison site had Gauss weaponry, suggesting alien infiltration or a successful intercept that we are unaware of.

Operation Vengeful Prophet

REACTION FIRE, calling in. Congratulations on your first completed contract… Dangerous Ungulates. Really, that's the name you're going with?

We've got a new situation emerging in Spain. A group of our investigators have been trying to infiltrate the Church of Sirius and find out whether they're just another cult, or whether they've got an actual connection to the alien invasion. In their last report they were attempting to gain access to the new CoS meditation retreat in Spain while it was under construction, and then we lost all contact with them. This was about a week ago. Their sudden disappearance might just be a coincidence, but it implies that they've stumbled across something interesting or dangerous connected to the Church of Sirius.

We need you to follow up on our investigators' trail(their last reported location was attempting to gain access through the CoS offices in Barcelona) and, if possible, recover them. Also, if there's an alien connection to the Church of Sirius, you can consider their membership and property to be valid targets.


You managed to recover one of our investigators, and based on your evidence, we're assuming the other three are dead. So in the situation, you did the best you could. You also discovered a direct link between the Church of Sirius and the alien menace.

Unfortunately, the Church is aware of our awareness, now, and will be stepping up their defenses. It also looks like they're employing alien psionic powers to make potential candidates' minds malleable and easily controlled. They've already started a strong propaganda campaign against us, which we have limited options for counteracting.

Still, good work.

Oh, and we're going to need that Stun Launcher back.

Operation Stone Serpent

Alright, gentlemen, and ladies, and bird. We've got a new contract for you, and this one's going to be dangerous. We've monitored UFO flight patterns recently and expect one to be crossing over Egypt within the next week, but the Egyptian authorities are on high alert due to rumours of a coup attempt in the works, so they're going to respond rapidly to a crash on their territory, and with only our own troops, we couldn't guarantee a timely raid on the crash site due to uncertainties about where it'll be. That's why we're going to be deploying multiple mercenary teams and our own troopers in the region. Whoever's closest will respond to the crash, everyone else will run interference against the Egyptians.

We expect a high chance of live alien crew members.


The UFO was brought down in the expected region, and a combination of our own forces and mercenaries engaged the surviving aliens while keeping the Egyptian regulars at bay. Unfortunately the aliens managed to destroy the troops sent against them, almost all of them having survived the crash, and trigger a self-destruct in their craft before anyone could salvage it. The only bright side was that we kept alien technology out of the hands of the Egyptian government.

Operation Demon Hydra

We haven't been keeping contracts from you because there haven't been any, but X-COM has had a money flow problem in recent weeks. Several of our sources of funding have had to lie low, or been interrupted by government agents or, in one case, a Church of Sirius assault team bursting into their corporate officers. So we've been seeking alternate forms of income. Until those come online, we need your assistance.

The Church of Sirius regularly converts large amounts of its income into less easily-tracked forms, like Cryptocurrencies(there's a new one every week, it seems), gold and other commodities. We've recently acquired intel about when one of these conversions will be taking place, and what route the resulting truckload of gold will be taking on its way to their vaults. If you take this contract, we'll need you to intercept the transport, secure it and ensure that we gain the entirety of it. Be warned that the Church of Sirius will guard this one heavily.


That was a… worrying amount of collateral damage. We're still trying to figure out how that Interceptor got redirected to provide air support for you. We're going to want a full report on that "Cyberdisc" you found in the crate. We don't know what the Church of Sirius wanted it for, how they got it, or what they planned to do with it, but it's worrying that they have access to technology like that.

WNN Reports

This is the World News Network, your number one source for unbiased news from around the world. Please enter your location to receive news that are relevant to you.

1st of June, 2020

News headlines for the 1st of June 2020: Italy Wins World Table Tennis Championship! Moroccan/Algerian Political Crisis Deepens As Algerian Aircraft Allegedly Violate Moroccan Airspace! Belarussian President Declares Alien Panic Absurd, Insists That If Aliens Were Really Here, They'd Be Our Friends! Would you like to know more about these headlines?

4th of June, 2020

Moroccan/Algerian War Ends In Ceasefire

It remains unclear what, exactly, sparked the hostilities between Morocco and Algeria on the night of the 1st of June, rumours include assault by a top-secret mercenary outfit, an attack by Islamist terrorists masquerading as Algerian regulars, an alien raid and even interference by the apocryphal "X-COM" organization. After several days of fighting along the border, including Moroccan incursions several kilometers into Algerian territory, the border has re-stabilized and the two nations have returned to the negotiating table. At this juncture it appears unlikely that aggression will resume any time soon. Casualties are expected to number in the hundreds.

