Zyanya the Seer, a zotz woman who trained as a chilan was born with a powerful gift of Sight, and when she was of age and had gone through all the secret cave witch training was given a quest to See the world above. when she got there she didn't really know what to Look for, and just kinda lived in the woods spooking people in the woods until meeting methuss and borakkis.

Stats & Skills (79)

Body: 3
Endurance: 1
Fight 1
Run 2
Vigor 1
Coordination: 1
Dodge 3
Stealth 4
Sense: 5
Eerie 1
Hearing 1
Knowledge: 3
Counterspell 2
Healing 1
Lore 1
Command: 3
Charm: 3
Fascinate 1

Abilities (51)

Flight (10)
Your character can fly. Whether by wings or magic, they still need to touch down and rest sometimes, so they can't stay airborne permanently. You cannot wear heavier than Light armor while flying, and suffer a -3d penalty to using bows from the air. Being airborne can be used to make Depth Charges from above.
Cannibal Smile (1)
Bite deals width shock plus 1 killing damage, +1d intimidate if the target knows you're a biter.
Mage (Death) (20)
Your character is a rank 2 mage in the path of Death. Every Path rank includes one free spell learned. Rank 2 costs 20 points, Rank 3 costs 40 points, etc. up to rank 9 as the maximum. Without making a check, Death mages can conjure simple (non-combat-capable) bone servants to do simple chores for them or animate small amounts of dead matter(like making skulls chatter ominously or making a severed hand crawl across the floor).
Mage (Astral) (10)
Your character is a rank 1 mage in the path of Astral. Every Path rank includes one free spell learned. Rank 2 costs 20 points, Rank 3 costs 40 points, etc. up to rank 9 as the maximum. Astral is the discipline of pure magic, souls, minds, countermagic and teleportation. All astral mages are capable of short-range telepathy, though they have to know the recipient's language and the recipient must be willing. They can also create small sources of light, similar to a torch or flashlight, at will, either a mystic orb hovering near their body or their skin itself glowing.
Vision (10)
At 5 cost your character has Night Vision and never suffers penalties for fighting in low-light or no-light conditions, at 10 cost your character also has Spirit Vision and can see invisible creatures(ghosts, succubi, etc.) and can see even if they should somehow lose their eyes or be blindfolded.


Dark Knowledge
Description: The caster contacts the lands of the dead for strategic knowledge.
Effect: The caster summons spirits from all round and listen to their tales, allowing him knowledge of powerful air mages or sites of death magic in a distant province. Width determines the maximum path ranking that can be found by the ghosts.
Roll: Sense+Path.
Fatigue: 2 Shock
Gems: 2 Death Gems

Description: The caster's hand turns into a claw of corruption, ready to destroy whomever it touches.
Effect: An unarmed magical attack that does Width worth of Armor-ignoring Shock damage.
Roll: Body+Path.
Fatigue: 2 Shock
Gems: None

Horde of Skeletons
Description: Summon a horde of the walking dead
Effect: Creates a mook swarm of allied skeletons. The swarm is Threat 1. The number of skeletons summoned is equal to the width of the roll times 4.
Roll: Command+Path.
Fatigue: 4 Shock
Gems: 1 Death Gem

Summon Ghost
Description: The caster summons a ghost to serve him.
Effect: The ghost is incorporeal and moves at the same speed as a living creature, but can pass through walls and other barriers. It will serve for Width turns as a scout, or it can curse a single enemy, giving them a penalty of Height to a roll at the caster's command. Any given target can only be cursed once at a time.
Roll: Charm+Path
Fatigue: 4 Shock
Gems: None

Body Ethereal
Description: The caster turns his body non-corporeal, allowing him to phase through normal materials.
Effect: The caster is turned non-corporeal for Width rounds(or minutes, out of combat), during which all non-magical attacks are penalized by Height. During this period, the caster can also walk through non-living, non-magical materials.
Roll: Sense+Path
Fatigue: 4 Shock
Gems: None

Description: Heroic luck preserves the target from a killing blow.
Effect: The caster chooses one character as a target. If a blow would be successful and kill the target, the damage is reduced by Width(cannot become negative but can be reduced to zero). This effect lasts for Height rounds. Once it has prevented one killing blow, the effect dissipates.
Roll: Knowledge+Path
Fatigue: 4 Shock
Gems: None


Macahuitl (counts as mace, width+1 shock, 1 killing)
Leather Cap (AR 1, light)
Fur Jerkin (AR 1, light)
Leather Boots (AR 1, light)
Death Gem, 1 (one)
Astral Pearl, 1 (one)


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