Name: Zyst
Age: 22
Height: 5'9 feet
Weight: 150 pounds

Stat values

Body: 3
Mind: 5
Soul: 5

Total Cost: 130

Calculated Values

Combat Value
-- -- --
Attack: 4
Defence: 4

Damage Modifier: 5
Health Points: 40
Energy Points: 75
Shock Value: 8


-- -- --
Power Flux (Magic): 10, Charges: 3, Cost: 42, Depletion/Charges: 1/1
Dynamic Power (Cantrips): 1, Charges: 1, Activation: 11, Depletion/Charges: 6/6
Invisibility: 1, Charges: 3, Depletion(?):1, Depletion/Charges: 1/1
Energy Bonus: 5, (?): 10
Total cost: 54


Skill Name
-- - --— --
Writing: 3(Magical Texts), Cost: 3
Occult: 4(Dark Sun Planes), Cost: 8
Languages(Basic, Yuan-Ti, Giant, Belgoi, Halfling), Cost: 3
Forgery: 3(Secret Writing Code), Cost: 3
Sleight of Hand: 3(Stage Magic), Cost: 6
Cultural Arts: 2(Legends), Cost: 2
Total: 25


Being a Wizard (Ism): -4 points, even Preservers are generally disliked by the population of Athas, and magic in general is frowned upon.

Phobia (Incorporeal Undead) -3 Points. Zyst is very afraid of Hostile Incorporeal undead. That they can hurt him when he can't hurt them back. That they can hide and stalk and follow. Invade his dreams. Come after him. Ravage his soul and body, steal his magic

They could be there now. Watching him. Waiting for Him in the shadows.

Nemesis -2 points: Templars and the Sorcerer Kings' defilers are actively on the look out for preservers and will general kill or at least capture them if they find them.

209/209 points
+15 points
209/224 points

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