Name: Yumi
Mecha: Nidhogg
Ratio Modifier: 3
Allegiance: Mars Protectorate

Archetype/Role: Coldblooded/
Fanbase: 3/2
Gar Charge: 1/2
Plot Armor: 4/4
Gar: 2
Power(Cosmic Horror): 3

RIP AND TEAR! (Ordinary trait. assorted Ripping and Tearing, Huge guts, etc.): 2
"Gah! Where the hell did you come from?"(Abuse access to the far realm for off-screen teleportation. Does not work when being observed.): No Ranks(counts as 2 or something)
"Where We’re Going, You Won’t Need Eyes to See…"(Limit+3.Yumi rips open a hole to the far realm to summon her patron for some combo attacks.): 2(rank)+3=5
"I'm wearing the lab coat here, don't question me." (Limit +2. Yumi is skilled enough to repair almost anything, however, she is lazy and would rather not have to spend her time fixing every goddamn thing.) 2(rank)+2=4
Why is she staring at me like that?” (ordinary trait: Yumi has a very, very COLD and disconcerting stare. in addition to apparently having the ability to instantly drop temperatures drastically, she sometimes uses this to bully the laws of physics around. Swiss army trait right here) 2
T-th-thAT CH-CHILD POSSESSESS D-D-DEMONIC POWER!” (limit +2 various gifts/powers gained from her patron. OBVIOUSLY EXTRA-HERETICAL when used.) 2(rank)+2=4
Suck it up. (Ordinary trait: Yumi just takes attacks, either eating the source of the danger or shifting her body to regenerate.): 2

3 levels unspent

In the fanfiction community Yumi is a fan with vore fetishists.
Has been in the series since Episode 1.

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