Zan Jin

Zan Jin, Warsong Battlehymn Fightmusic, was one of 13 children born to parents who didn't know why they had 13 children. Left with either not eating or becoming a huge suckup, he schmoozed his way to the front of food line. Eventually he was old enough to move out and attend the prestigious local Kung Fu Academy where he learned prestigious kung fu. Now he's a degree holding kung fu mixmaster working towards overcoming his poverty so he can live in a massive mansion with a tower so tall he can touch the moon.

Health 15

Xia Joss 2
Corrupt Joss 1

River [__, __]

Challenge Influence
Archetype Skill Confidence

Passion Force

Diplomat 3
Empathic 3
Good Looks 6

Might 3
Athletics 1

Speed 4
Initiative 1
Dodge 1
Finesse 2
Melee 2
Ride 1

Wu Wei 3
Awareness 2
Senses 2

Genius 2
Crafting 1
Politics 3

Presence 5
Confidence 3
Grace 3
Inspire 2
Perform 3
Persuade 3

Martial Arts

Lightfoot Surefoot, Run Like a Deer, Flying Headlong Leap (5)
The Music of War 1, 2, 3 (11)
Heart-Breaking Blade (Rename?) 1, 2, 3 (11)


Forearm Blades (Punch Daggers) Speed +15 Strike +5 Damage +0
Normal Longsword Speed +5 Strike +10 Damage +5

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