Italian Table Tennis Championship In Doubt

Rumours are flying that the Italian table tennis champion may have been cybernetically augmented in the months ahead of his victory over Saudi Arabia in the finals. So far the champion has been refusing to allow independent doctors to examine his body.

Church of Sirus Opens New Retreat In Spain

The controversial Church of Sirius has opened a new retreat along the coast of Spain, intended for members to meditate and achieve one-ness with the cosmos. A CoS spokesperson said that the truly unified would be able to telepathically commune with alien saviors and call them to Earth, something the Church of Sirius insists is a necessity to avoid mankind falling into self-destructive patterns and sparking another global cataclysm. Protestors calling the Church of Sirius a cult have been protesting the construction of the retreat for months now, attempting to prevent the Spanish state from permitting its construction and, indeed, calling on the Spanish state to ban the Church of Sirius altogether.

30th of June, 2020

Church of Sirius Denounces X-COM

Almost a month after the attack on their new retreat in Spain, an attack which left only a handful of survivors and incurred dozens of casualties, the Church of Sirius announces that the X-COM terrorist organization is actively targeting it. The Church has called on all its members to refrain from associating with X-COM members, and to report them to local authorities if discovered. It has also offered a large cash reward for anyone who can help bring justice to the killers of their friends and brethren.

Spanish Recovery Efforts Fail

Despite dozens of civilians reporting the crash of a jet fighter into the ocean east of Barcelona on the night of the 4th of June, the Spanish Navy and Air Force have been unable to locate or recover anything. Spokespersons for the Spanish Air Force deny reports that the jet fighter was an X-COM vehicle, insisting that a terrorist organization with its own air force is an absurd suggestion. Questions about whose jet fighter it was, then, remain unanswered.

Was the Titanic an Alien Plot?

The newly released non-fiction book, "Titanic: Tragedy or Threat?" by Alex Jones posits the theory that the Titanic was not, in fact, sunk, but was abducted by aliens, and what we believe to be the wreck of the famous cruise liner is in fact an alien trap. Rated five out of five stars by the Washington Post for capturing the spirit of the times, one out of five stars for actually believing in aliens.


The Star Children walk among us! They reach into our minds and consume our thoughts and memories! Barack Obama was an alien half-breed!


20th of July, 2020

UN General Assembly Holds X-COM Vote

Today the UN General Assembly voted whether member nations should universally consider X-COM a terrorist organization. The motion passed by a vote of 163 to 21, with 9 abstentions. Notable among nay votes were Libya, Vietnam and Egypt, while China, United Korea and Russia were notable abstentions. No ambassadors of the nations voting nay or abstaining were available for comment on their nations' tacit support for the mysterious organization. The bill compels all members of the UN to report encounters with X-COM personnel and military forces for the purpose of finding their base, or bases, of operations.

Suspected X-COM Members Arrested in Utah

A raid by the FBI in the American state of Utah has captured several supposed members of the X-COM organization and seized a large amount of military equipment and armaments. According to official statements by the US government, they were planning acts of terrorism against the peaceful Church of Sirius and its membership. None of the arrested X-COM agents have made a public statement.

Bioware Announces New Mass Effect Game

"We've stripped out all of the parts that were unimportant to the game," their lead designer told our reporter in an interview, "Now it's entirely about dating aliens. Alien girls, alien guys, alien dogs, alien girlguys, we've got everything. You can even date your vacuum cleaner. Enemy soldier got you pinned down? Why don't you ask him out for a date? How about that locked door? I think it just needs some sweet-talking instead of being forced with lockpicks. Because did you ever consider that the lock might not have consented to having that lockpick forced inside it? Yeah, that's what we're doing this time around, blowing your minds."

Scientists Discover Unknown Snake Species In Australia

Known only from its shed skin, Australian biologists have discovered the shed hide of a gigantic snake, about the size of a fully grown human, in the Australian outback. University authorities rapidly confiscated the shed skin to ensure it wasn't a hoax and that no one would panic on seeing it. Requests for picture evidence of the skin have been repeatedly denied, and no members of the Australian expedition have been available for comment after their initial press release.

Spanish Chaos Remains A Mystery

The only thing certain about the events of the 31st of June in Spain remains X-COM's tangential involvement, the destruction of a large part of the town of Villamunios, copious property damage and the embarrassment of the Church of Sirius as their members were first arrested for illegal ownership and use of firearms, and then for possessing an entire truck trailer full of illegal items ranging from illicit pornography to drugs and more weapons. The latter was eventually proven to not be theirs, but it tied up the Church in litigation for several weeks to prove it.

XP Gains

Operation Fallen Grave: 4 XP
Operation Vengeful Prophet: 4 XP
Operation Demon Hydra: 4 XP

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